4 Cardboard Fort Kit Ideas You Can Try with your Kids


Cardboard fort kits are a great way to entertain your kids while encouraging them to be creative and promoting their imagination. You can create a unique but fun space for your children to play and explore with just a few simple materials. Here are creative cardboard fort kit ideas you can try at home with Make-A-Fort kits:

Cardboard Fort Kit Ideas

You may inspire your kids’ imagination and creativity by making a cardboard fort kit. There are numerous alternatives for cardboard fort kits that you can try. Your children can make their beautiful worlds with some cardboard and creativity. Enjoy yourself, and let your kids lead the way in planning and embellishing their fort. Here are four suggestions to fit the interests and preferences of your children:

Teepee Fort Kit

A teepee fort kit is an excellent choice if your children enjoy playing Native American or exploring the outdoors.  You need four large pieces of cardboard, twine or string, and decorations such as feathers, beads, and paint. Cut the cardboard into triangles and tie them together in a teepee shape with the twine. Allow your children to decorate the outside in their distinct style, then invite them inside to relax with pillows and blankets.

Classic Fort Kit

The classic cardboard fort kit is an excellent choice for beginners. You’ll need some large cardboard boxes, duct tape, and scissors to make this kit. Create door and window openings, and let your children decorate the outside with markers, stickers, or paint. The best part about this kit is that your children can use their imaginations to transform the inside into anything they want, such as a castle, a spaceship, or a secret hideout.

Medieval Castle Fort Kit

A medieval castle fort kit is an excellent choice for children who enjoy knights, princesses, and dragons. This project needs a lot of cardboard, so you should have many boxes. Cut out different pieces for the walls, towers, and gates and tape them together with duct tape. Allow your children to decorate the castle using paint, markers, or paper decorations such as flags and shields. This enjoyable and challenging project will keep your children occupied for several hours.

Pirate Ship Fort Kit

The pirate ship fort kit is an ideal activity for your children if they enjoy exploration and treasure hunting. You need a sizable cardboard box, paint or markers, and yarn or rope. Make a sizable hole for the ship’s deck, then rig the rigging and mast using the rope. Let your children deck up the exterior with pirate flags, skulls, and crossbones before letting them embark on their fictitious journey.


Make-A-Fort provides pre-made kits with all the materials needed to construct a cardboard fort, including simple instructions and entertaining décor. These kits are a terrific way to begin your cardboard fort-building experience because they are made for kids of all ages and skill levels. You may spend more time creating lasting experiences with your children by using Make-A-Fort rather than spending time acquiring supplies.