Finding Love in Asia – A True Confession from a Scribbler


“…and that’s when I put it in her ass.”

After hours of listening to my book agent wax nostalgic about every man and woman he has ever slept with since 1976, I was more than relieved to be leaving on a plane for my first Asian trip in many a year. While I would like to argue with myself that it was John’s lengthy and overly pornographic stories that tick me off, I knew for a fact that the annoyance stems from the loneliness that reside in the deepest recesses of my heart. Not that I would every admit to this.

It has been years since my last relationship, and to say that it ended badly would be the understatement of the century. Since then I tried to steer clear of women, with the exceptions of a few casual encounters with ladies who understand that there are no white picket fences in our future. It helped somewhat that women were always there if and when I needed (wanted) them, due mostly to my above average, some would say stunning, good looks. I had hoped for this trip to be a Rennaissance of sorts to get me out of the writing slump I have been in for over a year now.

I had planned to find even the slightest hint of inspiration to get me writing beautiful and marketable words again. Thankfully, I found it. And so much more.

Six hours after checking into a charming little hotel, which looks more like someone’s very fancy home than a hospitality structure, I sat on a chair with fingers poised on the keyboard for yet another wrestling match with the proverbial blank page. I gave it 45 minutes or so before finally giving up. I stood and left the desk, deciding to head downstairs to get a drink at the hotel bar. If was not going to get any work done, I might as well get plastered on single malt scotch, which luckily I can still afford thanks to my successful novels.

The bartender was in mid-pour of my second shot when she came up on the poorly lit stage. She sat nonchalantly on the slender stool and waited for the music to queue in. Before I could tear my eyes away from her, she opened her mouth to start singing and at that moment, I was utterly and completely lost.

I was still enjoying what can only be described as a musically induced haze, when the song finally ended and the previously entranced audience promptly applauded the performance. While I was captivated by her voice, it was her eyes and mouth that I cannot seem to pull my focus from. A very primal need to possess her right then and there gripped my very soul.

Get a grip! I admonished myself. Certainly this girl is much too young, if not too innocent for what I had in mind. Images of her clawing at my back while I take her dimished my logic even further. I quickly decided to approach her before she heads back to wherever it is she came from. I downed my Scotch in one swig and paid my tab before turning towards her just as she started for the exit.

“Hi” I managed to utter. “That was a riveting number”

A pair of bright green eyes looked straight into mine. She was a lot smaller than she looked on stage, but certainly more beautiful up close.

“Thanks” she replied. “I have to get back though, excuse me.” She started walking away when I reached for her left elbow, breaking her stride.

“Please stay. I would really like to talk to you”

She stared for what seems like hours before finally saying “Yes”. “I guess i can stay awhile” She added.

A sigh of relief escaped my mouth, feverntly hoping that she did not notice just how nervous I was.

I motioned for her to sit on the nearest chair I can find and immediately on the one right across it. I was just about to ask an awfully inane question when she said, “It’s your first time here isn’t it? I have never seen you here before.”

I could tell she was not local, based on her features and accent, but perhaps she has been here often enough to notice first timers like myself.

“Yes, it is my first time coming here,” I aptly replied. “Although I certainly wished I had been here a lot sooner.”

She remained quiet but her eyes danced with obvious delight at my clever retort. I decided that this woman is certainly not the casual flirting kind but she is not immune to my charms either.

In the course of two hours, right after I broke the ice with a joke that made her laugh out loud with amusement, I found out quite a lot about her. Well, at least enough information for me to safely conclude that not only do I want to bed her but I also want to spend time with her outside the context of sex.

I was just thinking of a very clever way to proposition her without sounding like a complete maniac when she suddenly stood up and said. “I really need to go. I have somewhere to be in the morning.”

I started to protest, but she was gone just as quickly as she came. I did not even get her name. How did that happen?

Hours passed before I finally succumbed to the delayed effects of jet lag, slumbering silently while dreaming about the nameless blonde girl with piercing green eyes.

I awoke with a very bitter taste in my mouth coupled with a splitting headache. I knew, amidst the urge to down a couple of advils with a glass of water, that I had to see her again. This time though, I will get her name and hopefully so much more.

While I was feeling dreadful about sitting at a bar at four in the afternoon in a country where mid-day drinking is frowned upon, I knew I had very little choice. She stirred up in me feelings I have never had before and I was beginning to suspect that they were not about to relent for as long as I had not possessed her entirely.

“Looking for me?” The familiar sultry voice came from behind just when I was starting to doubt I’d see her again.

I turned around to face her. She was wearing a simple satin sleeveless shirt that outlined her ample breasts. My gaze stayed on her chest for a few seconds of unbridled admiration before I stared into her eyes.

“Yes, actually. I was hoping to see you again” I replied, my voice a bit hoarse but no less determined.

“My name is Ava, by the way. In case you were wondering,” she said smiling.

Ah! She remembered me failing to ask her last night. I wonder how many points I lose for that misstep.

As if reading my mind, she added “Don’t sweat it. I did not ask about your name either – so I guess we are even.” Her smile had not faltered even a bit.

I was looking to say something smart but before my brain could properly function, I said, “It is very nice to see you again, Ava.” What a pedantic idiot I am. I have always been charming when it comes to women so why couldn’t I manage to pull out the big guns when I needed them the most?

Before I could mentally kick myself at my poor verbal performance, she leaned into me and whispered, “We could play this little game of back and forth if you like, but I would rather you just take me to bed and give me your best”

Without a second thought, I leaned into her and took her mouth that I have been dying to kiss since I first laid eyes on her last night. I kissed her deeply and with an almost brutal force that may have caused most women to go running for the hills. Instead, she took everything I could give her and gave back just as much. This was definitely the kind of woman who liked it rough.

We took the elevator to what I assumed was her floor. As soon as the doors opened, she pulled me hand and lead me to the last door down the hallway. The door had just barely shut when she started peeling off her clothes. I was so mesmerized and aroused at the same time that I did not notice I was still fully clothed and basically stuck by the foyer.

I opened my mouth to speak but she beat me to it.

“You are wearing too many clothes,” she barely murmured. “Strip now.”

As far as alpha females go, this one right in front of me was in a class of her own.

I did as she said and quickly got out of my shirt and trousers. I started on my boxers when she sauntered toward me and put her fingers on the waistband. “Let me” she said in a voice that was almost a plea.

We were both naked, heaving, and insanely turned on but for a few moments, we merely looked at each others eyes as if having a wordless conversation about what was about to unfold.

Our revelry was halted when she pulled my body closer to hers and kissed me deeply.

There was no stopping us, even if either of us wanted to.

I felt my body temperature rise as she set me on my back on the mattress while trailing wet kisses from my neck all the way down to my abdomen. It was the most exquisite few seconds of my life. Or at least it was, until her mouth closed over my manhood.

“Ahhh,” a gasp escaped my lips and I heard her moan deeply.

She continued exploring my little man with her expert tongue until I felt the impending release deep in my belly.

I implored her to stop but she just spurred on.

“Please. I do not want to come until I am inside you,” I pleaded.

She looked at me with those knowing bright eyes and smiled.

I wanted so much to be on top of her, to possess her the way I am used to, but Ava was a woman who got what she wanted.

She positioned herself on top of me, cradling my hips between her smooth thighs. My eyes were transfixed on hers as she tore open a foil packet and rolled the rubber onto me.

There was no time to catch my breath as she slowly lowered herself with a determination that almost bordered on savagery. She was in control – and I was just in for the ride.

She started to move slowly on top of me as her full breasts swayed deliciously. Everything felt tight, hot, and wickedly sensational. I might have died right there not have given a damn.

Her movements quickened and I sensed her orgasm looming. I gripped her hips tightly and started to command the pace, spurring her on and goading her release. She tensed and cried out in pleasure as she finally found her carnal bliss.

I followed not too long after, as primitive sounds of tortured pleasure escaped my lips.

She collapsed on top of me and I kissed her sweetly on the cheek as we finally surrendered to exhaustion.

I woke up warm and incredibly thirsty. A night of romping with a hot stranger really does take a lot out of a man. I looked at her and was immediately turned on by the outline of her shapely buttocks that were covered barely by thin sheets. She really is mesmerizing, I thought. I could look at her for hours.

I had a drink of cold water and promptly went back to bed beside the goddess I was so lucky to have met. Moments later, I slipped back into the world of dreams – beautiful, haunting green-eyed dreams.

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