Top 10 Ways To Get Closer To Your Partner


    When it comes to romance, the idea of “playing games” may not have the best connotation, but what if we told you that games can help strengthen your relationship? To be more specific, relationship-building games. 

    Playfulness adds freshness and fun to your relationship, which helps keep you from drifting apart or becoming stuck in a rut. Relationship-building activities can also be a fun way to discover more about your mate. If vulnerability scares you, making it more enjoyable can help you ease into deeper talks that you might otherwise avoid. 

    According to research, couples who are playful in their relationship are more likely to feel connected and have higher overall relationship satisfaction and can achieve relationship goals easily. They can also communicate and negotiate disagreement more effectively, and they have more trust. 

    We compiled a list of relationship-building activities to help couples become closer or, at the very least, spice up their next date night.

    What activities help couples get closer? 

    1. Use the ‘would you rather’ game.

    This classic icebreaker game is not only a fun way to unwind and laugh together, but it may also provide an interesting insight into your partner’s mentality. You can even add a sensual twist by asking each other nasty “would you rather” questions. 

    1. Set relationship goals

    Both partners need to understand their partner better and work together.Taking care of each other in good and bad conditions and play together to achieve relationship goals.

    1. Hold a staring competition 

    What better way to spend an evening than looking into the eyes of your significant other? All kidding aside, continuous eye contact may feel awkward at first, but it can increase intimacy and emotional connection. Fill your lips with water and try not to chuckle if you’re in a foolish mood. 

    1. Inquire about two facts and one lie. 

    It’s essentially the name of the game. Say two truths about yourself and your life in turn. Your buddy must accurately recognize the deception. This is a terrific method for couples to see how well they know one another while also learning something new. Whether you’ve just started dating or have been together for years, this is an opportunity to be completely open with one another. 

    1. Ask 36 questions that will make you fall in love with your partner. 

    In the late 1990s, psychologist Dr Arthur Aron discovered that intimacy between two complete strangers could be achieved in less than an hour and for free. He then compiled a list of the 36 questions that would lead to love. Even if you’re not a stranger, Dr. Aron’s 36 questions will help you discover new things about yourself and fall in love again.

    6. Play Puzzle games:

    Grab a chair, a bottle of wine and settle in! Complete a puzzle Puzzle games are not only a fun way to relax after a long day, but they can also be a great way to see how you can work together as a team to reach a common goal. Whether you’re playing as a duo or part of a larger team, you can test how well you can work together under pressure. Puzzle games can test your ability to collaborate, communicate, and solve problems, all of which can be beneficial to your relationship.

    7. Try blindfold baking:

    Baking with your partner is a great way to test each other’s trust, communication, and cooking skills. Take it to the next level and see how well you and your partner work together. While one partner is wearing a blindfold, the other has to explain the recipe to the other. Be careful of open flames and hot ovens!

    8. Spice things up with roleplay

    Roleplay If you’re looking for a sexier game to play, roleplay is a great option. Roleplay is a fun way to explore your fantasies, be a little bit more exciting in the bedroom, and discover new ways to be more intimate with your significant other.

    9. Build a ‘love map’

    The “Love Card” is a principle developed by psychologist and marriage counselor Dr.

    John Gottman says the key to a successful relationship is, in part, staying curious about your partner’s inner world: The more you know about each other, the stronger the relationship will be talk.Giving mental space to your partner’s dreams, fears, quirks, and preferences can help you better manage conflict and stay connected during stressful times, says Dr.Gottman.

    Imagine your love map is like an intangible GPS that shows you your relationship and is a way to build a strong foundation for intimacy.

    10. Get intimate with sensate focus 

     Sensate Focus is a technique developed by Drs. William Masters and Virginia Johnson pioneered sex research and it is used to improve intimacy and communication between partners regarding sex.

    Sensate Focus is a series of mindful touch he exercises designed to help couples connect physically and deepen  intimacy while letting go of preconceptions about what “should” happen during sex.