Skyscanner: Plowing the Sexual Upperworld for Answers


Sex positivity and a good ol’ international fucking story: my favorite.

A Victoria secret dressing room, and the bed of a girl’s parents are among my most desired destinations to engage in an act of coitus. But getting nasty in a airplane bathroom with a flight attendant, tops my sex to-do list. 

With equal parts risky and exhilarating, the teenage-born fantasy to enter the ranks of the mile high club is easily justifiable.

The mere thought of this scenario playing out in reality transforms me into a giddy little school-girl.

Skyscanner, the site hooking up travelers with the gnarliest flight deals for the past 10 years, is upping the ante with a little research.  They wanted to know what nationality of people composed the largest portion of this elite club.  And the Brits, they took the title.

Those crazy Aussies took second; the ever so punctual, Germans, rounded third; followed by the cheeseheads: french people, last but not least we have the country wielding the women with the most bootylicious bootays: Brazil.

Australians high rank doesn’t surprise me, all the ones I know are bloody crazy wankers. Brazilians ending up in the upper echelons of the survey’s demographic, also, no surprise.

To quote Fergie here, “What you gonna do with all that junk? All that junk inside that trunk? I’ma get, get, get, get, you drunk then bang you in the bathroom of an airplane.”

She’s quite the lyricist, I know. The Brazilians with alllll thaaaattt junnnnnkkkk must have heeded the pious Fergie’s advice.

So the British folk take the title here of possessing the greatest amount of either horniness or ballsyness, or some combinatino of the two, the empirical data does not give way to this answer.

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Even more fascinating, not all simply ejaculated and evacuated, or just humped and dumped. One former air hostess professes that even one of her friends actually married a frequent flyer.

John Paul Young’s 1978 “Love is in the Air” never specified what part of the air that love was. Now we know: 30,000 feet.

Source: SkyScanner


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