Delta Unaccompanied Minor Program For Children

delta unaccompanied minor

Delta unaccompanied minor program is designed for the children traveling alone on the flights. To travel in a flight alone, children must be at least five years old. There are several reasons a minor needs to travel alone, such as attending summer camps, meeting separated parents or great grandparents, and many more. However, it is important to ensure the safety of the minors traveling unaccompanied on the flights. If not, they can get exposed to many security challenges. In this post, we will understand the delta unaccompanied minor program and also discuss some safety tips for children flying solo. 

Unaccompanied Minor Program: Delta

An unaccompanied minor travel program from Delta ensures the safety and comfort of your child. The airline strives to ensure the best experience for the child traveling solo and ensure that they deboard safely to their destinations. It provides a special pass to the parents to see their children boarding on the flights. Similarly, when the destination arrives, the attendants or relatives with relevant ID proof can pick them on the other side right after the landing. When in the air, the flight attendants ensure that children are safe and engaged. In case of any trouble or undesired behavior of the fellow passengers, the attendants take prompt action. 

delta unaccompanied minor

Detail Of The Program

The Delta unaccompanied minor program has a set of predefined rules for the traveling of the children as described below: 

For 4 Year or Younger 

If your child is four years or younger, he/she is not allowed to travel alone but must be accompanied by a person of at least 18 years old. 

5-7 Years Old 

If your little traveler falls in the age range of 5 to 7 years, then he/she will be allowed to travel alone. However, this permission is granted for only some of the nonstop flights.

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8-14 Years Old

The children of age group 8 to 14 years who want to fly unattended are allowed to board for some nonstop as well as the connecting flights.

15-17 Years Old

Minors of this age range may opt to travel as a minor and are allowed to travel in nonstop and connecting flights. However, based on their preference, Delta unaccompanied minor program enables them to travel as a standard passengers. To do so, they need to provide valid ID cards to the security caretakers. 

Pick Up Rules On Arrival 

When the flight lands at the destination, the person must provide a valid IP captured with a signature. If anyone other than the provided name by the parents will show up at the airport for the pickup, Delta will not hand over the minor to them. The guardian of the child must report to the destination airport in order to get the pass two hours prior to the arrival time. 

If a person is supposed to meet the minor at the pickup point changes, the adult accompanying the children must report it to the authority. Delta airline holds a strict policy of document verification to ensure the safe handover of the children. 

How To Book The Flight? 

Booking of the minors occurs on the basis of the documents provided once it fulfills all the required criteria. Upon the successful reservation, you will be provided with a 4 digit pin configuration; you may need to make any alteration to the travel itinerary. 

Tips For The Safe Minor Traveling 

Delta Airlines strives to ensure the utmost security of a minor traveling from the flights solo. To ensure all goes well, it recommends a few important points to the parents that are described below: 

Fly Early In Day

The first and most important tip to follow is that children traveling unaccompanied must travel early in the morning. It will make certain that they will reach their destination before it gets dark. Daytime is safer for the children. On the other hand, night becomes prone to hovering security threats.

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Pick Nonstop Flights

Minors traveling unattended must be boarded to the nonstop flight. Flight having no connecting points land straight to the destination, absenting any risk. However, mishaps may occur when children deboard at the connecting Airports. If you want to ensure the undisrupted arrival of the children, nonstop flights can be your best bet. 

Go To Gate With Child

One incident occurred last year when a minor boarded a different flight and landed in a different state. To avoid this ill-fated incident, parents must take a special pass from the Delta airline authority and see their child boarded on the plane. Also, Delta flight attendants ensure the security of the minus. However, it’s better you address your concern about your children traveling unattended. 

Use Flight Tracker Applications

You can download the Delta airline application on your iPhone or Android phone and track the movement of the airplane. In case of any delay caused due to Harsh weather conditions, you may inform the people waiting on the other side. Besides, you may also email your children about what is happening so that they can take the required action.

Talk Flight Attendant If Having Any Problem

Guide your children with all the education required for safe traveling. For instance, tell them if they feel any threat or inconvenience with the fellow passengers, report them immediately to the flight attendants. Besides, tell them not to take food from their neighboring travelers. It can prevent them from a number of detrimental possibilities. 

Snacks And Devices

The miners must remain engaged while traveling. Otherwise, they may grow restless and do inappropriate things. To ensure this, you may provide them gaming gadgets or devices that can inform them of the travel etiquette. Besides, you can give them some cash to buy their food while flying. However, this amount should not be higher than required. Avoid giving them your credit card; otherwise, they may end up losing it. 

Final Words! 

This post elaborates on the Delta unaccompanied minor program designed for the children below 18 years of age alone with the airline. Besides, it describes the essential rules and precautionary tips for the minor and their parents for their safe arrival. If you love traveling, then our blog section offers eye-opening blogs for your travel safety. Keep reading!