Love Parking, The Car Park for Safe Sex


Naples, in Italy, has created a car park for young people who want to have sex in their cars without risking their lives.

The Barra district, east of Naples, was the first to formalize sex in the car after approving a plan to create a car park where people can make love safely. The park, which has already been approved by the district of Barra, consists of a paid parking area for couples seeking an intimate space in their cars.

The idea of the “sex car parks” was conceived by the members of an Italian political party which presented their initiative to the local authorities. “At weekends you can see young people having sex on the motorbikes and cars parked on the streets, hiding with newspapers, involved in degradation, without illumination, at the poorest neighbourhoods and taking the risk of suffering objective acts of violence”, said Anna Cozzino, president of the district.

In a city like Naples, where organized crime is based and delinquency reaches one of the highest levels in Italy, young people who want to indulge their passions in cars “are taking the risk to suffer thefts, injuries, rapes and even death” said Cozzino.

Hence the idea of Love parking, a secure car park where couples can enjoy intimacy while parking their cars in some kind of private ‘compartments’, which will ensure security and privacy to the customers. The couples will have to pay to use this service, but the creators of the project emphasize that their primary objective is not to make money but to protect citizens. There are also plans “to distribute condoms to avoid unwanted pregnancy or venereal disease transmission” told Cozzino.

Proponents of the idea say it is a reflection on sexual education and a public reflection on the situation of young people, as well as being a way to raise awareness about safe sex and prevent pregnancy because, they say, in Naples there are already too many teenage mothers.

But it must be said that not everyone is happy with the idea, as some other parties have proved being contrary to Love Parking claiming that this encourages teenagers to conduct adversely, affecting the city decorum and that this doesn’t solve the real problems of Naples, as are unemployment or the bad conditions of some houses.

We will see what happens. But hopefully if you have a car and want to experience this new Italian project you better stop looking at the popular Rome apartments directory and go for the Naples one!



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