We are a travel and lifestyle site with an interest in all things sex.

Travelling opens our eyes to new places, people and experiences. In meeting new people and exploring new things we learn as much about ourselves as we do them.

The very nature of travel is conducive to sexual exploration and growth. And we believe that sex can be as much a valid travel experience as is language acquisition, cultural exchanges and culinary delights.

From a one-night stand in a hostel to a long-term relationship formed on the road, everyone’s experience is different. We provide a platform for people to share their international love life successes and failures.

One of the delights in travelling is discovering the unconventional quirks of  a country that makes it so fundamentally different to home. From Japanese geishas to Thai lady-boys, the world is teeming with fascinating sexual customs and cultures which are often overlooked in travel blogging. We seek to publish content and encourage sensible and positive discussion on sex culture and customs.