Drugs, Clubs & X-Rated Fun: The Sexual Playgrounds of New Orleans


It started as innocently as any other night in the strip club does. However this night just happened to take place during Mardi Gras in New Orleans, and my bartending shift at one of the sexiest clubs on Bourbon Street had come to an end. No matter that I had to return to work in ten hours. There was enough ecstasy to go around and the seven of us hit the streets.

What a long night it would be.

Our group consisted of three couples and a gorgeous hanger-on. We made our way to our usual after work hangout, appropriately named The Alibi, and washed our little pills down with cheap cocktails. As an ecstasy virgin, I was unprepared for the sudden onset, and as my more experienced companions giggled at my dismay, we hit the parade-choked streets of the French Quarter.

A blur of barricade breaking and dance club crashing later, we found ourselves in the CBD, or Central Business District, of New Orleans. Home to some of the most upscale hotels and restaurants, the CBD was also home to Collette’s, a member’s only sex club that we all knew about, but would never have visited, had it not been for the X.

As the seven of us pushed through the understated front door, we had no idea what to expect. Flush with cash from our Mardi Gras tips, we paid the temporary membership fee and entered a sexual wonderland. A kind attendant offered to show us around, and as we had no need for the BYOB bar, we weaved our way through the couples, triples and quadruples cavorting in the club’s main reception room. Eventually we found our way to the dim, dark back rooms, complete with plush beds separated from the next by only a sheer, easily moved curtain.

Our group’s entrance did not go unnoticed. We were four women and three men, dressed to the nines, bodies toned from long days at the strip club, either behind the bar or on the stage. A trail of club members followed down the dimly lit, maze-like halls as we settled onto our bed for the night. Condoms were offered on a plate by the club employee, and even he hung back for a moment to watch as the corsets and panties began to fly into the air.

My first X-Sex experience was amazing. It wasn’t my first time with a woman, but it was my first time with two women, and the men we were with seemed almost unsure as they sat back to watch. In fact, when I looked up at one point, not only did I see my boyfriend and our friends, cocks in hand, but I also saw at least ten other other people, male and female, gathered around our bed, simply watching, and masturbating furiously.

We all lost track of time and before we knew it, the club’s employees informed us it was 4am and we had to go. A quick scramble for our clothes later and we were all in a cab headed back to my house. The party continued there until the sun came up, and then for a few minutes after.

One might think the next day at work would be awkward, especially since we all woke up sprawled in my bed with minutes to spare. We jostled for position in my small bathroom, brushing teeth and washing dirty faces. I shrugged into my skimpy bartender’s uniform, and my girlfriends just threw on the clothes from the night before, as they had all of their dancer’s outfits in their lockers at the club. Initial shy looks quickly changed to giggles and kisses, as the effects from the X were still felt at 9am. We shuffled out the door, grabbed a cab, and snuggled all the way to the Quarter.

And we made it work on time.

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