How Does Macau Compete with Las Vegas?


Macau can be described as an independent city inside a conservative country, or better said continent, which is China. Macau is the Las Vegas of Asia and the casinos in there have 5 times more profit than those in US. Apart from the fact that there are more rich people in Asia than in USA, Macau competes with Las Vegas in so many other ways.

Macau was a Portuguese colony, built in the 16th century and the road signs still remind visitors of this fact. In 1999 Chinese gain control over Macau and started to develop the gambling city it is today.

A different way of gambling

Las Vegas is the best entertainment experience one could ever get. There is not only gambling, but also drinks, shows, business opportunities and some other more illicit ways of entertainment.


In Macau it’s all about gambling. Every service is pricier than it is in Las Vegas, because people who come to Macau come to gamble and invest their money. There’s no alcohol in the casinos of Macau, just tea and fizzy drinks.

The most popular games in Macau casinos are baccarat and sic bo, which are not that popular in Las Vegas, where Lady Luck is hunted at roulette, slot machines and blackjack.

Bellagio vs Venetian Macao

Venetian Macao is the largest casino venue in the world and it does offer much more than gambling opportunities. It offers a real-size replica of Venice inside a grandiose building in Macau, China. When heading to gambling tables admire the river streets in the Venetian Macao, the place where all celebrities come to perform of spend some money.

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Las Vegas’ Bellagio seems to be plain when compared to Venetian Macao. It offers a posh gambling place where money are meant to be spent on slots, roulette, table games, bets and sporting games but also on a luxury 5* lifestyle. Everything is sparkling and the glasses are never short of bubbling.

Online Casino

You would ask why would anyone want to play online casino in one of these cities. There are countless reasons and in case you are a beginner and feel you are not ready for the big tables of Macau or Vegas, trying your luck online first is right way to go and the best place would be full tilt casino. It is good to know that not everybody has the nerves to handle a baccarat table in the sin cities of the world. The pressure can take its toll on a less experienced player. However, the online gambling world can nurture the poker star inside you so you will be able to face the challenge of Vegas or Macau.


Pros and Cons of Macau

Macau is a powerful rival for Las Vegas, but the place is so different from Vegas that one could be disappointed if doesn’t make the right choice. Las Vegas is full of nightclubs and there are a couple of posh parties everywhere, at any given time, but ironically, there is also entertainment for children, so one could say that Vegas could make a decent destination for the spring break family trip.

Macau is alcohol-free, women-free, kids-free and heavy gambling. All the secondary entertainment venues are built for adults, especially young ones, so there is no room for a family in there.

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When choosing one of the two places, make sure to research and to calculate wisely in order to make the most out of your trip.


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