Summer Makes Sex Better


When summer arrives, we take off our clothes, go to the beach, or to a terrace, we are more cheerful and friendly. That obviously affects our relationships, not only in quantity, but also in quality.

We all tend to relate the hot weather with sex. Let’s face it, many of us take for granted that it is easier to have sex in hot countries such as Cuba or the Dominican Republic, or while on vacation in apartments in Florence (Italy), than in colder countries like Norway and Finland. We all feel that heat affects our sexual appetite. Summer is nearly here and people begin to show their attributes, we get a bit of a suntan, we join the gym, we are concerned about our bodies and our appearance. And that of course awakens the senses and makes us more eager to have sex.

But during the summer we not only have more desire for sex and we practice it more often but even people who have sexual problems, see their situation improve during this time of the year. Yes, yes, I’m not joking. With the arrival of summer, erectile dysfunction disappears in some patients. And I’m not the one who says that. During this period, doctors and sexual specialists see how patients who came to their office in October or November with disorders of the sexual sphere, such as erectile dysfunction, with the arrival of the good weather, the sun and light, they say that things are getting better in their sexual lives and that they can begin to stop taking their pills.

But this desire for sex and the improvement in sexual relationships should not be reduced only to clothing or to pool parties and mojitos because there are other scientific factors that explain them. According to Dr. Puigverd, Andrologist in the Institute of Andrology and Sexual Medicine in Barcelona, the explanation of those miracle cures may lie in purely hormonal factors. The doctor explains that hot weather and sex are strongly associated because with the increase of the daytime hours “hormonal peaks, which have their own cycles with respect to sunlight, make their highs”, which affects brain neurotransmitters acting on the sexual level, stimulating glands like the hypothalamus and pituitary gland which in turn release hormones.

Doctors also say that obviously the fact that on summer we wear fewer clothes gives a bonus to our imagination, what makes us increase our sexual desire. It is also relevant the fact that sometimes during summer we have the opportunity to leave our usual environment and travel abroad to relax in for example, Florence apartments. That gives us the chance to meet new people, without any commitment other than fun, relax and be ourselves forgetting our daily problems related to sex.


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