Do the Dead Know We Miss and Love Them?

    Do the Dead Know We Miss and Love Them

    When we lose someone close to us, many times we want to find ways to reach out to them. We wonder do the dead know we miss and love them because the world after death is quite unknown to most.

    There are some questions that come to our mind. We wonder can a departed person communicate with the living? Why do people keep telling a mourning person that the loved one is watching them from above?

    Well, there is no definite answer because we most of us do not belong to the other realm. But there are scriptures that have insights to add on this topic. Let us find out what they are:

    The spiritual side of communication with the dead

    As per spiritualist tradition, life does not end but continues and the ones who are dead are continuing life in another form. So, there is nothing unnatural in a departed continuing to carry a connection with someone from this world.

    But a dead person isn’t a part of the human world anymore. Hence, the intensity of emotion dims. So, even if the dead aren’t grieving the end of their human life deeply, they may recognize the pain of the surviving ones.

    Some people believe that they protect their family members and help them grow and heal. It is as if they are in a parallel realm and are able to able to understand and feel the emotions of humans.

    Spiritualists also speak about mediumship as a means of continued connection with the departed.

    Do the dead know we love and miss them?

    Several spirit mediums have confirmed that when they reach out to the dead, the spirits acknowledge being informed of how their absence is impacting their dear ones.

    Often, they make attempts to help the living recover by encouraging them to focus on positive things.

    Spiritualism further reveals that when a loved one dies, the spirit goes through purification, followed by adjustment.

    Positive energy and prayers sent to them by their worldly connections help spirits with the transition.

    So, even on an energetic level, the connection between this life and an afterlife is important.

    Several religious traditions honor the departed ancestors by offering food and beverages.

    Offerings can include prayers as well and they communicate to the departed that people are missing them.

    Such acts encourage the deceased to stay in touch with the living.

    Bible illustrations on do the dead know we miss and love them

    Christianity opines that the deceased receive a warm welcome in Heaven. All those who have lived a virtuous life get to be a part of paradise after they die.

    Christians believe that their dead loved ones look down on them and can see what’s going on in their lives.

    Diverse variations of this theory exist through various sects. While some like to have faith in the concept of reincarnation, others think the spirits act like guardian angels.

    Christians around the globe widely accept that loved ones staying in the afterlife can understand a lot of things.

    They know about the trials and tribulations in the lives of their surviving friends, partners, and family members.

    So, people follow rituals and grieving rites strictly as they see it as an opportunity to establish communication with the dead.

    By now, you might be wondering, do the dead know we miss and love them? You will get a detailed answer to this query.

    Kaballah and Judaism on Do the dead know we miss and love them

    Just like the Greeks, ancient Jews took the underworld seriously. As per them, the underworld is where all dead souls reside.

    Even if the Bible outlawed it, Jews believed that interactions with souls were possible. So, beliefs in life after death have evolved in Jewish traditions.

    By Medieval times, eastern philosophies like reincarnation gained a prominent place in Jewish mysticism. It continues to be part of the beliefs of Kabbalah.

    Even in today’s modern world, several sects strongly believe in judgment and an afterlife. They have faith that the departed can visit the physical realm and have insights into the whereabouts of the living.

    This is why mourning is a common ritual in almost every culture. When family members and friends mourn together, it sends a strong signal.

    It is during mourning that the dead people are remembering them. So, family members perform death rituals and offer prayers wholeheartedly.

    Islam on Do the dead know we miss and love them

    Unlike Christian devotees, the worshippers of Allah have diverse opinions. Islamic religious books state that once a person is buried, the soul cannot return to its previous family.

    The dead person has no clue regarding the circumstances of his people. The dead is either in a slate of torment or bliss, depending on his past actions. So, the person has no medium to reach the prior family.

    When someone dies can they come back to see you?

    Are you intrigued to know if the dead can visit you on human world?

    Spiritual leaders opine that a spirit can travel from one world to another. So, it is nothing unusual for the dead to visit their family members.

    That explains why people see the deceased in their dreams or real life. If you were close to someone who died a few days ago, don’t be startled if you see a glimpse of them in some corner of the house.

    Are the people you have lost a part of your life?

    Many say that the deceased is always around you and watching over you. They are a part of whatever you do in life.

    They can feel your loneliness and your agony. Have you ever experienced something like a sudden burst of joy when you are upset?

    It could be an assurance from a dead well-wisher that you are never alone.

    There is no scientific proof of this belief. But there is no harm in believing in it if it brings security, hope, and happiness to your life.

    Then you will be able to get out of the all-encompassing grief that is devouring you now.

    When a loved one dies do they visit you?

    There are various ways in which the dead can visit people in human form. The dead assuming the shape of an animal is one such common occurrence.

    They may try to be close to you in the form of a bird or a butterfly. The spirit can enter the body of your beloved pet and provide comfort to you.

    So, the next time you see a beautiful butterfly in your room, how will you interpret it?

    Another way of communication preferred by the dead is via an inanimate object.

    Is there a valued possession that reminds you of someone special who died? Have you stumbled across the item or something similar on multiple occasions?

    It may indicate the dead paid a visit to you.

    So, do the dead know we miss and love them? If they came near you to make you happy, it is evident that they know your innermost feelings.

    Signs of deceased visiting

    In many cases, dead people show up in various ways to comfort a grieving family member. If you are observant, you will be able to identify such instances.

    How can you be sure that a person who has died recently was reaching out to you? What are the signs of deceased visiting you should look for?

    1. You dreamt of a deceased loved one

    This is the most popular medium the dead choose to speak with the living. This happens shortly after one has died. Family members get to see them and interact with them in their dream.

    The dead often says comforting words and these dreams are generally vivid. So, even if people forget most of the things they see in dreams, a visit from a dead family member is unforgettable.

    This type of lucid dream is called a vision. Sometimes, the dream can be so intense that it might wake you up late at night.

    2. Communicating through electrical current

    You must have seen this sign in horror movies.

    Yes, it is true that spirits may communicate through electrical currents. A lot of people report a change in electrical energy if a loved one pays a visit from another realm.

    3. Sending symbols and signs

    Do the dead know we miss and love them? They do, and they send signs in response.

    The signs and symbols they send can be in any form and can be repetitive.

    This phenomenon is called synchronicity. It is not a coincidence, but a meaningful occurrence.

    4. You can sense the person around you

    Another clear indication that a dead person is near you is when you sense their presence. For instance, a waft of aroma may enter your nose the moment in step into a room.

    What if this fragrance reminds you of a deceased person? People have even reported smelling a dead person’s cigarette smoke or favorite food in the house.

    5. Spotting a cardinal

    Are you trying to get over the pain of losing a partner or a parent? Did a cardinal appear on your terrace or outside your window?

    A cardinal is a red bird that appears whenever an angel is near you. It is the dead’s way of showing that you are not as long as you think.

    So, seeing a cardinal should instantly lift your mood and brighten your day.

    How to establish a connection with the departed?

    Are you curious to know if there is a way you can talk to someone you are missing desperately?

    Many people opt for the assistance of a spirit medium for determining if a dead loved one feels how much they are missed.

    Consulting a medium is one way of speaking with the deceased.

    The dead see and understand much more about you than you can perceive about them.

    The simplest way to continue the connection with a departed soul is by working on your intuitive abilities.

    Try to develop your natural mediumship. As the energies of spirits are subtle, maybe you don’t notice when they are near you.

    Whether you realize it or not – have no doubt that they know how lonely you are without them.

    Final Thoughts

    Losing a loved one is always heart-wrenching and tragic. It will be easy for you to get over this profound grief if you know that the dead person is close to you.

    So, do the dead know we miss and love them?

    Whether you believe in such theories or not is a matter of personal choice. You should not feel pressurized to move on based on other people’s opinions.

    Take as much time as you need to heal and follow your instincts.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. Can you feel the presence of a loved one who passed away?

    When a close friend or family member dies, it is normal to hear them, see them, or feel their presence. Some people admit to sensing the warmth or smell of someone dear to them.

    You may have a strong sense for a brief period that the dead person is around you. Sometimes these feelings are mild, but they may be powerful at times.

    2. Should we talk to our dead loved ones?

    When people die suddenly, they leave a void in the hearts of their close ones. People often seek solace by talking to a photo of the dead person or trying to feel the person by holding close his belongings.

    If the person meant the world to you, talking to his photograph will comfort you. So, don’t think it is an abnormal activity. A lot of people do that and it gives strength to them.

    3. Do loved ones know when you visit their grave?

    Biblical references and spiritual teachers suggest that your beloved deceased ones may sense when you are near their graves.