How to Make Your Office a ‘Home Away from Home’

How to Make Your Office a 'Home Away from Home'

For an increasing number of people who do their work from the comfort of their homes, creating an ‘office space’ in the corner of their living room or their study is a matter of rearranging some chairs and adding a couple of sticky notes to their wall. You can find online work from home jobs at Jooble .

If you’re living in a small house and don’t know how to make a home office in a small space, we recommend you to start by filling a wall with some shelves containing your working desk. To make space feel less practical, you also can keep your working place supplies in beautiful storage boxes. You can also use the shelves to show your favorite possessions too. For that the basement will be the best place. After basement renovation Toronto you can obtain this place which may helpful to fulfill your requirements.

That said, this feeling of comfort and relaxedness you get from working from home is not something that cannot be exported to a professional work environment.

Indeed, unless you’re working for a car-making company, for example, alongside one of those spot-welding robots, you can decorate your office in a variety of different ways – including making the place look like your home. (Unless the company’s rules prohibit it, that is.)

The thing is, we’ve all seen those grey movies where people are stuck in cubicles in front of a computer having a miserable time for eight hours.

Now, more and more companies that have similar work areas are looking into ways to make their employees feel more at home, even though they’re at work.

Folks at Valve, one of the biggest video game and hardware-making companies in the world, for example, go out of their way to provide their employees with colorful offices with plenty of refreshments and even workout areas.

In this article, we’ll list some ways you can make your office a comfortable and inspiring environment where you will not just enjoy your stay but feel more incentive to do some work, too.

Here’s the deal.

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Install Personalized Lighting Fixtures

One of the worst aspects of working in a cubicle is that not enough natural light can reach you.

Typically, all you have to remind you it’s daytime outside is a lamp that projects often low-quality and aggressive lighting that can make you agitated, sleepy, and make your eyes hurt as a result.

This is why the first step toward making the place you’re working to your taste is to resolve the lighting ‘situation’, so to speak.

The best way to do this would be to try setting up your work area in such a way as to allow as much natural light in as possible.

Increasing your exposure to natural light while at work is not just a way to save electricity you’d have to use for lamps and other lighting fixtures, either. Natural light has several positive effects on our bodies, including better quality of sleep, boosting vitamin D, and even the ability to ward off the negative effects of seasonal depression.

To increase the amount of natural light in your office area, you may want to set up more mirrors or paint the walls a light color. If you aren’t sure what colors are suitable for optimal light reflection, you can always contact a commercial painting company and learn more details there.

If your office is built in such a way that natural light can’t get through that easily, consider setting up some ceiling lights, or cove lights, so that the area looks as natural as possible.


Set up Wall Art

Unless you’re of a minimalist mindset, chances are – you probably have a lot of wall art in your home that induces in you a certain type of mood you’re comfortable with, so to speak.

Even if you are a minimalist, you may place a single piece of artwork on an otherwise empty wall, so that this art will draw all the attention to itself.

The thing is, whether it’s just a motivational message printed over a picture of the Alaskan landscape, or some terrible-but-near-to-your-heart drawing your kid made in their kindergarten, placing this masterpiece in your office can massively improve your mood while at work.

Think of Homer Simpson and his working area in the nuclear power plant where he has a bunch of photos of Maggie with a slogan ‘Do it for her’. If you think of some piece of art or a motivational message that inspires you at work or just makes you feel more comfortable there, consider hanging it on the wall where you can see it.

Set up Wall Art

Ergonomic Furniture

To the great extent, the domestication of the workplace was firstintroduced in by the era when companies like Google introduced residential furniture into the office area. This alterationvaried from customary office designs by bringing original ideas and comfort into office design and providing the chance to work with plenty of manufacturers.

Formerly, companies used to buy office furniture from a small number of manufacturers, where available choices were limited and their products were expected to last maximum 15 years. At present, because of the growing domestication trend, it’s common to see sofas, tables and other accessories from well-known residential retailersin many office spaces.

Since you’ll be spending a lot of time on your computer while working in a cubicle, or a cubicle-like structure, ensuring that you’re sitting on a comfortable chair is a must.

The thing is, if the furniture you’re sitting on provides support to your back, all the other body parts won’t ache when you do finally get up after a couple of hours of work.

As we hinted at above, you may also want to consider getting yourself one of those desks where you can stand up and work that way rather than being forced to sit the entire time while using your computer.

Ergonomic Furniture

Add ‘Office’ Plants

What better way to ensure the greyness of an office is broken up than adding a couple of house plants, or in this case – ‘office’ plants.

The thing is, human eyes are well-versed in processing the color green as it is everywhere around us, so bringing a couple of indoor plants into your office can make you feel more comfortable regarding the aesthetics of the surrounding environment, so to speak.

Some of the examples of office-friendly plants you can keep at work with minimal maintenance would include aloe vera, bamboo, ficus, or different types of cacti.

Generally speaking, you want some sort of plant that you won’t have to spend an arm and a leg on in terms of maintenance, and that also won’t require regular watering, because you won’t spend your weekends in the office.

Add ‘Office’ Plants

Create eclectic spaces

As long as the domestication trend plays a great deal to create a more dynamic, comfortable space, it also works as a device for employment and keeping of employees. Nowadays, Ping-Pong tables and Billiard tables don’t cut it as impressive facilities.

You can use a mount or clipgrid and pin or place photos of your friends,family, pets, colleagues or anyone you admire. The reason is that by looking at familiar faces you’ll be inspired to work hard plus it is an amazing way to both make the office feel more like home and also to motivate you to be able toconcentrate no matter whathappens in a day. If your beloved ones have the time for it, you could also demand to write a few sentences of encouragement for you and stick it on your desk or on the wall!
As you see, you don’t need to do expensive measures just to change your office into a small home away from home.

By some custom art installations, painted conference rooms, cozy collaboration spaces and othermust-havedesign elements in your list, you can create an amazing eclectic space in your office.

Thanks totablets,mobile phones and laptopsemployees canadd more flexibility to unplug and even set up shop just about anywhere they want. Formaking it more suitable, companies are trying to build out eclectic spaces that employees the chance to choose the space that best fits their needs, as well as inspiring and enabling them to work.

For example, you can remove conference rooms by creating areas for your employees to sit or read when they’re boredwith furniture such as sofas and modern coffee tables.

Plus, you can also use some decorative pendant lights dangle from the exposed beams. By these unique changes in your office decor, it’s nearly impossible to distinguish whether you’re walking into someone’s home or office and this means that our mission accomplished.

All in all, personalizing your office space so that it’s a more comfortable environment for you is a great way to make your work easier to do and to be more incentivized to give your best while at work. Luckily for the folks who are planning to enhance their work conditions this way, adding a couple of plants and paying for a paint job for a couple of square meters are all fairly inexpensive ventures.