Hunting for a Husband South of the Himalayas


“What! She wants to marry you?” I burst into laughter. My friend had just broken the news to me that his winter fling had “supposedly” proposed marriage to him and wanted to whisk him away.

“An English girl in need of an Indian man?” I pretended to sound surprised. In reality I wasn’t. I’d seen it too many times before. Another another hopeless romantic female tourist in Goa. 

Here with her friends to escape the cold, the month was December and Goa, unlike her native UK, was steaming. My friend happened to meet her at a local restaurant one night and I guess there was an instant connection. The dating started, the holiday courtship bloomed and then came the infatuation. I myself was lucky enough to be introduced to her one day, finding her to be a very intelligent, sweet and decent girl – and most definitely a catch for any Indian guy!

So why did an arrangement, which was only ever supposed to be a short term one, restricted to warming the bed, drinks and good times, end up in a discussion over marriage? And why, here in India, does it crop up more often than you might think?

Want to know my theory? Bollywood. Through India’s booming and inescapable movie industry, an image of believable fairy tale romance has been sown. Through its sights and sounds the desires of women around the world, those looking for the ultimate feet sweeping romance, are driven. Turns out this particular lady was a sucker for exactly that. The way Bollywood portrays Indian men as lovers, caring partners and dashing knights? That was the image she was trying to make a reality.

Here in Goa we welcome almost around 1 million tourists from all over the world every year. Most come from Russia, the UK, Israel and other European nations in search of sun, sand, sea and, inevitably, sex. Out of the large number of ladies that actively seek to taste the Indian pool of masculinity? Russian women surely lead the race (followed closely by the British).

The fun part of course is that some who come want a husband too. Fortunately, during my time living here, I’ve seen many happy endings to these types of stories. But with the friend whose story I related at the start? In this case sanity prevailed and it never went that far.

As for the woman in question? We didn’t hear much. Obviously she went back to UK to live her life somewhere, one wild time in Goa far, far behind her.

That was, at least, until I heard recently (from that same friend) that she is now happily married to a man and has a son.

As for where I stand on husband hunting in India? Well I’m just happy teasing my friend about the incident, reminding him that it would have made such a great story to tell his future grandchildren.

And to rest of the women who come to Goa seeking romance? Well, all i have to say is this…

You’re always welcome to come and live your dreams with me!


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