Empower Your Active Lifestyle: Finding the Perfect Active Bag


    Fitting time for exercise into a busy schedule can be a challenge, but the right equipment can help  a gym habit stick. Active bags are essential pieces of gear that can make your entire gym kit portable and easy to manage. The best bag for the gym won’t break, is easy to carry and can even transition into a vacation bag or extra work tote. Here’s what to look for to find your perfect new gym bag.

    Smart Organization

    There’s nothing worse than getting to the gym or field and realizing that you’re missing some key equipment. Look for an active bag that has dedicated pockets for everything you need, such as a water bottle, tennis balls or specialized gloves or shoes. Having a laptop sleeve is another great perk so that you can check your form or get workout inspiration on the go. 

    Ease of Carry

    Carrying your gym bag shouldn’t be an extra workout. There are many strap options available on the best bags to fit any frame.

    Backpacks distribute the weight of your gear across your entire back, making them more comfortable than shoulder-slung bags for some people. A sporty backpack can also double as a casual work bag.

    The traditional duffel bag style of gym bag can be easier or harder to carry because of its design. A longer strap on a duffel bag can help situate weight around the hips, making it easier for many women to comfortably carry heavy loads. Look for a duffel bag that is compact, rather than one that stretches out far to either side. 

    Runners should try a specialized sport waist pack with zippered pockets. This keeps essentials close at hand and safer than they would be in pants pockets, all without disrupting your stride. 

    Durability and Performance

    Your gym bag should work as hard as you do. Nothing throws off a strong workout routine like having to replace a gym bag because of holes or strap failures. Invest in a high-quality gym bag made of durable materials and reinforced stitching.

    Synthetic materials are ideal for a gym bag because they’re easy to clean and tend not to hold on to stains or smells. For more durability than average polyester, choose a bag with a tough nylon exterior. Multiple sets of straps help offset the load and keep straps from breaking. 

    Sportswear Style

    The perfect active bag should also reflect your overall personal style. Choosing comfort, good organization and durability doesn’t mean you’re stuck with a basic black matte gym bag. Top bags can come in exciting colors like slate blue, white and warm cream. Fashionable fastenings and hardware can also add style to a gym bag. 


    A great active bag can be sleek enough to double as an extra work tote or travel bag, especially if you’re working or traveling somewhere outdoors. Taking an expensive leather or linen bag out to the park can be a risky proposition, so reach for your dream active bag instead. 

    Make exercise easier by choosing a gym bag that works with your style and your body. Pay attention to pockets, durable materials and carrying options to find the best match.