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sexual revolution - J J Roberts

Today, we sit down with sex revolutionary J J Roberts, author of the book Sex 3.0: A Sexual Revolution Manual, a manifesto about the three stages of human sexual evolution.

J J argues that the sex 2.0 world that we were all born into has reached its tipping point and is currently undergoing a cascading failure.

Interesting guy. Let’s see what he has to say about sex around the world and how his arguments relate to travel sex.

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1. Hey J J, thanks for contacting us and sharing your literary debut. We can safely say we haven’t come across anything like this before in the history of our site. For those that don’t about you, could you tell us a little about yourself and what you’re trying to bring to the world here as the sexual revolutionary behind Sex 3.0?

Sure, I am English guy that left my cubicle dwelling existence behind some years ago.  Since then I have lived in the Caribbean, then Argentina (where I learned Spanish) and then I spent the best part of two and a half years doing a complete circumnavigation of the entire planet writing and researching this book.

In 2011 alone I went to 30 countries and by that time I had the book already written in my head but I realised that I was going to have to stay in one place for 2 months and totally focus on writing the book or I would never get it finished.  So that’s what I did.  I rented a place in Sofia, Bulgaria. My goal was to get it done by the end of Dec 2011.

I finished writing the book on 23rd December 2011.  Then I spent 24th December working out how to correctly format the word document so that it would come out correctly in eBook format (the book has since been released in paperback too).  Then on the night of 24th December I put it online and went out to celebrate.

I got back in the early hours of Christmas morning some hours later to discover I had sold my first copy.  It was a really, really cool Christmas present.

2. As our audience is made up primarily of backpackers and those interested in travel, could you tell us how you think your main message extends to them when it comes to sex? Do you even see a direct correlation between traveling abroad and sexual exploration?

It’s particularly relevant for backpackers and other travellers because it’s the perfect opportunity for them to try out and embrace the Sex 3.0 lifestyle and leave the Sex 2.0 world that they were born into behind.

When people are living their everyday working lifestyles and living in one town they will be under the usual pressures from the people around them to follow the social norms of dating and relationships – something I call “relationship duress” in the book – whereas backpackers and other travellers are totally free from such pressures and that gives them an amazing chance to not only step back, take a look at the big picture and see the inherent flaws in the Sex 2.0 world but also to live the Sex 3.0 lifestyle free of these pressures.

I don’t just mean while they are traveling either; the Sex 3.0 lifestyle is something they can adopt permanently when they finish travelling if they like it which I am sure they will.

And yes, I totally see a direct correlation between travelling and sexual exploration.  The most awesome thing about travel is that it opens your mind and you get to see the big picture of what the world is like.

Attaining this “big picture” view of the sexual world – past, present and future – is exactly what my book does so there are a lot of correlations there.

3. Could you explain to us the main outlying principles of the book? What are these three stages of sex and how have they changed through time? Do these theories and stages transcend nations?

Well the first outlying principle is that we are all born into a Sex 2.0 world and the Sex 2.0 world is a toxic environment for relationships.

There is a very specific reason why and funnily enough just today I filmed a free training video that explains it.  It’s too long to go into here – it’s a 10 minute video – but I will give away the training videos for free on my site so your readers can check that out gratis if they like.

Other outlying principles include things like how everyone has a “this is how sexual relationships work” map in their head and that this map gets screwed up by the Sex 2.0 society in which we are raised and how it’s not even your fault.

There are very specific reasons how and why these maps get screwed up and I cover that in detail in the eBook that’s on my site and which anyone can download for free too.  It’s called Sex 3.0: The Primer. Hopefully my book will fix this map.

As for the 3 stages they are:

  • Sex 1.0 which is historically the entire history of human kind up until about 8,000 BC.
  • Sex 2.0 is 8,000 BC up to and including present day which is why I say we are born into a Sex 2.0 world and
  • Sex 3.0 which is present day forwards

These theories and stages do indeed transcend nations.

4. Can we talk about your own sexual experiences abroad? What countries have you visited and had sexual interactions in? Do you think countries differ vastly in their cultural attitudes towards sex?

Well of the 194 or so countries in the world, I have visited approximately 100 of them and had sex in most of those with women from about 75-80 different nationalities.  However, a lot of those nationalities are accounted for by the fact I lived in London for 15 years which is perhaps the most cosmopolitan city in the world.  I took full advantage of that fact and did not really go after English women when I was there.

As for different cultural attitudes experienced whilst travelling, one of the things I learned from the 2 years plus I spent on the round the world trip writing and researching this book is that there is one way in which all countries are all the same and there is one way in which all countries are different.

All countries are the same in that the Sex 2.0 agenda – that you should legally handcuff yourself to somebody in marriage if you want to have sex – is globally promoted.  All countries that I know of promote it.

All countries are different in that the amount of societal pressure – or relationship duress as I call it – used to promote the Sex 2.0 agenda varies greatly from country to country.

In high relationship duress countries for example, any public display of affection at all is a total no-no, women are not allowed out of the house and are subjected to intimidation and violence at any transgression.

In low relationship duress countries, although people mind their own business and women have a lot more freedom, you still hear other forms of intimidation like the use of the word “slut” or “whore” to stigmatise and demonise women who do not appear to be interested in the sex 2.0 deal but still wanted to have sex anyway.

My overall impression in this regards when I was roaming the globe is that, when it came to sexual freedom, I was walking around in an open prison. The only real difference was how nasty and brutal the prison warders were and when I say prison warders I of course mean society in general.

5. Which countries attitudes toward sex refresh you most? Which disappoint you most? How can these ones make constructive changes for the better?

Well the most refreshing ones are the low relationship duress ones.

The country with the lowest amount of relationship duress that I encountered on my research trip was the Philippines.  As a result, it’s pretty much impossible as a guy in the Philippines not to get laid.

The most disappointing ones were the high relationship duress ones.  Turkey stands out in my mind as an example of this.  Turkish men sexually police their women to such a psychopathic level that Turkish women are terrified to have sex.  Of course this totally backfires on the men as they are sex starved as a result and meeting 26 year old virgins is not unusual.

One of the research questions I asked women in every single country I visited was “what do you think of the local men” and the answers varied widely from country to country but Turkey was the only country I went to where I could not find a single women that had anything other than negative things to say about Turkish men.

6. What do you think about the online world’s general attitude to sex? There aren’t a great deal of safe-for-work resources like ours at there, why is this? How do you hope to remedy any current problems there are with your site?

The online world reflects the attitude of the world in general. Sex is just a basic human need like food, water and sleep. It’s a basic need that should not be judged.

You would not judge anyone for eating a sandwich or drinking a glass of water when they were hungry or thirsty so why judge people for having sex?

In the era of Sex 1.0 it was not judged, in the Sex 2.0 era we changed that completely and became judgmental to a psychotic level for reasons that I explain in the book.  In moving to Sex 3.0 we leave behind all of that silliness.

As for work safe, well my site is totally safe for work apart from the fact that it has the word “Sex” emblazoned on the banner at the top of every page!

7. What future plans do you have when your current marketing campaign for Sex 3.0 comes to an end? Do you plan to take some travels abroad and write a follow-up? What’s next on the horizon?

Well Sex 3.0 is not just a book, it’s a sexual revolution manual. The annoying thing about sexual revolutions is that they take time. Some countries are more ready to hear this message than others so I guess I will focus on the receptive countries first.

I will be getting into speaking and doing more one on one coaching in the future and, of course there will be more books down the line along with things like online courses, video and audio training courses and seminars.

8. What do you make of the growing legion of travelling pick-up artists out there on the web? We’ve interviewed guys like Roosh V and others (like Naughty Nomad) are on our radar, do you approve of what these guys are doing? Are they opening people’s eyes or doing more harm than good?

Well Naughty Nomad is a friend of mine and he most certainly is not a PUA.  He is a guy that is exceptionally good with women.  I have been personal witness to that on many occasions but he is not a PUA.

I think travel and seduction blogger is a better description of him.  He just so happens to be the most adventurous and scandalous one out there and I have never met anyone that so effortlessly embodies the qualities that a guy needs to have to get women.

I have actually been working with the guy to develop the world’s first “above the line” and “below the line” training workshop for guys.

In this context, “above the line” means how to get the girl and be the most fun and most attractive man in her life.  “Below the line” means how to keep the girl by being the most enlightened man in her life and how to be the guy that has the deep level of relationship understanding that makes you an indispensable part of her life.

It’s a pretty awesome combination and I don’t know anyone else out there that is teaching it as an all-in-one-package.  That’s happening at the beginning of August and of course, details of this are on my site too.

If we get a good response we will do more of these events in future in cool and exotic cities all over the world.

9. Finally, what kind of impact do you hope you can have on our readership here at TSL? If there is only one thing that people could take away about you and Sex 3.0 what do you hope it might be?

Well the impact that I would hope to have is that they realise that the Sex 2.0 world that they were born into is not designed to serve them.

The Sex 2.0 world is not designed for high functioning sexual relationships nor the happiness of their sexual relationships nor the longevity of them. Instead, it’s designed to serve society’s insecurities in a way that is not only really, really unhealthy for your reader’s sexual happiness but in a way that is also completely obsolete.

That’s what I mean when I say that Sex 2.0 is undergoing a cascading failure right now.  It’s a low functioning/high failure rate design that is obsolete, not fit for purpose and it’s time to move on.

It’s time to move on to a Sex 3.0 world and to a high functioning/low failure rate design.  To a design that actually is designed to serve your readers.  To a design that is actually designed for their happiness and longevity in sexual relationships and one that respects human sexual nature.

In short, Sex 2.0 is a system of control and Sex 3.0 is a system of escape and I imagine that is something that is quite appealing to backpackers and travellers.

About the Author: J J Roberts

J J Roberts is a former rock journalist from England who followed the standard script of conventional dating or what he terms “fenced relationships” for the first half of his adult live before exploring sexual relationships not based on enforced monogamy or what he terms “unfenced relationships” for the second half.

The result was his first book, Sex 3.0, a fascinating insight into the modern day culture of Sex 2.0 which is based on fear and deception and its replacement Sex 3.0 which represents the death of fear and a return to nature.


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