Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments for Heat Rash

Treatments for heat rash
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If you are searching for the best treatments for heat rash, then this is certainly the best post you need to read. Heat rash is known with its different names, such as prickly heat and miliaria. This annoying skin problem doesn’t only affect babies but also disturbs adults in hot or humid weather. The skin issue develops when the blocked pores trap sweat under your skin. You may experience superficial blisters to deep and red lumps as a symptom of the disease. They are often intensely itchy and can feel prickly. 

Heat rash skin issues can be cured on its own. However, severe forms of heat rash may need medical assistance. In summers, you can keep this annoying skin condition at bay by staying in cool and dry places and preventing sweating. This post elaborates on the causes, symptoms, and best treatments for heat rash. 

Types of Heat Rash

There are several types of prickly heat conditions based on how deep the blocked sweat dusts are. Besides, they show different signs and symptoms. Check the below-given list: 

  • The mildest form of this skin condition is when the sweat dusts are trapped in the top layer of the skin. In this form, you will see clear, fluid-filled blisters and bumps that break easily. 
  • Prickly heat is another form of heat rash that occurs in the deeper layer of the skin. In this type, you will experience red bumps and itching or pricking in the affected area. 
  • Sometimes, the fluid contains miliaria rubra and turns puss-filled and inflammable. It is termed as miliaria pustulosa. Treatments of heat rash in this condition are not difficult. 
  • Finally, a rare form of heat rash can affect the deeper layer of the skin dermis. It is caused due to the retaining of the sweat leaks out of the sweat glands into the skin. It may cause firm, flesh-colored lesions that look similar to goosebumps. 


The symptoms of the heat rash may vary from children to adults. In infants, the rash usually occurs on the neck, shoulder, and chest. Besides, it may also grow in armpits, elbow creases, and groin areas. Contrarily, adults get heat rash in those areas where clothing causes more friction. 

Possible Causes Behind the Heat Rash

Heat rash can come into sight when some of your sweat ducts clog. When the perspiration gets trapped under the skin, it causes rash and inflammation. There can be several reasons behind the blocking of the sweat ducts under the skin. The primary reasons are stated in the below-given list: 

Immature Sweat Ducts

Partially developed sweat ducts can rupture more easily, trapping sweat beneath the skin. Heat rash can come into being in infants in the very first week. They become more prone to it when being warmed in an incubator, dressed too warmly, or in case of fever.  

Tropical Climates

Several climatic conditions, such as hot or humid weather, can give rise to heat rash.

Physical Activities

People involved in intense workouts or exercises that can cause heavy sweat may develop a heat rash. After such activities, the best treatment for heat rash is to keep yourself in cool conditions. 


Various conditions that can cause overheating, such as dressing too warmly or sleeping under the blanket, can also trigger heat rash. 

Prolonged Bed Rest

The prolonged bed rest is one of the most apparent reasons behind the heat rash. People who are confined to bed for a long time period are more susceptible to develop heat rash. 

What Makes You Prone to The Heat Rash?

The below-given factors can make a person more prone to the heat rash: 

  • Age is one of the foremost factors that can promote this skin condition, and it can catch quickly to the infants. 
  • Those who live in tropical climates are more likely to catch heat rash as compared to those living in a temperature climate. 
  • Those who are involved in heavy workouts resulting in more sweat can get this annoying skin condition easily. 
  • Preventive care from these conditions can be one of the best treatments for heat rash. 

Preventing Care for Heat Rash

Below are some preventive steps can help you to keep the heat rash at bay: 

  • Overdressing in heat or wearing a poor-quality dress material that offers more friction to the screen can also give rise to the heat rash. 
  • Wear soft, lightweight, cotton clothing. 
  • In the winter season, children should dress only as warmly as an adult.
  • Don’t wear tight fitting irritable to the skin. 
  • When it’s extremely hot outside, stay at a cool and shady place that is properly air-conditioned. Even if you have a heat rash on your body, staying at cool places can be one of the best treatments for heat rash. 
  • Confirm that your sleeping area is cool and ventilated.

When to Seek Doctor’s Help?

Heat rash is often not considered a big problem. In most cases, you can surmount the heat rash just by cooling the skin and avoiding heat exposure. However, it can lead to bacterial infection sometimes that causes itchy pustules and inflammation. If the symptoms remain longer than a few weeks, you need to seek medical attention. Below are some main conditions when the allergy gets worse, and medical help become essential: 

  • Swelling, increase in pain, redness, or inflammation in the affected area. 
  • When the pus starts to drain from the lesions. 
  • When lymph nodes start to swell in the neck, groin, or armpits.
  • Fever or chills

Best Treatments for Heat Rash Easy to Perform

Below are some effective treatments that can give effective results in heat rash. Besides, they are easy to perform at home: 

Cool Baths and Showers

You can ease the symptoms of heat rash by cooling down the skin or the affected area. Taking a cold water shower can help in this annoying skin condition. Besides, washing can help in unclogging the pores. Above all, you need to ensure to dry your skin after the bath as skin that is left wet can be irritating. 

Fans and Air Conditioners

Excessive sweating or humid air are some of the most apparent reasons behind the concerning skin issue. Keeping yourself in a cool and air-conditioned room can be one of the most effective treatments for heat rash. 

Ice Packs or Cold Cloths

The other way you can keep your skin cool is by applying ice packs and cold clothes in the affected area. You may wrap the ice pack inside a towel and apply gently at the most severe places. 


The next home remedy for a home rash on the list is oatmeal. It is an effective solution for reducing inflammation and itching. It is one of the easiest home treatments for heat rash and other skin conditions. 


Neem has proven advantages over multifaceted skin conditions. The antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of the neem can help in alleviating the symptoms of the heat rash. If it is taking too long to clear, you can make a paste of the neem powder with water. Once you are done, apply it to the affected area. Wash it gently after a few minutes. Furthermore, you can also add neem powder to lukewarm water when taking a bath. 

Aloe vera

Aloe vera offers powerful anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It can prevent skin infections and cool down severe heat rash. Furthermore, it can also relieve the swelling and pain. To reduce the discomfort, you can directly apply it to the affected area. 


Sandalwood is an anti-inflammatory and analgesic that makes it one of the most effective treatments for heat rash. You can mix the sandalwood powder with little water and apply it to the rash to reduce swelling, burning, and other symptoms of heat rash. 

Baking Soda

The next treatment for heat rash is baking soda. It can soothe itchy skin, which makes it an effective home remedy for heat rash and other itchy skin conditions. To apply it, take 3-5 tablespoons of baking soda to lukewarm water and soak for about 20 minutes to show its effects.  

Final Words

The home remedies described in this post can help you to alleviate the symptoms of the heat rash without causing any complications. In case the rash gets worse after a few days, you can look for additional help from your healthcare provider. However, the solutions given in the post are powerful treatments for heat rash. If you like this post and need more from us, visiting our blog section can help. Stay tuned!