9 Sexually Offbeat Music Videos From Around the World


Sex and sexuality being the common denominators between many, if not most, popular Western songs, I wondered if there was anything indisputably fresh in music from other countries I hadn’t visited. One search for “controversial or banned songs” later, I found thousands of results. In honor of international music and music videos that rest between the comforts of vanilla sex and song about lemons, here are 9 Sexually-Offbeat Music Videos From Around the World.

Sexually Offbeat AMERICA

Captain Ahab – I Can’t Believe it’s Not Booty


Captain Ahab’s songs have a tendency of getting a little… wild. Aggressive. Blunt – when he says in his song “I Don’t Have a Dick,” you better believe it. I could have made a lengthy playlist of sexually-deviant material based on his work alone. Alas, I’ll have to settle for his most apocalyptically sexual.

Most aggressive lyric: “I’ll fuck your mom and I’ll fuck your dad and I’ll fuck your sister just to make you mad.”

Sexually Offbeat FRANCE

Serge Gainsbourg – Lemon Incest

What do you get when you combine controversial singer-songwriter Serge Gainsbourg with lemons, his thirteen-year old daughter, and the wryest, most bizarre sense of humor ever conceived? An instant French classic (up to #2 on the charts)! While the music video suggests a disturbing relationship, be assured that such a lurid affair is a “love that [they] will never make together.” Accusations of pedophalia aside, it IS a strange joke, isn’t it?

Most uncomfortable lyric: uh… “Lemon incest.”

Sexually Offbeat GERMANY

Rammstein – Pussy


One of the more theatrical groups on this list is, in every conceivable way, the loudest. Heavy/angry/rock metal band Rammstein have their share of controversies (accusations of neo-Nazism, sexual violence promotion, n’sync wannabes), but they’ve done well in asserting their opinion that their songs about sadomasochism, necrophilia, and whathaveyou merely reflect the culture in which they’ve sprung from (ah… Germany, I’m waiting for your rebuttal). In the song I’ve chosen – “Pussy” – Rammstein were kind enough to sing in English.

Most honest lyric: “Take me now, oh don’t you see, I can’t get laid in Germany.”

Sexually Offbeat INDIA

Katrina Kaif – Zara Zara Touch Me

For a more light-hearted affair, let’s indulge in Katrina Kaif for a moment. Voted sexiest Asian Woman in the World by Eastern Eye for three years consecutive, she’s had quite a successful career as an actor, model, voiceover artist, and as a pop-star. Her song, “Zara Zara Touch Me,” sexually pales in comparison to the others on this list, but what is TravelSexLife if not a commodious place for the world’s sexuality?

Most suggestive lyric: “Gets over here, [here] comes the crazy with me in my car.”

Sexually Offbeat JAMAICA

Ce’cile – Do It 2 Me


An icon of the Jamaican dancehall scene, Ce’cile is known for her incredibly frank lyrics and… well, her demand for oral sex. “Do It 2 Me” (sometimes “Give It 2 Me”) provoked a wave of controversy and spurred global, lyrical conversations about the desires of women.

Most political lyric: “Gwan use a tongue case mi love when u dweet”

Sexually Offbeat JAPAN

Oikawa Mitsuhiro – Konya, Momoiro Club de

Before you start pointing fingers at “those crazy Japanese,” mind you, this song is meant to be a joke. Oikawa Mitsuhiro has a series of hits which suggest sex very directly, but in a way that’s incredibly reserved and awesome. I know there’s a contradiction in there, but watch the video, and you’ll see what I mean. For optimal viewing pleasure, I might suggest you get to this one only after you’ve spent time with the selection from Taiwan below. You’ll thank me for it later.

Most awesome lyric: “It is really quite boiling in my chest. But there is no ulterior motive.”

Sexually Offbeat KOREA

Chae Yeon – Shake

Chae Yeon has led an exhausting career, starring in a Japanese drama, investing in and representing the Bequem fashion company, and stirring up lots of controversy with her South Korean pop career. Several of her music videos have been banned in Korea, including this list’s “Shake.” Why was it banned? Too much cleavage. I’ll leave it to the viewers to decide if that was necessary.

Most depressing lyric: “Recently, you don’t even give me a rose as a common gift.”

Sexually Offbeat NIGERIA

Lynxxx (feat. Banky W) – Alabukun

Nigeria’s music scene is controversial, if only because of the double standards with which men can lyricize sexual innuendos and women cannot. Take, for instance, this music video from Lynxxx, who slam-dunks the opening of the song with an invitation for a menage a trios with… his best friend. But he didn’t mean it. He meant having a threeway with two girls. Maybe. If you like your rap with a serving of awkwardness, have I got something special for you. Alabukun, alabukun.

So-unfunny-it’s-funny lyric: “Knock knock, baby can I bother you? We can make this a threesome so it can be Lynxxx and W. I mean, you and her.”

Sexually Offbeat TAIWAN

Jess Lee – Suffering

You’re from Malaysia and nothing will stop you from fulfilling your dream of becoming an idol. You make it onto Malaysia Idol, and you fail. Badly. Then you go to Taiwan. You compete in Taiwan’s most popular televised singing competition. You win – with the highest scores in the show’s history. How do you repay your gratitude? With the most disturbing breakup music video, featuring depression, maggots, urination, passionate sex, and a miscarriage. While the video is banned in Taiwan and China, the song remains incredibly popular to this day. If the other songs on this list are not safe for work, then, comparably, this one would have you arrested.

Lyric that best expresses my feeling watching this music video: “Suffering like a fire.”

Guilty Pleasure goes to:

Sexually Offbeat AMERICA

Khia – My Neck, My Back (Lick It)


I’ll let this call for cunnilingus speak for itself.

Most demanding lyric: “So lick it now, lick it good, lick this pussy just like you should.”


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