Hosting a Kansas City Bachelorette Party: What You Should Do


If there is one “fun” event in your life that a woman wants to make sure she gets right; it’s her bachelorette party. So, if you are getting married soon, or if you are the maid of honor and are in charge of throwing this shindig, then you need a great idea for how to make the evening memorable. You have countless options (bars, restaurants, clubs, private venues), but so many of those are limited in what they have to offer.

Why tie your party down to one location with the same entertainment as any other brides’ bash you’ve all been to before? If you want your Kansas City bachelorette party to be unique and enjoyable, why not bounce around to a few different places and add some variety?

First Thing to Do: Rent a Party Bus 

So, what’s the answer for a group of gals that want to paint the town red for the night? Rent a party bus! The benefits of taking your bachelorette party on the road are numerous, but that’s another article for another day. But to give you a little idea, here are a few of the perks:

  • No need for a designated driver 
  • You can enjoy drinks while you are riding
  • Enjoy multiple different venues
  • Different tours available 
  • Custom tours available

Take a Winery Tour

As mentioned, the biggest feature of bus tours is the different types of tours they offer. And if your bachelorette party is anything like many others, there are probably a few oenophiles in your group. Although winery tours are common, many people outside of California have never been to one. 

Take a Brewery Tour

If your bevy of bachelorettes prefers oats and barley to grapes and sugar, then you might prefer a tour of breweries. With samples ranging from honey wheat blondes and pale ales all the way to the darkest of double and triple bock brews, there will be something for everyone in the group.

Take a Sightseeing Tour

If you don’t want to make your bachelorette travels about hopping around food and/or drink establishments, why not check out a few awesome sights, including:

  • Vibrant entertainment and shopping districts
  • Holiday lights and decoration tours
  • Haunted and historical areas 
  • Instagram tours

Take a Food Tour

Maybe you and your friends are foodies and would rather embark on a taste-testing tour to sample food instead of brews or spirits. If so, take your Kansas City bachelorette party and cruise through a variety of cuisines such as BBQ, and pizza, or you can take a food truck tour. Or, if you would like a little of both, try a chocolate and wine tour or a tacos and tequila trip.

Make Your Kansas City Bachelorette Party One You’ll Talk About Forever

You and your girls deserve to do something that you will reminisce about for years to come. Don’t have it in the kind of place that you would go out to on any given Saturday night, make it something special. After all, this is the kind of party that you plan to only have once!