Sex with Exes


Unless your mental willpower is strong as a tack, or your penis is now void of life, defunct, from your post-breakup blues, you’ve inevitably attempted to hook with your ex, whether she is a lying whore, or not.A study contained in the Journal of Adolescent Research gathered empirical data from 792 young adults, aged 17-24, regarding their ex-sex behavior.

Finally, a quantification of this natural phenomenon.Researchers discovered that 53% of participants that got back with their ex, banged them while in a new relationship.This is rather enlightening and confirms the age old adage that you want what you can’t have. Except in this case, it would a mere illusion of monogamy, that is easily shattered with the reconciliation of the perils of the past.

Research shows that condom usage, typically, is high at the onset of a relationship. As the relationship progresses, and trust and intimacy develop, many opt for the birth control or classic pull-out method of contraception. When one breaks up and later attempts to swoon the other into some nostalgic humping, it is best to flash back to the initiation of the relationship and wear a raincoat.You don’t want chlamydia or syphilis or herpes or HIV. I heard those are disease that are best avoided.

You know, you could always pull the insecure, immature card by wiping out all forms of potential communication with them. It’s obvious you can no longer be Facebook “friends.”

I mean, how can you be friends with an animal that tore out your entrails, spit on them, and stomped all over them.

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  1. Sometimes it does happen when you are still so into that ex and can’t move on. The other party might just take into that advantage of just merely bang you for fun and not for any intimacy or something.

    • Yeah right and you guys are so damn good with it. It’s all fine if you both are single and trying to patch things up but definitely a “NO NO” if one of you is in a new relationship. Totally unfair!

  2. Not that I like the whole idea but it surely could happen to anyone of us, usually by will. C’mon, If you are open to doing it with some total strangers then why not with your ex. Just avoid ruining relationships. 😛

  3. I think sex with exes is okay in that you already know them and you both know each others habits and likes as well as dislikes. Call it lazy if you want, but it is much easier to hook up with an ex than it is to start another relationship based only on sex.

  4. It is sometimes true that you want what you can have and it is really interesting to see how many people ended up with theit ex again (either in a relationship or just in bed).

    However, I think it really depends on how bad the break up was. If you broke up with her because you simply needed more space and more time for yourself, it is very easy to get back with your ex again.

    If she, however, cheated on you and you get sick whenever you see her you probably don’t want to end up in bed with her.


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