Getting to Know Aphrodisiac Food


Throughout history, food and sex have always been stressed as the two greatest pleasures for the human being, and aphrodisiac food combines both components perfectly.

There are a lot of myths about the results of aphrodisiac food and its recipes. Beyond there aren’t scientific studies which demonstrate the stimulating benefits of certain ingredients, there are some foods which because of their high energy content promote sexual desire.

To seduce your partner there is no need to go to a haut cuisine restaurant. Or to rent one of the apartments in Paris near the Eiffel Tower. Aphrodisiac food recipes are becoming increasingly popular all over the world, appearing new restaurants with aphrodisiac food on their menus, the same as they offer French food, Italian food or Mexican food. You can even find specific aphrodisiac food restaurants!

But aphrodisiac recipes can also be prepared at home. Although there is no agreement on the foods that really have the power to increase the libido, I have selected a list of ingredients that are considered by many specialists as aphrodisiac food.

Fish and seafood are very popular and have an important place within the aphrodisiac recipes, especially oysters and caviar, followed by clams and prawns. But another food that is not very well known as an aphrodisiac is the banana. This fruit contributes to the release of serotonin when eaten and also its high potassium content increases muscle strength, which helps the orgasm.

Spices should also be taken into account, including dill and garlic, always associated with vitality and good health. Or spicy products, which can help increase the passion as they warm the body and increase your heart rate. Pepper and chilli for example, have an irritant action that can stimulate your genitals.

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Don’t forget also the red wine, which also helps increase the predisposition to sex and not just for the alcohol. Red wine contains resveratrol, and antioxidant which increases circulation during intercourse, and raise estrogen levels.

But if what you need is to intensify the orgasm you could try asparagus, which thanks to their high content of vitamin B and folic acid elevate your histamine levels in blood and contribute to more explosive orgasms.

And to finish your meal there is nothing better than chocolate. Black chocolate has a compound called phenylethylamine that makes the attraction between two people increase. Therefore, for dessert you can order a chocolate cake to share with your couple. It would always be more romantic to end your evening at one of the romantic Paris apartments but before you go on holydays you can practice at home.



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