10 Fun Facts About 80% Lower


An 80% lower is an incomplete firearm that many gun enthusiasts like to play with. An 80% lower can be transformed into a gun by making a few additions. Usually, the firearm that people prefer to build by using an 80% lower is the AR-15; however, you can even create an AR-9, LR-308, AR-10, 1911 pistol, P320 sig Sauer, and Glocks. If you also want to build your personal and customized gun, purchase an 80 Lower to make your firearm today. Following are some fun facts about 80 lower receivers that will pique your interest.


An 80% lower means a half-built or unfinished firearm. It is available in the market and comes with a lower kit containing the tools and other remaining parts required to transform this lower into a complete firearm. 


A self-built firearm from an 80% lower receiver is much cheaper and customizable than the prebuilt pistols or rifles.


80% receiver is made with a raw aluminum block which is then forged with the help of hydraulic hammers and later shaped with a CNC machine.


Raw aluminum block is used for the creation of the billet as well. But it uses only a CNC machine, which takes a lot of time but with a quality end product.


To create an 80% lower receiver, pure liquid metal is poured and molded into the desired shape, called casting. How good and efficiently a lower is working depends upon casting.


Compared to the prebuilt rifles, 80% lower offers more customization and personalization at a lot cheaper price than the prebuilt rifles. Isn’t it exciting and better than buying those prebuilt weapons available in the same old designs? 


You don’t need to get your 80% lower license at all. This is also why people prefer an 80% lower rather than a complete firearm, as it saves them from all the paperwork hassle. 


An 80% lower doesn’t even require a serial number. No background checks, no serialization, hence no hassle. 


While in some states, an 80% lower is readily available and doesn’t require a license, there are some states where this lower has been banned. These states are New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Washington State, WashingtonDC and Rhode Island. 


Collecting and purchasing firearms is a hobby for many but building one is even more fun. Gun enthusiasts will attest that they have a customized rifle made from an 80% lower in their collection. The 80% lowers that are easily available in the market these days is an invention of a firearm hobbyist. 

So, these were some of the fun facts about an 80% lower. Those willing to purchase their personal firearm for safety must consider buying an 80% lower, as it will be a lot of fun building your own firearm and customizing it just the way you want. And most importantly, as mentioned earlier, it is a significantly cheaper option when compared to buying a prebuilt firearm.