Making Your Weekends More Productive

Making Your Weekends More Productive

Most of the time, our Monday to Friday 8 hour job ties us. Friday evening is usually a

celebration time to usher in a 2-day free holiday. Many will start a new week with Monday blues, having accomplished nothing. Regrets will overpower minds with lots of backlogs to attend to. Weekends are for winding down and finishing the incomplete tasks of the long week. 

It is possible to have a productive weekend.

  1. Enough sleep

Sleep is an important sect of a healthy life. It enables the mind and body to relax in preparations for the next day. Enjoy enough sleep to have a fresh mind to tackle new things. Friday evening, take a warm bath before getting to bed. The body will be fresh and relaxed. Sleep earlier than usual and wake up on the weekend later than usual. Proper sleep practice creates room for mediation and recapture of the week hustles. 

Adequate sleep will leave you alert and strong. While attending to weekend duties, it is not a crime to take a nap when you feel sleepy to freshen up. After all, it’s a weekend.

  1. Plan your weekend

Planning in life helps to have each aspect handled. When you happen to fail to plan, you are then planning to fail. Take time on Friday evening and list all things to attend to. It will help in tackling one aspect at a time. Tick and move to the next. According to, at the end of the day, you rate the percentage of accomplished work. Indeed 80% is an indicator of success. Get your weekend plan and execute the task at hand. 

  1. Avoid social media

Technology ties and controls human life. During the week it’s evident we can’t avoid the use of phones and computers. The weekend is a period to stay from social media. It will enable the mind to be independent and process the information on its own. Social media will deny you time and space to execute what you planned. It should not be your all weekend plan for fun.

  1. Set yourself some time

Normal working days are busy days. Leaving your job in the evening and hustling through the traffic jam to get home tired and sleepy. You won’t have time for free self-evaluation. A weekend is ideal for self-evaluation. It is a time to think and analyze your progress as per individual goals and visions in place. Take a pen and a notebook and highlight your achievements so far. Right down what you haven’t achieved and plan on how to handle them. Personal set time can entail personal grooming and hygiene. 

  1. Plan your week ahead

Most people don’t plan for the coming week. It confines one in mood swings and confusion, trying to catch up with what to do first. Planning will do away the weekend fatigue. Put on paper all the duties for tackling each day during the five working days. Monday blues will never be part of your life again. 

  1. Schedule your events

Weekends are all over accepted for relaxing. There is a tendency to spend more time on good things that you like most. Divide your time such that each activity gets enough time for execution. The allocation should transverse all the tasks scheduled for the weekend. 


A weekend is not a time to eat, watch and sleep all through. Get something and act on it. It will keep your brains alert and active. Match your head high as you hit your targets.