5 Sexy Travel Clubs to Join in Transit


It’s Andrea’s first time flying with her partner Brett. The pair have decided to trade their hometown of San Jose, California for two weeks in Tuscany.

A long flight with very little entertainment, Andrea has an idea a few hours in, somewhere over the Atlantic. She looks down the aisle to see three flight attendants in the kitchen looking engaged in heavy conversation, then side to side to see that most of her fellow flyers are half asleep. She nudges Brett and after throwing him her most sultry gaze, she looks up to the toilets and tilts her head in question.

“Now,” Brett asks. “Really?”

As her cheeks turn pink, Andrea starts to wonder if this is a good idea. She thinks, “What if we get caught?”. But looking around again, she decides to take advantage of this quiet moment.

“I’ll go first,” she says. “Wait a few minutes then follow me.”

She stands up and walks to the middle of the flight cabin, opens the toilet doors and gives Brett one last look.

Shocked to see his girlfriend being so forward, Brett sits straight up in his seat, tapping his feet in nervousness and anticipation.

He stands up and walks to the toilet door. He looks to his left, to his right, no one is watching. He opens the door and as the light from the toilet shines on his face, he smiles.

Ten minutes pass and Andrea opens the toilet door and looks around. She closes it and adjusts her skirt as she walks back to her seat. About a minute later Brett follows and as he sits down next to her a bead of sweat drips down from his forehead. He grabs her hand and they look at each other, both their bodies still tingling with euphoria and fear of the thought of getting caught.

“Excuse me sir,” says a flight attendant.

Both Andrea and Brett’s hearts drop. Does she know?

“Water, tea or coffee,” she says.

The couple smiles. They know she has no idea that they just pulled off one of the most notorious traveling sex acts. These two have just become members of the Mile High Club.

It’s a travel experience that everybody knows, but only a brave few dare to try. Luckily, Mile High isn’t the only x-rated travel club to join en route. There are always ways to spice up your love life and transit while traveling. If you’re sick of just shagging at high altitudes, here are five other sexy clubs to join on your next trip as well as advice on how to become a member.


Ten-Meter Club

This is the next most-talked about after the Mile High Club, and rightfully so. Sex ten meters below sea level? Yes, with the help of modern technology, it’s totally possible.

How to join

Since oxygen and gravity are an issue at this depth, the Ten-Meter Club is probably the hardest to join on this list. Of course you’ll need to be a certified diver before attempting to join. Lose the wetsuit on this dive, but make sure to wear a weight belt and descend with your buddy as usual.

Once you reach ground at ten meters (floating sex would be way too difficult and a bit dangerous), have one partner take off his or her BCD (buoyancy control device) and place it on the ground above his or her head making sure the hose to his or her regulator is straight.

Next, start the deed in whichever position you’d like. It would be a good idea to bring a bit of extra weight down with you, otherwise you’ll have trouble staying down once the heavy breathing starts.

Oh, and make sure to finish all foreplay on the boat. Your tank only has so much air.


First Mates Club

You could join this club and the previous in one outing. Sex on a boat may seem easy enough, especially if that boat is a cruise line with private cabins and beds. But membership into the First Mate Club isn’t going to be that easy.

How to join

Your vessel must be small (and by that I mean the boat), say a row boat rental in a park.

Now sex is a challenge! 

To pull this one off without getting caught, you could just keep traditional and do it missionary, making sure to only pump so high. But a much safer method would be both partners on their side in a spooning position. The boat will rock, so try to finish up before someone thinks about paddling over to check on you.


Mile Long Club

Did you know sex on a train already has a name? It’s true and there is more than one way to join this club.

How to join

Like with the the First Mate Club, you’re going to have to get more creative than just fooling around in a private cabin. One method of membership is to sneak into a toilet with your partner, like you would for the Mile High Club.

A much riskier way, would be to just join from your seats. Trains don’t always fill up. If you find yourself with an entire train car to yourself, or with only a few people sitting at the other end, then you’ll probably have a few minutes to get away with getting it on before a conductor comes around.

Men get to sit back and relax for this one. It’s best to just sit on his lap. Depending on how bumpy the ride is, the person on top might not even have to do that much work.


Road Side ASSistance Club

Couples having sex in a car don’t quite risk getting caught as much as they would on public transportation. Still, it’s a bit dangerous and fun. There are all types of interesting positions to try while fooling around in a parked vehicle, but what about one in motion?

How to join

This is the only club on our list where sex is not necessary to join. In fact, if you manage to have sex while driving a vehicle, well done. But to be safe, “road head” or hand jobs will suffice. Best let the passenger do the work and driver focus on the road. And make sure both partners get a turn. It’s only fair!


The Rose and Jack Club

This is the ultimate form of transportation sex, in a car on a boat. We all remember the scene in Titanic. While being chased on the massive ship, Rose and Jack find refuge in the car holding area onboard. After making the car all hot and steamy, Jack slaps his hand on the window, then drags it away.

How to join

This club involves some sneaking around. Passengers aren’t usually allowed in the car holding area, so try not to let a crew member catch you. Once you reach the car (or a car, naughty) your best bet is entering the back seat. Try to stay low, in case someone does walk by, but other than that, it’s business as usual.


About the Author

Originally from the USA, Bobbi left her home state of New Jersey in 2010 for Australia. She arrived alone, but in true travel sex fashion, left with a travel partner in crime. As a couple, she’s traveled all around Southeast Asia and New Zealand, where she now resides. Prior to Australia, she lived in England and traveled Europe extensively. You can read all about her adventures on HeelsandWheelsOnline.com.


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