A little about French Bulldogs


French Bulldogs are fighting dogs with a multifaceted character, lively temperament and memorable appearance. They differ from other breeds in their muscular and embossed physique with small dimensions, as well as in a variety of coat colors. French Bulldogs have high intelligence and good health, they are excellent protectors and companions, able to largely copy the character of their owner. 

The nature of dogs French bulldogs are distinguished by a pronounced ability to adopt the personality traits of their owners. General characteristics of the breed: mobility; physical endurance; quick wits. 

The breed standard allows the following colors: brindle; spotted; pale yellow. The remaining colors (white with black spots, mouse, smoky, liver, blue, tan, pure black) are a marriage, which does not affect their popularity among connoisseurs of the breed. The most common colors of French Bulldog Puppies for Sale are white, blue, fawn and brindle.

How do puppies change with age?

At 1 month old, puppies are intensely gaining body weight and have a great appetite. After the eyes open, you should make sure that their irises are the same color. Puppies are mobile and slightly clumsy, by the end of the first month of life they reach a weight of 1-1.5 kg.

At 2 months old, puppies learn to stand on their hind legs with an emphasis on a hard surface, playful and funny. During this period, their ears fully stand up, the spots on the body become more distinct, the weight reaches 2.5 kg, the puppies begin to remember their nickname. At 3 months, the change of milk teeth (incisors) begins, skin folds become more noticeable, weight reaches 3-5 kg.

From 4 months, fangs are replaced, an increased growth of tubular (long) bones begins. From this month, puppies begin to toilet train or ask for a walk, the weight ranges from 4 to 6 kg (girls are usually smaller than boys).

At 5 months, the puppy’s small molars are replaced, muscle mass is gained, and the weight reaches 7-8 kg. At 6 months, males weigh up to 10 kg, females – up to 8-9 kg, the rate of weight gain increases by 2.5-3 times, the height at the withers reaches 35-37 cm.

At 7-8 months, the change of teeth is completed, the growth of tubular bones slows down, the muscular relief is clearly visible, the mask on the muzzle is clearly expressed, the weight reaches 12 kg.