Sex, Booze and Babes in Bali: A Kuta Bar Owner Speaks


Bali, Indonesia. Or should we say “Kuta” more specifically? That well known backpacking centre of hedonism, cheap beer and even cheaper lays. Could it possibly be the best destination for those seeking to really ramp up their sex lives abroad?

Today we find out by sitting down with a man in the know. The man behind Alleycats on Kuta’s infamous Poppies Lane 2, has seen it all. Let’s see what he has to say about living and working in epicenter of the hottest sex abroad destination known to man.

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1. Mr Alleycats, thanks for joining us here at We heard you were making waves out in Bali, Indonesia. Could you give us a brief introduction into your world and what you’ve been doing with yourself up until now?

Thankyou for having me, it is a real honor. I am currently the man on the ground at the infamous Alleycats Restaurant in Bali’s party hotspot Kuta. I’ve been around Bali for almost four years now, surfing and partying and helping people get the most out of their holidays in Bali. Recently I have been working on a television series with to bring to the screen my life in Bali and the amazing people and experiences that it affords me. I am an extremely lucky person. There’s also some pretty whack experiences that people will freak out on but I’ll leave that for the show!

2. So let’s talk life and sex in Bali. As a guy who’s spent several years living there, how do you see the state of things in Indonesia? Is it hard for westerners to get laid there and how do locals interact sexually with them in a more general sense?

Life and sex. Well life is amazing. I live on an island full of amazing people, both indigenous and non. It’s warm all year round, there are always waves if you surf and there’s always people on holiday keen to party! The best thing about it though is the broad range of people you meet and the different stories people share with you. I think life is all about stories!

Sex in Bali is…plentiful? It seems everywhere you look there’s just a sexual aura around. At the beach, in cafes – I am in a café right now and I just looked up to see a couple whose body language is telling me as soon as they pay the bill they are off to the nearest quiet place to bang their brains out, it’s turning me on. But yep clubs, even out in the surf. It is everywhere! It can actually get quite chaotic here in Bali, particularly in Kuta, which is the main party district. It is extremely easy to get laid in Bali. Every night of the year the clubs are full of eager young travelers who know that they can get away with a lot more than they would be able to back home and act accordingly!

When it comes to locals it is a very tricky situation. It is often hard for travelers to differentiate between a genuine sexual encounter and something a little more devious on an Indonesians behalf. This problem stems mostly from the sort of people, both foreign and indigenous that Kuta attracts. Many westerners out partying in Kuta have little or no respect for Indonesians or themselves and likewise the Indonesian people found lurking in Kuta, are rarely from Bali and are there to take advantage of western party goers. Exceptions to every rule of course and you will notice that the Balinese themselves are in fact extremely polite and respectful and are just interested in having a good time.

3. In reflection on Southeast Asia in a broader sense, where do you consider the more sexually liberated countries to be? Which countries attitudes to sex and sexual relationships has impressed you most? Which countries are behind in this respect?

It is a question I am not too qualified to answer as I have only travelled to Indonesia and Singapore but from my understanding Thailand and Bali (Bali is of course not a country but an island of) would have to be the top of that list. It is important to remember that Indonesia is an extremely large country with thousands of islands, it is extremely populated and for the most part very religious. Bali gets a free pass somewhat because of the tourism it attracts and of course the money that this tourism brings in. In regard of what countries impress and which are a little behind, I think Indonesia is both. Bali itself is quite sexually accepting and there wont be many people, particularly in and around Kuta that will have a problem with you doing whatever and whoever you like as long as you are respectful of the local culture and religions. However much of the rest of Indonesia may come across as quite hostile and behind the times to people who believe in sexual freedom. This stems mostly from religion with the vast majority of Indonesia being Muslim. At the end of the day it is not my country and I think if you are a visitor here you should respect local customs and religions and adhere to local traditions. This could well mean you are not allowed to sleep in the same room as your girlfriend of 10 years! Safest thing to do is to research before you go and be respectful. I think that goes the world over.

4. What’s it like dating locals in Bali (from your own or others experiences)? How does it compare to doing the same back home? What cultural differences are there that western people should know about?

I get asked this all the time and it’s always the same answer – I love Indonesian people, some of my best friends are Indonesian and many of my friends, workmates etc are all Indonesian. My favorite thing about living in Indonesia is the people. However the cultural differences, particularly when it comes to the issues of ownership, possession and trust are so very different from what I am used to growing up in Western Australia that I have never and could never imagine dating someone with a typical Indonesian mindset towards relationships. I know some friends dating Indonesian people and they are as happy as you could ever imagine, so maybe it is just me, but I strongly feel if I tried to date a local here that it would be non stop arguing and it would all end up in tears.

5. We’re not sure if you’ve read an article we published on our site from an anonymous poster about paying for sex in the Philippines (and the follow up) but what are your views on this? Do you know many people who do this type of thing in Bali and how do you see them?

Fortunately for Bali there are not as many prostitutes as most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia and the professional sex worker is not as accepted on the streets of Kuta as other places. However it does exist and to be completely honest, as long as no one is forced into anything then I don’t mind. Shit I once had sex with a girl with a fetish for animals and though I wasn’t keen to be part of it in any way I thought she was a really cool chick so I’m not going to judge people that pay for sex. I think sometimes people just cant be bothered going out and picking up so I am not going to write off the customers of the sex trade. And on the flip side I think there are probably many prostitutes out there that enjoy their job so, as I said, as long as no ones being hurt…

I do know travelers that pay for sex quite often and there is a whole scene here of women that pay for sex. Though because their method is different to what males generally do they claim to not be a part of the sex trade but they are. If you give someone money for their bills, pay for all their meals, buy them clothes and then call it a relationship because you hang out during the day and have regular sex then you are naïve and a liar. It’s amazing how often this sort of thing ends in tears for western girls who thought otherwise. How could you be so stupid? It happens a lot. There was a documentary made a while ago, I think it was called ‘Kuta Cowboys’. It’s quite insightful into another side of the sex trade that people don’t often think of when talking about prostitutes.

But again the only problem with this is girls being hurt because they aren’t honest with themselves. Beside that and again, as long as no one is hurting or forcing anyone….

6. Bali has quite a reputation as a hedonists town and is probably one of the sex capitals of Southeast Asia. Where are the best places and bars to head to on the island in search of a sexual encounter? What tips can you offer for men and women to improve their chances?

Oh it’s easy, no matter who you are, where you are from or what you are looking for. Put a smile on your dial and head to Alleycats Restaurant on Poppies Lane 2 in Kuta. It is wall to wall with babes from all over the world playing drinking games and having a laugh. Double vodka redbull’s sell for $1.50 a pop so grab a couple and join a table. It doesn’t get any easier. Ask the bar staff for me and let me know you saw this interview and il hook you up with some drinks and even introduce you to some fun people.

So easy!

Word of warning though, we kick people out for being disrespectful all the time so while we encourage a good time make sure you respect everyone around you or you will miss out on the fun.

7. As a bar owner, how is sex a part of your life? Is it something you try to facilitate business-wise? If so, how?

Honestly, sex is as big a part of my life as I would like to make it. It is not hard to get laid here, especially doing what I do. Truth is I’d prefer to have a girlfriend really. I love going out with the boys and just getting wild. Fucking shit up. Doing nude runs and stuff and having a girl waiting at home is amazing, or even better a girl coming out fucking shit up. Getting wild with us, that would be the best. Having said that, somehow the looser I get the better I seem to do with the ladies, if I just go out and get hammered and make a fool of myself girls seem to respond to that so its not a bad second option. And it provides some ripper stories for the grandkids one day haha. As far as work goes, it’s part of the job in many ways. Not to have sex with customers but just to have fun and be friendly to everyone and that often leads to a bit of a brawl between the bed sheets.

8. For young travellers coming out to Indonesia and, more specifically, Bali, how does sex play a part in their experiences? Is Bali going about promoting it in a responsible way in your opinion? Are their problems with the current situation that you think need to be rectified?

Temptation Island. That’s one of the monikers Bali has earned from its regular visitors and expats that live here and there is no denying Bali’s sexually charged atmosphere. Good looking people wearing not a whole lot at the beach all day and very little more out at night. You cannot deny the sex scene here so it just depends on what sort of holiday you are looking for. Couples can still have a great time but be aware that if there are any cracks in your relationship Kuta will find them.

When speaking of Bali and it taking responsibility for anything it is always an interesting topic. I don’t see there is much advertising at all for Bali as a whole. Not like you see other countries with full tourism advertising campaigns. Hotels etc advertise themselves specifically but not Bali as  whole. I think if the government was to run such a campaign it would work and bring a lot of tourism to Bali.

9. Finally, any last words for readers considering coming out to Bali? Anything they should know about in terms of the place’s sexual climate or any travel tips you can share?

Boys go to the Bounty Nightclub on Jalan Legian – you will love it! And girls come to Alleycats Restaurant on Popppies Lane 2 and ask for me, best wingman in the world! (Not that you need one here!)


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