Long Distance Lifesaver


If you have ever had a long distance relationship you must know how difficult it can be, mainly due to the lack of sexual contact with your partner. No matter how many hours you spend talking on the phone, there’s a barrier you can’t break: if she lives in Japan and you are staying in one of the apartments in Lisbon you are not allowed to have proper sex. Well, this was the problem that Narcís Bosch, a well known Spanish porn film director, had. Bosch had a Brazilian girlfriend who used to travel a lot and tired of only having contact with her through phone calls created an ingenious way to stimulate his partner through distance: the game was that she had to put the phone in vibration system and he kept miss calling her. When she finished, he phoned her and then they talked as usual.

But this was only the seed of what would come next. Bosch already guessed then that such talks could be taken to another level via internet. Shortly thereafter, the director met Oscar Calabres, a designer who created the sculptural sofa Beatme, specially designed to enjoy sex with your partner. These friends started giving shape to the idea of Bosch and thus the first interactive masturbator was born, a masturbator which was able to communicate through long distances.

The operation of the device is relatively simple: two dildos (one phallus shaped and the other vagina shaped) with sensors and a vibration mechanism incorporated are connected to both computers via Bluetooth. The sensors pick up the friction on the outside or the inside of the sex toys (depending if it’s the male or female one) and transmit these impulses to their computer, which sends them to the other user’s computer through a computer program and a website which also provides a video conference. The other computer sends the data it has received to its respective masturbator, which converts the pulses emitted by your partner in stimulus, activating the vibrating mechanism. As both dildos are emitters and receivers of stimulus, erotic communication is established between them.

It is often said that the possibilities that Internet offers are endless, but few could imagine the progress that can still be made in the field of virtual sex. They did, so this design team was completed with Ivan Domènech, computer programmer, Eduard Tarifa, a specialist in marketing and sales, and Óscar Martí, head of legal and fiscal. The team has needed two years to develop the project: designing the prototypes, the software, search for suitable materials, product patent, testing and manufacturing site, which in this case is China.

For the moment the team is working on two production lines: one aimed at leisure and domestic use, for couples, and another aimed at establishing sex contacts through websites. It also opens new possibilities in virtual worlds, like Second Life .

It seems the world of virtual sex still has a lot to offer. Perhaps very soon long distance relationships will not be rare, and having sex with your girlfriend in Japan from your Lisbon apartments won’t be a problem anymore…


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