Explore Theme Parties with Dubai’s classic yacht rental company 


With its architectural marvels, stunning azure water, and enthralling infrastructural icons, the cosmopolitan Dubai has become one of the most preferred destinations for yacht parties. With the travel destinations opening up post Covid, the Emirates have welcomed guests, promising them an enriching experience of the iconic Dubai skyline as they raise a toast on the yachts steering through the crystal waters of the Persian Gulf. 

If you are looking to host a party on a yacht, yearning for this splendid nautical adventure – you will, as you slide down this article, get a brief idea of the trending yacht parties and the variety of yacht offerings to choose from. Caution: This guide will also update you about the factors you must check before you confirm your booking. Time to sail off – 


Looking at the trending Dubai yacht parties


With yacht parties becoming the ‘thing’ of the moment, the trending themes you can check out are – glamour from the stairs of Hollywood, a Tropical backdrop, a carnival or a masquerade ball, or even a pirate adventure set-up. The Emirates has been categorically focussing on prepping ‘customized’ celebrations, making their yacht party packages extremely alluring. 


As you intend to step into this enchanting party moment, let’s bring to you the range of offerings – 

Which service to opt for? 


Assuming you are a novice looking for the plethora of offerings from a reputed yacht rental company, a premium service offers you – 

  • A diverse range of yachts 

As an aware client, you need to check the insulation, power condition, and modular flexibility of the vessel. That’s just the beginning! The vessels that you choose offer you – 

  • Premium facilities such as lounge, living rooms, flybridge, open deck area, and kitchen. Along with that – spacious cabins with private facilities. 
  • A chance to customize your route along the Persian Gulf. 
  • Maximum capacity of 20 guests. 
  • Additional facilities such as – music systems, theatre, discos, cocktail presentations and a lot more! 

The available varieties include – luxury yacht charter, speedboat charter, and even comfort class chartered yachts.

  • A wide list of destinations to check out 

The next thing you must do is – opt for a yacht service that offers a variety of destinations. Some private yachts allow visits only up to a certain distance, while the other yachts have no such restrictions. Choose according to your demands. 

  • A range of themes for the party 


Those who are new to this domain might not know, but most of these yacht rental services already have the provision of either customizing your parties or picking one from the list. So, when you choose to opt for a luxury yacht or premium catamaran, see what type of parties you are allowed to have on board and how the planning for the same is to be done. 

  • A plethora of cuisines from around the world 


When you are looking to pick out yachts, especially the luxury and premium varieties, see the profuse cuisines that are available in the market. Mostly, the rental companies offer continental and American cuisines. However, those offering premium services also include Mediterranean, Asian, South Asian, and South American cuisines. Do check if yours is offering the same. 


As a supposed client looking for yachts to throw your next theme party – these are the available choices before you. Amongst a host of the names on the platter, TripEmirates is a name to reckon with. 


What factors to check before booking? 


Now that you have clarity about the offerings of the rental company, it’s time to check out certain key factors before you book the service. 

  • What are the features your shortlisted rental company is offering? 


Are they offering you a variety of vessels, from standard yachts to catamarans? Also, does their price range match the normal budget range that is stacked at the market? Lastly, their reputation in the market is another factor that you need to take into account. Only when you receive a green signal regarding these features can you go ahead and opt for that service provider. 

  • What are the budget and specifications of the chosen yacht? 


If we are taking an average figure – then it can start from something as minimal as AED480 to an extravagant amount of AED 4000! Speaking precisely, the price of the vessel depends on the size and the luxuries offered. So, if you are opting for the Standard Yachts – the budget is within AED 600 – AED 2500 per hour. As soon as you stack up to premium and luxury varieties – the budget strikes up to a range of – AED 2500 – AED 10,000 hourly. 

  • Do you need a license to sail the yacht? 

Technically no. You do not require any license for sailing since there will be a team of professionals who will look after the specifics. However, if you are sailing yourself, then you will require some paperwork, which will be done via the rental company. 

  • Will the company deal with the additional paperwork? 


This is another factor that you need to check out. When you are booking the yacht for theme parties, the authorities require a host of documents. Most of the rental companies take care of the same. You will still require to cross-verify the specifics before finalizing your deal.  

  • What will be included in the rental agreement? 

This is the last of the crucial discussions you must have with your service provider. Most rental agreements include insurance coverage and list pointers regarding any harm to the vehicle, any untoward incident, or any such unforeseen circumstances and the share of responsibility on the concerned entities. Do check these facets out as you study the rental agreement. Note what is in your favour, and try negotiating the terms. 


Key takeaways 


For the lovers of extravaganza – yacht parties, and that too with the Dubai skyline as the backdrop, is nothing short of a dream come true moment! If you, too, are interested in experiencing this gala, then the yacht party season is just knocking on your door. It is time you check out what the yacht rental services offer, compare the available deals, and book your party accordingly.