How to Maintain Your Diet During Sober Living


Quitting drugs is a hard process. You need to work really hard to control your impulses before they overwhelm you into doing drugs. A lot of people succumb to the urges and continue doing drugs. But, there is an easy way for you to gain back control. It is to get into a sober living facility and isolate yourself from your regular living environment. In a sober home you will have no access to drugs, and consequently, there won’t be any temptations that will make you regret.

Diet is Important – Eat Light & Healthy

Before you join a sober home, you need to remember a few important things. The first of them being your personal life. You need to set things straight for a few months so that nothing in your life falls apart while you are gone. The second thing is your health during your stay. You will be moving to a new environment and the kind of food you eat will have a direct say in your physical and mental health. Many people make a mistake of cutting down their intakes so drastically that their health begins deteriorating. We recommend you don’t do that. You need to stay healthy as you move away from addictions. So, eat responsibly and keep up your energy levels.

Eat for Recovery – Protein, Carbs & Fats

While staying in the sober living home you will be provided nutritious meals of your choice. You can choose what to eat and in what proportions. These nutrients are going to help you gain back your old strength. Some people get into these homes after their rehab and detox treatments are over. During those treatments they tend to have lost a lot of weight, and their sober home time will be the perfect opportunity to gain back their pounds and stamina. You can eat foods rich in proteins, carbs, and vitamins so that your muscles can get back healthy. This is such an important step in your recovery. A nutritious and balanced diet can go a long way in maintaining your health.

Engage in Mild to Moderate Workouts

Eating healthy on one side, you need to keep up in shape for there are chances you might slack out during your stay at the sober living house. You can do some mild workouts at the in-house gyms, or even go for a brisk run or jog every morning. There is plenty of space available within the campus and you can stretch your muscles so they stay in good condition.

Yoga & Lifting Weight Helps

You can also practice yoga, meditation, and even lift weights. Train your mind and body so they are ready for anything after you move out of the sober home. Keep yourself busy during your stay, learn new skills, or practice arts and music. Your physical activeness will have a long-term effect. The sober homes are just places of stay and not medical facilities. In case you face an emergency, and need urgent care, you will be taken to a hospital nearby.