New Realtors: How Real Estate Postcards Can Help You Generate Leads

Real Estate Postcards

Starting as a realtor can be nerve-racking, especially after you have exhausted all your contacts and you have to find other ways to generate leads. This is the phase that weeds out a lot of new realtors, where only the resourceful and committed survive. This article will examine one of the best marketing methods for generating leads that every successful realtor practices and one that you as a new realtor must adopt. 

It’s called real estate farming, and it involves sending real estate postcards to targeted neighborhoods. Continue reading below to learn how real estate postcards can help you generate leads. New realtors can benefit from using real estate postcards to generate leads but don’t forget to also utilize eXp Realty’s free home search to help potential clients find their dream home. Visit their website to learn more.

Target Prime Real Estate Markets

The main reason successful realtors keep using real estate postcards is to target specific neighborhoods and communities. All it takes is getting the area’s mailing list and mailing the postcards. In contrast, other marketing methods require doing demographic and psychographic research to be successful, which usually require a significant financial investment. 

All you need to do for real estate postcard marketing is find prime market areas, something you should be doing anyway. That means keeping up to date on the average price for a home in the area, how many houses are listed in the marketplace, etc. Once you have a list of neighborhoods that seem prime for a real estate boom, you can start mailing your cards via a mailing list.

Introduce Yourself to a New Market

Real estate postcards are a great way to introduce yourself to a market, unlike other marketing methods. If you take your time with the layout, hire a professional photographer for the headshot, and spend time on your bio, you can quickly make an excellent first impression on a new market. Even if they don’t sell right away, you will be the first realtor they call when it is time to enter the market.

Just Listed and Just Sold Postcards Build Brand Recognition

Two of the most popular real estate cards you will be utilizing are Just Listed, and Just Sold postcards. Just Listed cards are postcards that advertise a current house you are trying to sell on the market. It will have a professional photograph of the property and any relevant information on the property, such as square footage and the number of beds and baths. Additionally, it will have your contact information. 

Just Sold postcards will have all the same information, but as the name implies will be for a house you have recently sold in the area. Both these cards build your brand recognition in the area, making you an authority in the neighborhood’s real estate market, so when others go to sell, you are the first person they contact.

Real Estate Postcards Are a Must For New Realtors

This article should have given you a better understanding of how real estate postcards generate leads for realtors. Now it’s up to you to contact a realtor postcard template and delivery company to get started. If you want to succeed in this industry, it is a necessity.