Formal Business Attire – Is It On The Way Out?


    The traditional businessman would say ‘never’ when asked such a question, as boardrooms around the world demand formal business attire, but things are definitely changing; if you were to walk around Google’s HQ, you’d be stunned to see people walking around in tracksuit bottoms and T-shirts, while there would be a crèche for kids and dogs are always welcome! Previous generations would look on in horror when today’s CEO arrives in jeans and a T-shirt and for many corporations, that’s the way it is!

    Large Events

    Multi-national meetings and conferences are still pretty much suit-and-tie affairs, even when they are online. Board meetings have strict dress codes and some upmarket sporting events are all about formal attire, yet you can be a bit out there and get away with it. Tradition is strong; take weddings as an example, over centuries, the bride, groom, best man and guests are all expected to wear their very best suits. Sydney and Melbourne host prestige events where very specific dress codes. If you are planning a wedding, check out the stunning bespoke suits in Melbourne by a leading tailor.

    Fortune 500 Companies

    We are starting to see a ‘come-as-you-like’ attitude in some major company management; Google Amazon, X (Formerly Twitter) and SpaceX give their management the freedom to wear what they like; a person’s ability should not be measured by their attire and people respond positively to this level of freedom – it breeds responsibility and ownership – and performance is up. 

    What About the Future?

    We see the trend for casual wear continuing and permeating its way up the chain; suits were fine in the 19th and 20th centuries, yet we have evolved past the point where we need to be so rigid in the business arena. Does your boss insist you wear a suit? What would they say if you rocked up in tracksuit bottoms, trainers and a sleeveless T-shirt? Click here to find out more about yourself.

    Dressing to Impress

    One of the reasons why traditional business wear is still around is that people want to impress in a business environment and dressing up certainly does that! How you dress says a lot about you as a person and it is only in closed groups that casual works, meeting outsiders kind of demands that you make an effort to look professional.

    Online Business Meetings

    We are seeing groups of managers having online meetings and not bothering about attire; we have mental images of the other person wearing a pair of shorts and a business shirt! Lol In general, the current business culture promotes freedom in every way and that includes dress. 

    How long will it be before we see jeans in the boardroom?

    We don’t think that’s ever going to happen; due to the desire to project the right image. Smaller businesses are making headway; some have never dressed other than casual and couldn’t care what anyone thought!