We’re looking for submissions from aspiring travel writers of any background to help build our site and grow our community.


Why Should I?

Articles on TravelSexLife reach thousands of people everyday via our Twitter, Facebook and mailing list. Many of our regular readers are travel bloggers themselves. A published article post here is great exposure for your own site or blog. But don’t take it from us:

Over 100 hits came to my site today care of TravelSexLife!

Aussie on the Road

What Can I Write About?

TravelSexLife is a travel and lifestyle blog with a focus on all things sex. Articles are focused on, but not limited to, travel sex experiences and advice. We want to make sure we represent as wide a demographic as we can so the more niche the topic the better.

Many of our contributing writers focus on an experience that’s happened to them and extrapolate some accessible advice from their experience which fellow travellers can benefit from. This is one model be we are open to anything. Pitch your ideas to us.


Writing Guidelines

1. Articles are limited to between 450 and 600 words.

2. If possible please send a ‘safe for work’ featured image (minimum 620px wide).

3. Please send a short biography about the author ( aprox. 30 words), a link their site and a face shot (150 x 150 pixels).

4. Articles should be written in English.

5. Homophobic, misogynistic or racially offensive content will not be published.


In celebrating all forms of sex from all around the world our endeavour at TravelSexLife is huge. But not impossibly so. We look forward to hearing from you.