Fastest Way To Lose Weight Without Hitting The Gym


Did you know? Over 3 million people each year die from obesity. If you are someone who wants to kill obesity then you got to check out the fastest way to lose weight. This 10-minute long article can solve all your problems and help you live a healthy life. By following this piece of content you will be able to build smart associative habits for:

  • Losing Weight: In a holistic manner! The aim of this article is not to tell you about a particular diet but help you in building habits that will help you in the longer run. This way, you will hit your goals in a better way!
  • Securing Work-Life Balance: When you want to change your weight, you need to change your lifestyle, and one major component of changing your lifestyle is having work-life balance.
  • Getting Happier and Healthier: When you become happy, your body and mind work better and together. So do not just aim to have a better shape but also a better mental state.

By the end of reading this article, you will not only know the fastest way to lose weight but also the steps to building a healthy lifestyle.

So without waiting much, let’s begin!

Causes of weight gain

To start with the basics, you need to determine the root cause for your weight gain. Is it your sedentary lifestyle, PCOD/PCOS, Thyroid or your unhealthy eating habits?

You can determine this by observing your sleeping pattern, eating habits and getting some general medical check-ups done. Once you reach the root cause of your weight gain, it is easier for you to build habits that help you in killing the cause of the same.

You can divide your weight gain cause into two segments:

  • Lifestyle Based Weight Gain: If you find that your weight is increasing due to your sleeping pattern, eating habits or your no exercise routine, then this is the category for you.
  • Medical Reasons for Weight Gain: If you have diabetes, have PCOD/PCOS or have thyroid, then this is the category for you.

(Note: We have not mentioned all the lifestyle flaws or medical reasons for weight gain. Make sure you talk to a doctor or a nutritionist before deciding on the root cause of your weight gain.)

Once you know the root cause of your weight gain, it becomes easier for you to answer questions like what is the fastest way to lose weight or how to lose weight fast naturally.

Fastest Way To Lose Weight

Habits that make the fastest way to lose weight

If your weight gain is based on your lifestyle, here is a list of ten habitats that can help you in losing weight without going to the gym:

1. Sleep At least 7-8 hours

This may vary from person to person, but the golden rule to having a peaceful mind and glowing skin is to sleep enough for your brain and body to recover.

2. Value Water

Most of the time, we skip the basics and water is one of them. Water, though a necessity for the human body, is sometimes avoided. However, it is one of the main components of a healthy weight loss plan. Make sure that you drink at least 3 liters of water in a day. This will keep you hydrated and full. Also, if you have acne problems, water is your magic wand for healthy-looking skin.

3. Make Nuts Your Best friend

While asking questions like what is the fastest way to lose weight or how to lose weight fast naturally, remember your best friend, nuts. Nuts are naturally enriching foods that keep you full and give you micro-nutrients. Also, they help you stay warm in winters (yes, that is a grandma’s secret!)

4. Balance Your Portion Size

Over-eating in either breakfast, lunch or dinner can be really harmful in the long run. So maintain your portion size. To keep your portions under control, use a bowl and a smaller spoon to manage the serving size. This way, you would not overeat and regret that later.

5. Start Your Day With Some Exercise

We are not telling you to hit the gym every day. However, form a habit of at least walking for 30 minutes a day. You could also make these 30 minutes enjoyable by joining a Zumba or Bhangra class in your locality. This way, you would love to work out and curate an exercise habit.

6. Have Cheat Meals Not Days

Make sure you treat yourself with your favorite foods once a week. But that does not mean that you eat a billion calories in one single meal/day. Make sure you keep your cheat meal under check while giving your taste buds a treat! The concept of cheat meals is to keep you motivated. Do not make them a hindrance in your weight management journey.

7. Don’t Diet, Just Eat Smart

When you think of the fastest way to lose weight, nothing can beat picking the right food. The aim is not to quit eating rice, potatoes or butter but to know when to stop. You can enjoy all you like if you eat mindfully. Do not eat the entire plate of your favorite dish. Order half plate or maybe share your meal with a friend. This way, you consume less but enjoy more!

8. Plan Your Day

Yes, this is very important. When you plan your day in advance, you know how long it is going to be, and accordingly, you can manage your meals. You can always carry healthy and light snacks when you have a long day so that you do not binge on outside/roadside food. You can start by packing a box of fruits, dry fruits, oats, and so on, to make you feel full.

9. Avoid Sugar

Thinking of ‘how to lose weight naturally?’, then start avoiding sugar and sugary drinks. Start by cutting sugar in your tea or coffee. Then try to reduce your consumption of soft drinks. Also, you can replace sugar at your home with jaggery to sort the problems of your sweet tooth. After all, it is always about healthier options.

10. Learn to Say No

Whenever you are out in a party or an official gathering, do not let others tell you what to eat. Choose your meal wisely. Do not drink or overeat under peer influence. Pick salads and baked food instead of a friend. This way, you can enjoy the party without feeling guilty the next morning.

Trust us; if you follow the tips given above, you would surely see changes. You will not only improve your health but also your overall lifestyle. Just make sure that you take one step at a time and do not start following everything. This way, you will stay motivated and not feel burdened.

Also, to make sure you follow the above steps, try and start with a partner. Having a companion can help you in keeping track of your diet and routine.

Lifestyle changes for weight loss

Now, if your weight gain because of a medical reason, here is a list of ten habitats that can help you in losing weight without going to the gym:

1. Start by Seeking Help of a Doctor

Yes, you read that right. This little investment in your health will go a long way. Talk to a specialist to understand what foods should you avoid and/or eat in order to keep your health under check. Make sure to make a list and plan your diet accordingly.

2. Start with Yoga

There is nothing more holistic than yoga. It not only has benefits for your body but also your mind and soul. So, start with yoga basics. You can also join some classes to help you stay on track and practice the right postures. This way, you will not only lose weight but also gain mindfulness. Also you can join a yoga school in Rishikesh, the yoga capital of the world to start the inner journey.

3. Change your Diet

Be it a plant-based diet or vegan diet; make sure you consult a nutritionist to structure a diet that will cater to the needs of your body. This habit will help you give your body whatever it needs without getting into the hit and trial method.

4. Sleep Peacefully

When finding the fastest way to lose weight, people often miss this habit. What we mean by sleep peacefully is that you should feel stress-free. When you take a lot of stress, you impact your health directly or indirectly. So make your mind calm a bit and leave all your tensions behind when you sleep. Do not wake up in the middle of the night to check your phone. Take complete rest and let your brain recover.

Also, before going to bed, be thankful for one good thing that happened in your day. This will remove all the negativity from your mind and bring peace to your soul.

5. Do Not Fall In The Trap

Do not follow what works for others. Build your own habit chart. Wake up, make your bed and plan your day. Think about yourself and invest in yourself. Do not let others lecture you on what will work for you.

6. Drink Water

Now, if you are a human, this is mandatory for you. The fastest way to lose weight is to drink enough water to keep you hydrated and full. This way, you would not binge on salty or sweet dishes and consume food only when you need it. Also, your skin and overall health would get better.

7. Keep A Journal

Go for a medical check-up every six months and record your reports in a journal to see if your habits are actually improving your health. This will help you stay on track and keep you motivated. Also, this way, you can check if you need some medical assistance. This journal will be your Bible to plan for the next six months of your life. Healthwise, this will surely be the most significant gift from you to you!

8. Fix Your Environment

You tend to eat more if you have cookies on the front shelf of the kitchen. This is just one example of how your environment encourages or discourages you from eating more. So, fix your environment. Fix it in a way that it helps you stay fit and adapt healthier habits and gives you the fastest way to lose weight.

9. Join A Community

When you have some medical condition, use it to your advantage. Join a community of people who have a similar medical condition as you. This way, you can talk and discuss with them about your problems and concerns. This will help you to understand your condition better and improve your health consistently.

10. Do Not Panic

Yes, you have something which has an impact on your body. But believe in this that your medical condition does not define you. Make sure you lead your life positively and focus on improving your overall health.

If you are someone with a medical condition, which has led to an increase in your weight, follow the above. Of course, you can take expert advice, but remember to start small. This way, you would not feel the pressure of new habits and will lose weight quickly.

Make sure you do not leave these habits once you hit your target. Keep going for regular check-ups and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for the fastest way to lose weight, there is no single method to do so. It is vital for you to understand that anything fast is temporary, so give your body time to heal and recover. Do not go on crash diets and extensive exercise routine. This will not only exhaust you physically but also mentally.

Hence, take baby steps while making changes that will help you lifelong. Remember, weight is just a number, and you need to fix your lifestyle more than a number on the weighing scale. Once you deal with your weight mentally, it is easier to melt it physically.

Start your journey of losing weight as soon as possible and gift yourself a healthier and better life. Make the journey beautiful and the result will be wonderful.


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