Spiritual Meaning of Nose Piercing on Right Side and Left Side


    While most people love collecting and wearing jewelry, only few understand the spiritual aspects associated. Wearing jewelry does more than making you look attractive. But are you aware of the spiritual meaning of nose piercing on right side?

    From toe rings to nose pins, every jewelry item you wear impacts your life. So, read along if you want to know what nose piercing on the right or left side means.

    Spiritual meaning of nose piercing on right side and left side

    From celebs to common people – nose piercing is loved by all. Not just women but even men now have nose pierced and flaunt it like a style statement.

    Women with their left nostrils pierced is not an uncommon sight in countries like north, west, and eastern India. While most married women in the South Indian states wear rings on their left noses.

    Earlier, women only pierced their left or right nostrils. But now piercing different points of the nose is becoming popular. That’s because nose rings look classy. They beautify a woman’s nose and enhance her facial features. So, most people pierce their nostrils as a fashion statement. It is a popular way of expressing one’s personality and style.

    nostril piercing

    But have you ever wondered what happens on a deeper level when you pierce your nose? What if you learned that piercing each point of the nose has diverse spiritual significance? Whichever part of the nose you pierce and adorn with jewels – it will have effects on you at a subtle level. Getting the right side of the nose pierced attracts positive energy. On the other hand, piercing the left nose provides protection against negative energy and bad luck.

    So want to know everything about left and right nose piercing meaning girl? Keep reading to know the superstitions, beliefs, spiritual meanings, and cultural myths associated with nose piercing.

    Is Nose Piercing Fashion or Culture?

    From the septum to the nostrils – there are various kinds of nose piercings. Women adorn their pierced noses with rings and studs. They are a sign of beauty, trend, and creativity.

    In modern times, body piercings have become a style statement. Both men and women have started piercing unusual body parts like nipples, lips, gums, and so on.

    Unlike nail piercing and chin piercing, nose piercing has existed for centuries. In fact, ancient people were mindful of its cultural and spiritual importance.

    Against, nose piercing side meaning differs from one culture to another. For some, it is nothing more than a symbol of feminine beauty. Others consider it to be an expression of a wife’s devotion to her spouse.

    Some religions believe piercing the right nostril symbolizes a person’s love towards deities. Piercing the left nose, on the contrary, works as a shield against powerful evil forces.

    People even say that nose piercings can get rid of childbirth-related cramps and headaches.

    Does the side really matter when piercing the nose?

    Many people overlook nose piercing meaning on left or right and pierce their nose only to look stylish. While it helps you look elegant, nose piercing has several other advantages.

    It matters which side of the nose you pierce. The left and right side of your body possesses diverse vibrational energies.

    The right side of the body is replete with positivity and growth. So, piercing the right nose will trigger your ambitious and determined nature. Piercing the left nose will make you fertile and help in decision-making.

    Right Nose Piercing and its Spiritual Meaning

    Do you dream of living a spiritual life? Awakening your spiritual side will help you establish a lifelong connection with the universe.

    Getting your nose pierced is a simple way of achieving that. Piercing your right nose may indicate that you are ready to utilize your potential.

    What is the spiritual meaning of nose piercing on right side? It symbolizes confidence and ambition. It also stands for consistency, determination, and self-belief.

    The piercing can be an incredible reminder of the empowering qualities concealed within you. So, if you feel like summoning your inner energy, the right nose piercing is an outward expression of the same.

    Every time you look at the sparkling stud on your nose, you will regain faith in yourself. Have a look at some other spiritual connotations of right nose piercing:

    Building wealth

    Wealth is essential to secure your future. The right side nose piercing meaning is linked with wealth and good fortune. This ancient tradition has its roots in various cultures in different parts of the world.

    Spiritual gurus say that the blood released during piercing draws success into a person’s life. It will invite prosperity and good luck in your life as well.

    So, if you are a spiritual person, you should say ‘yes’ to piercing the right nose. The nose pin adorning your nose will motivate you to remain optimistic.

    When you don’t lose faith in yourself, you can achieve everything. You will notice how the positive mindset brings abundance and retains it.

    Finding true love

    Are you eager to meet your soulmate? Do you think it is the right time to step into conjugal life? In that case, a right nose piercing might benefit you immensely.

    Several ancient civilizations depended on nose piercing as an ideal way of finding a life partner. People have passed down this belief generation after generation across nations.

    What’s the spiritual perspective behind this kind of belief? When a woman pierces the right side of her nose, it opens novel pathways.

    It channelizes energy throughout her body and strengthens her bond with divine forces. So, if you do it wholeheartedly, you will meet someone special.

    The diving forces will watch over you and make sure you are courting someone perfect for you.

    Developing intuition and analytical thinking

    The nose piercing on the right nostril symbolizes inner intuition. It allows you to become one with the universe and connect with your higher self.

    You will have access to powerful energies that are around and within you. So, the life decisions you make will be wise.

    As per the spiritual meaning of nose piercing on right side, people become more intuitive after piercing the right nose. This ancient ritual creates a path to access the less conscious parts of the brain.

    You will understand your purpose in life and be able to evaluate your experiences in life from a neutral perspective. Only piercing the right nose won’t suffice. You should wear your nose ring to streamline your thoughts. When one speaks and thinks the truth, the universe is bound to hear them.

    Boosting self-esteem

    Do you suffer from an inferiority complex when you try to express yourself? Do you lack the confidence needed to reach the zenith of success?

    Are you looking for a medium of self-expression? Then piercing the right nose will boost your self-esteem.

    It will make you feel empowered. You will not only gain confidence but also get noticed. That’s the true spiritual meaning of nose piercing on right side.

    Many cultures acknowledge the practice of wearing jewelry on a person’s right nose as holy. It will give you the courage to keep your head high while walking.

    As the nose pin will draw people’s attention, you will not go unnoticed. So, right nose piercing also signifies that a person is in control of his decisions.

    Left Nose Piercing and its Spiritual Significance

    Multiple cultures opine that the left side is sacred. Knowing the left side nose piercing meaning will make it easy for you to embrace your true self.

    You can live a happy life as left nose piercings can do the following things:

    Keeping negative energy at bay

    The spiritual essence of left nose piercing is rooted in the folklore of India and Nepal.

    According to Hindu traditions, having the left nostril pierced represents inner strength. It acts as a defense against various negative energies trying to harm you.

    People wearing this kind of piercing have less chance of getting controlled by evil spirits. In addition to providing protection, it serves as a center of positive energy.

    Therefore, all you must do is wear your favorite nose ring. If you do that, good luck will follow you.

    Ensuring productivity and fertility

    You have already learned the spiritual meaning of nose piercing on right side. Among the benefits of left nostril piercing, fertility is a major one.

    As per Vedic books, the left nostril’s association with Shakti or female energy is undeniable. Experts opine that piercing the left nose will take you closer to mother nature.

    Left nose piercing is recommended for women who struggle to conceive. They might get a positive result after piercing the left nostril.

    It also performs the role of an amulet by shielding a woman’s reproductive system against wicked forces. This can be beneficial for married women who have endured miscarriages.

    Promoting emotional stability

    Peace and emotional stability are crucial for every human being. If your life isn’t peaceful at the moment, piercing the left side of the nose could be a wonderful option.

    It is an ancient practice and not simply a fashion statement. The spiritual meaning that it carries will sweep away emotional turmoil. So, harmony and balance will be back in your life.

    As per spiritual leaders, left nose piercings also make women mature and spiritually aware. They also get protection from internal and external negative influences.

    Lessening physical pain

    As per African traditions and Hindu cultures, women used to pierce their left nostrils to alleviate physical pain.

    Indians and Africans have been relying on this practice for hundreds of years. It is effective in providing relief from intense pain related to menstruation and childbirth. When an object passes through the flesh, it helps the person conquer physical suffering.

    People also admit that the left side nose piercing eliminates headaches as well as muscle aches and toothaches. If you have previously experienced discomfort, you will get the mental calmness you crave.

    Causing spiritual growth

    The left side of the human body has an intimate connection with love and emotional well-being. So, piercing the left nose stands for spiritual growth. Some conventional Chinese books mention that this type of piercing helps people gain intuition.

    It is not just about understanding your inner self but also letting go of negative energies. So, if you feel something is missing in your life, piercing the left nostril might do the trick.

    Bridge Piercing: Good or Bad?

    Bridge piercing means piercing the topmost part of your nose. What happens when you pierce the part of your nose that has eyes on both sides?

    It develops a barrier and reduces the flow of positive energy. This results in a range of issues related to the eyes and head.

    Insomnia, mental depression, and high blood pressure are common outcomes. When you cover the bridge with jewelry, negative energies will invade your mind and body.

    Stop wearing jewelry on the bridge of your nose to drive away dark and distressing energies. Septril piercing is also not a great idea as it weakens a person mentally and causes several sicknesses.

    Final thoughts

    So, the next time you spot a woman with a trendy nose ring, you won’t look at it as only a fashion accessory. Now you know the spiritual meaning of nose piercing on right side as well as the left side.

    The spiritual knowledge you have gained will also help you make an informed decision. However, keep in mind that piercing the right or left nostril won’t get rid of all your hurdles.

    Yes, it will attract positive energy and have a lasting effect on your body and mind. But you should always consult a physician to get relief from chronic pain or emotional ailments. So, are you going to pierce the left nostril or the right one?