Top 14 Ways on How to Cleanse Tarot Cards by Yourself


Are you a tarot enthusiast who wants to learn how to cleanse tarot cards? The universe has brought you to the right place where you will learn the proper ways to rejuvenate your tarot decks. This is a comprehensive guide in which we will discuss techniques of how to cleanse your tarot cards with and without special tools.

So, whether you are an experienced reader or a beginner, keeping your tarot deck energies active and responsive is a primary responsibility. It is the best way to ensure that you are receiving clear and accurate messages from the angels and universe.

How to cleanse tarot cards for the first time?

Tarot cards are unlike just any playing cards. They are powerful means that soak in energies from the universe and communicate with people who know how to use them well. As you keep using these, the readings’ accuracy reduces until you learn how to cleanse your tarot cards properly. Once you do the cleansing process to reset the energy frequencies, the cards get back to their optimum potential.

If you are new to the world of tarot and mysticism, learning how to cleanse tarot cards for the first time is highly significant. It is the primary way through which you can establish a connection with your deck.

Please note that cleansing tarot cards do not just create harmony by removing unwanted energies. Doing the process right will also help you connect with the universe deeply to deliver more accurate physic readings.

Check out this section to learn how to cleanse tarot cards using effective techniques when you are a beginner:

1. Cleansing with pure intention

Before starting the cleansing procedure, meditate to achieve clarity of mind and intent.

  • Take up the tarot deck in your hands and try to focus on eradicating residual energies that require cleansing
  • You must visualize or imagine a ray of light that is spreading radiance around the cards

This vibrance will wash away all residual negativity, and your cards will return with optimum energy.

2. Elemental Cleansing

Learning how to cleanse tarot cards for the first time can become more manageable if you have basic knowledge about the elements such as earth, water, fire, and air. When you are cleansing the cards:

  • Start with choosing an element. Go for the one you resonate with the most in terms of intentions.
  • You can burn incense and pass cards through the smoke (air element)
  • Hold cards near smoke from a burning candle (fire element)
  • Sprinkle water on the deck lightly while meditating (water element)
  • Bury cards under sea salt (earth element)

Irrespective of which element you choose, visualize the purification process while performing the ritual.

how to cleanse tarot cards

3. Moonlight Bathing

Tarot enthusiasts, psychic readers, and other mystic practitioners consider the moon’s energy supreme. Even as a beginner, if you want to learn how to cleanse tarot cards without tools, harnessing the gentle and divine moon energy is a great option. All you have to do is wait for a full moon when the lunar aura is at its peak.

Place your cards on a windowsill or any other area with direct moonlight, and let the rays bathe the cards overnight. During the moonlight bathing, tarot cards receive a spiritual rejuvenation, and any stagnant energy gets washed away naturally.

4. Sound Cleansing

Cleansing through sound vibrations is one of the most effortless techniques for tarot cards. When you use a singing bowl, chime, bell, and other similar things to create sounds near tarot cards, the vibrations break all stagnant energies and restore harmony and balance in your cards.

Remember, as a beginner, it’s essential to approach the cleansing process with an open mind and trust in your intuition. Experiment with different techniques to find the ones most resonating with you.

How to cleanse your tarot cards without using any tools?

Tarot card cleansing without tools lets you sanitize your deck using your power and intuition. There are several options if you want to learn how to cleanse tarot cards without using any tools.

Here are some of the primary ways in which you can learn how to cleanse tarot cards without external tools:

5. Pure intention and breathing

Some of the most experienced tarot readers still believe that using your own intent and breathing is the best way to cleanse tarot cards. While it sounds very simple, the process requires a lot of focus and pure meditation talent. To carry out the cleansing process successfully, you have to sit in a peaceful place where no one will interrupt the procedure.

Now, take up the card deck in your hands, close your eyes, and start visualizing the cleansing happening while taking deep breaths. Remember, as you exhale with the cards in your hand, the stagnant energies from those are getting released through you. On the other hand, as you inhale, you are taking in the pure energy that the cards are absorbing too.

6. Visualization

Tarot card cleansing is a powerful technique that uses visualization. Start by imagining a bright, white light enveloping your deck and piercing each card. Consider this light a purifying force that will dissolve any unfavorable or stalled energy. Feel the cards reviving and getting lighter as you hold this visualization. Trust your visualization skills and allow the deck to be cleaned and refreshed by the power of your imagination.

7. Light from the moon and stars

Nature is a rich supply of purifying energy, especially in the form of moonlight and starlight. Find a clean, safe location where you may set up your tarot cards to read the stars or the moon on a clear night. Select a location outside or on a windowsill that offers clear night sky views.

Allow the cosmic forces to purify and reenergize the cards by leaving the deck there overnight. By making a wish or praying, you can improve this technique by asking the moon or stars to fill the deck with their purifying energy.

8. Through elements of nature

To purify your tarot cards, make a connection with the natural elements. The relationships between the elements of air, fire, water, and earth should be noted first. If the cards need air, gently fan them or blow on them while picturing any stale energy being swept away by the breeze. Pass the cards slowly over a candle flame for fire, picturing the fire’s transforming power purging the air of impurities.

Pour a few droplets of water on the deck, envisioning it washing away any bad energy as you go. Put the cards in a bowl of salt or dirt to represent the ground, and see the earth absorbing any negative energy and transforming them into good vibrations. Hold the deck and reacquaint yourself with its renewed energy after each elemental purification.

9. Sound vibrations

Energy may be purified and harmonized via sound. Tarot cards can be purified using sound-producing devices or your voice. Start by singing various sounds like “Om” or “Aum” or even humming your favorite song. Make these noises to purify and cleanse the deck of cards as you send the vibrations toward it.

As an alternative, you can produce resonant tones using a bell, chime, or singing bowl. Pass the deck over the sound waves or around them, enabling the vibrations to release trapped energy and bring the world back into equilibrium.

10. Combining breathing with elemental energies

The strength of your breath and the forces of the elements are combined in this technique. Connect to each component of the environment for the success of this process. Take a deep breath and stand or sit comfortably while picturing the element you want to conjure all around you.

Feel a soft breeze around you, or think of the warmth and brilliance of fire. You can also imagine yourself being enveloped by water’s fluidity and calming effects or feel the earth’s steadiness and grounding energy underneath. Now, blow your breath into the tarot cards to infuse them with the elemental power and remove any remaining negativity after you’ve connected with the selected element.

Always follow your gut and select the purification techniques that speak to you the most. Try various approaches to find the most productive and in tune with your energy.

How to cleanse tarot cards with special tools?

Tarot cards can be cleansed with special equipment, which adds another level of ritual and purpose to the cleansing procedure. Frequently combined with spiritual practices, these instruments can improve the cleansing process and strengthen your relationship with the cards. Here, we examine various techniques for purifying tarot cards with specialized equipment.

11. Smudging

Smudging is a prevalent technique for purifying and cleansing tarot cards. It involves burning sacred herbs like sage or palo santo. Light the stick or bundle of herbs, allowing it to smoke and smolder.

Make sure to gently move each card through the smoke so that they are all covered in the fresh scent. As you do this, see the smoke cleansing the cards of any negative or sluggish energy. The cards receive new energy from the sacred smoke, which acts as a conduit for transformation and rejuvenation.

While experts suggest this is the best technique, read till the end to learn how to cleanse tarot cards without sage.

12. Crystals

Tarot cards can benefit from crystals’ special energies, which can be used to clean and recharge them. Select crystals like selenite or clear quartz that represent spiritual connection, clarity, and cleansing.

All you have to do is place the particular crystal on your tarot deck and leave it overnight. The crystal will absorb any remaining energy from the cards, restoring their energetic equilibrium. Additionally, thank the crystal for its assistance and refresh it by setting the deck in moonlight or sunlight before using it again.

13. Sound Instruments

Tarot cards can be cleansed using sound devices like bells, chimes, or singing bowls to produce mellow vibrations. The sound waves should be allowed to permeate the deck while you hold the deck in your hands and lightly strike the instrument or move it around the cards.

14. Ritual baths

Giving your tarot cards a ritual wash can be a robust cleansing procedure. Add natural elements that aid in purification, such as salt, herbs, or flower petals, to a bowl or basin of water.

Now, immerse the deck in the water, imagining any residual energy being washed away by the water. While doing this, you can say prayers or affirmations to the water, imbuing it with your good intentions. After the bath, dry the cards with a soft cloth before letting them air dry entirely before using.

Each element enhances cleansing and strengthens your relationship with the tarot deck by bringing its distinct energy and symbolism. To keep your tarot cards regularly cleansed and prepared to offer insightful counsel, find the techniques that speak to you and implement them into your practice.

When is it essential to cleanse your tarot cards?

Knowing when to cleanse your tarot cards is crucial for maintaining their energetic clarity and accuracy. Here are some instances when it is beneficial to cleanse your tarot deck:

1. Initial Use

It is always essential to cleanse a new tarot deck before using it for the first time. This ensures a clean, energetic medium for your readings by removing residual energies from the printing or packaging processes.

2. After sharing

It is essential to cleanse the deck after lending your tarot cards to someone else or if several persons have handled it. This makes it possible for the deck to attune especially to your energy and helps remove any energetic imprints left by others.

3. Energy Shifts

When going through a personal transformation or energetic turmoil, cleansing your tarot cards can be helpful. Essential life experiences, emotional crises, or incredible spiritual growth may impact the energy of your cards. Moreover, they can be cleansed to assist their energy being refreshed and realigned to meet your current state.

4. Negative or complex readings

It is best to clear your deck after giving readings on contentious or challenging subjects. Tarot cards absorb energy; powerful or negative readings may leave a lasting impression. Cleaning keeps future readings accurate and helps release any residual energies.

Apart from all the above, it is a good idea to regularly cleanse your tarot deck to maintain the energies and vibrations.

Final thoughts

Trusting your intent is one of the first steps when learning how to cleanse tarot cards. Remember, it is a good idea to cleanse if you notice a change in the deck’s energy, if the readings seem murky or inaccurate, or if you feel called to do so. Besides, by frequently cleansing your tarot deck, you can maintain a clean, positive energy that encourages precise readings.