Six of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning: Find Balance and Generosity


    The Six of Pentacles tarot card meaning is significant while analyzing changes in a person’s life. The card symbolizes generosity and balance in your present life or the future.

    If the universe presents you with a Six of Pentacles, remember that you are already or will find harmony soon.

    In this post, learn in-depth the tarot card Six of Pentacles meaning both in its upright and reverse positions.

    What to expect when you see the Six of Pentacles card?

    Apart from the balance aspect, the Six of Pentacles also represents materialistic wealth and overall abundance.

    As visible on the card, there is a tall figure with scales around it while he distributes coins and money to people in need.

    Clearly, there is a message of fairness, and the universe also wants you to share your blessings with others.

    The Six of Pentacles tarot card meaning is all about finding harmony with generosity, wealth, and abundance. Moreover, it encourages us to find better ways to heal others and contribute to the well-being of people.

    It can be through simple acts of charity or general gestures towards people around. Note that through these actions, you will be able to spread joy amongst others and find harmony and happiness in your own life too.

    In the following sections, you will be able to learn about Six of Pentacles tarot card meaning in different aspects of your life. However, you must remember that tarot cards are also about how you analyze them.

    Moreover, the energies of the tarot are considered fluid, so you should only absorb as much as you can resonate instead of trying to force yourself into any conclusions.

    Six of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

    Six of Pentacles tarot card meaning in details

    When searching for the Six of Pentacles tarot card meaning, several interpretations exist to analyze. Each explanation will reveal a new dimension to the card’s meaning.

    The appearance of the Six of Pentacles in your reading primarily reveals a web of goodness, justice, and the receiver of abundance.

    Creating an equilibrium

    As mentioned earlier, the Six of Pentacles is fundamentally about balance and equilibrium. The card’s character represents a wealthy benefactor and the power relationships present in giving and receiving. Moreover, the figure in the card is holding scales or surrounded by the same, symbolizing the significance of fairness and harmony in sharing abundance.

    Feelings of generosity and compassion

    If the universe shows you the Six of Pentacles in an upright position, it is a message for you to embrace the virtues of generosity and compassion. Moreover, it serves as a reminder that you have the power to inspire others and have a positive influence on the world.

    The card challenges your thoughts and intuitions about sharing, whether regarding material possessions, information, or emotional assistance.

    It encourages you to strike a healthy balance between caring for your needs and helping those less fortunate.

    Encourages gratitude and acceptance

    The Six of Pentacles also challenges us to consider how we view receiving. It serves as a reminder that asking for help does not indicate weakness but presents scope for development and connection.

    It encourages us to practice gratitude and humility while nurturing our connections with human beings around us.

    Clears the mind of all prejudice

    The Six of Pentacles may be a subtle reminder to reevaluate our relationship with abundance.

    It challenges us to consider whether we are hoarding our resources out of fear or scarcity or willing to share our blessings with others

    Practicing generosity and abundance brings positive energy into our lives and serves the larger good.

    On the other hand, the Six of Pentacles reversed tarot card, meaning is a lack of balance in the cycle of giving and receiving.

    It can imply that there is receiving without expressing appreciation or gratitude.

    It may also mean that you are offering excessively at the expense of your well-being. This card prompts you to review your boundaries and look for a more favorable balance in your dealings with others.

    Keep reading to know more about the messages the universe wants to convey with a Six of Pentacles in reverse position.

    Overall, the Six of Pentacles tarot card meaning explores the primary relationship between generosity, fairness, and prosperity. It challenges us to strike a healthy balance between giving and receiving.

    The energy explains that wealth is not only found in tangible belongings but also in the depth of our relationships and the difference we make in the lives of others.

    We can create a more peaceful and contented life for ourselves and those around us by taking on the qualities of the Six of Pentacles.

    The Six of Pentacles tarot card reading for different energies

    The tarot card Six of Pentacles meaning offers awareness of many facets of life. It enables us to analyze various energies and how they manifest in love and relationships, health, career, finances, and general advice.

    Let’s check out what the Six of Pentacles tarot card reading conveys for each of the following:

    Love and relationships

    The Six of Pentacles tarot card meaning love is all about a balance and reciprocal interchange of affection and care. Additionally, it conveys a message of partnership based on mutual assistance, where both parties contribute equally and receive equally.

    The card serves as a gentle reminder of the value of emotional support and generosity in fostering a solid and happy relationship. It urges us to be open to receiving the love and support of our loved ones while also sharing our love and resources with them.


    The card talks about the importance of establishing balance and harmony in our overall well-being when it comes to health. It implies that looking after physical and mental health is equally crucial, and the pentacles energy motivates us to pursue a balanced strategy.

    The Six of Pentacles energy reminds us to share our knowledge and resources with others because helping others heal benefits our well-being. Overall, it promotes deeds of generosity and selflessness, which can positively affect your health and the health of people around us.


    The Six of Pentacles symbolizes an equitable and equal exchange of knowledge and abilities in career-related situations. It implies that happiness and fulfillment can be attained through amicable communication.

    The card encourages us to share our expertise freely and assist co-workers or juniors, fostering an environment of shared growth and development. It also serves as a reminder to be receptive to advice and help from others because doing so can bring progress in your career.


    The Six of Pentacles represents a balanced attitude to wealth and abundance in finance. It serves as a reminder to manage our resources wisely and fairly, making sure we can meet our own requirements while also keeping others’ needs in mind.

    The card advises that sharing prosperity with those in need and cultivating a generous spirit are the keys to achieving financial success. It inspires the receiver of this energy to support charity projects and be willing to accept assistance financially or in the form of guidance when required.

    Oracle’s guidance

    The Six of Pentacles is an oracle, providing direction and insight for our overall path. It serves as a reminder of how crucial it is to achieve balance in every element of life. It counsels us to assess family and other connections and ensure equilibrium in the cycle of give and take.

    Moreover, it encourages a sense of harmony by urging us to maintain a balanced attitude toward our health, career, relationship, and money. The Six of Pentacles also serves as a reminder to share resources with others and to be receptive to the flow of abundance since doing so generates a positive energy that can uplift everyone, including the giver.

    Six of Pentacles reversed tarot card meaning explained

    The Six of Pentacles reversed tarot card meaning signifies changes when it occurs in a reading. It shows a potential imbalance or struggle in the area it represents. Here are a few points to clarify the card for you:

    Inequality in love relationships

    The Six of Pentacles in reverse, represents an unequal exchange of love and support in partnerships. For example, when one partner provides more than the other or feels cheated, it may be a sign of a lack of reciprocity. According to this card, the relationship dynamics should be reevaluated. Furthermore, there should be open communication to rectify any imbalances and move toward a healthier, more equitable partnership.

    Lack of self-care

    The Six of Pentacles in reverse may indicate insufficient self-care or negligence towards health issues. It can mean that you neglect your own needs or are excessively preoccupied with meeting those of others. The same may be the reasons of your physical or emotional exhaustion. This card is a reminder to find balance by prioritizing self-care, establishing boundaries, and, if necessary, seeking assistance.

    Lack of appreciation

    The Six of Pentacles in reverse symbolizes a lack of credit for your work, especially in your career. It can mean that your efforts need to receive more value or get the help or pay you need. The advice on this card is to reevaluate your professional status, speak up for yourself, and determine whether the existing work atmosphere is consistent with your values and objectives.

    Turmoil in finances

    The card in reverse also represents imbalances or instability in the financial sector of life. It may speak of excessive spending, poor resource management, or refusing to ask for assistance or advice regarding money matters. This card suggests that you analyze your spending patterns, and also see a professional if necessary. It tells you to look for solutions to restore stability and balance in your financial life.

    General guidance

    In terms of general advice, the reversed Six of Pentacles serves as a reminder for introspection.  You have to look for potential areas in your life where imbalances may exist. Find areas where you may need to give more or receive more. Moreover, it encourages self-reflection and deep introspection. The message here is to regain balance by establishing boundaries, taking care of yourself, and accepting support.

    How many cards to pull to explain a six of Pentacles?

    It can be beneficial to draw additional cards to acquire a deeper understanding about the Six of Pentacles tarot card. A popular strategy is to go for a three-card spread. However, the number of cards to draw ultimately relies on personal choice and the issue’s complexity.

    The first card in a three-card spread depicts the current circumstance and the energy around it. The second card offers more details or influences that might be having an effect on the issue. The third card deals with the Six of Pentacles and offers advice or possible results.


    The first card serves as the center point and highlights the fundamental ideas of balance, generosity, and reciprocity. It provides context for the reading and insights into the current situation.


    The second card provides more context by illuminating different aspects of the situation. It might symbolize difficulties, influences, or other causes that must be prioritized when clarifying the Six of Pentacles energy. This card aids in giving a more complex understanding of the overall situation.


    The third card offers advice or possible results to help understand the Six of Pentacles. It offers advice on how to handle the problem or makes suggestions for potential fixes and future actions. This card provides direction for establishing harmony and balance and guides in recognizing the path ahead.

    Final thoughts

    Understanding the complete Six of Pentacles tarot card meaning takes time and concentration. However, the details here will give you an idea of the primary messages the universe wants to convey through the card. Therefore, the next time you take a tarot reading session and the Six of Pentacles appears, you already know the guidance from the spirits and angels.