Obstacles to Sex on the Road

Sex on the Road

Sex on the Road

This is a guest post from Erica, half of the insanely productive team at Over Yonderlust. We asked if she had encountered any issues with a good romp on the road. And boy, did she ever…

If you are a friend or family member that does not want to read about my hoohah, vajayjay, or [insert other words], I highly suggest stopping dead in your tracks and looking at cute little kittens of a different kind and moving on with your business for the day.

Because it has been a while since I’ve talked about the popular post, Contraceptives and Travel, I thought I would give a quick heads up on how the whole situation is going.

I know I was lame and didn’t follow up with what I chose as a birth control method for our extended travels – and in a Reader’s Digest version, lets just say that I have a weirdly-placed uterus and after TWO unsuccessful attempts at inserting an IUD, my doctor admitted defeat (first time in 30 years) and I became best friends with a packet of birth control pills. To be honest, I have had NO problem getting them in Latin America. While Central America was running at my insurance covered price of $15/packet, in Colombia I’m choosing to stock up as I’ve found the Bayer brand for $6/per. Next question: How do I transfer a years worth to the US?

Traveling as a couple has definitely had its trying times for sure but since we’re paying for birth control, we may as well take advantage of the opportunity available right?

We’ve come across the following problems on the road:

The dreaded dorm roomShowing up to a hostel and only dorm rooms are available.

Sorry kids, I don’t do the towel/blanket covering the bed while giggling comes out of the darkness. You always have to be creative with finding un-trafficked places in the hostel to get the deed on. Or, you can be like the workers of one hostel we were at where you are vocal as all hell in the showers. Remember to wear your flip flops!

Having a private room but the walls are tissue paper thin.

I could actually hear the couple next door kissing. It always makes for an interesting time trying to keep quiet knowing that even the blankets ruffling can be heard in the common areas. Does it stop us? OH HELL NO. Make it a competition? Boost the hawtness of your encounter by feeding off of theirs? There are lots of options besides having sex like your parents are in the other room.

Couchsurfing.Couch Surfers

This brings up the concept of ethics. Where are you sleeping? Whose bed is it? Are you intruding on the hospitality part of them hosting you? I felt so bad about a situation we were in that it felt like I was lying on a bed of ice cubes due to the tile floor in the cold locale. That did not stop us. Apparently our ethics are flexible.

Sharing an apartment/room with another couple.

Luckily our friends are bad ass and would take walks to clear the apartment for a while. Traveling couples are keen on things like that. Be that couple. Take a stroll to the grocery store. You and your friends will be much happier if you do.

The great outdoorsGetting it on in the great outdoors.

Traveling during high season makes this difficult. I have no clue how some people find deserted beaches to get the ass they desperately need. Typically, we would have had to walk 3 hours before coming across a beach with no people. That is a lot of hiking for some love that is going to fill all of your crevices with sand.

In the end, making love on the road is both about spontaneity and planning. Spur of the moment sessions tend to be steamier but if too much time passes since your last encounter, don’t be afraid to take extra steps to make it happen.

Be safe and have fun!



OverYonderlustAbout the author: Erica

Erica is one half of the team at Over Yonderlust. Lewd, screwed, and tattooed, this married, childhood sweetheart couple has spent the last 10 months traveling through Central and South America. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter posting hilarious pics and sarcastic quips.

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