Vibrators for Male Couples May Add a Little Spice to Your Sex Life

Sex Life

You just met the man of your dreams and are already planning your big gay wedding together. However, you’ve started to butt heads a little about your sexual position. Simply put, you’re both bottoms, and it’s getting a little frustrating trying to figure out how to handle this situation.

Thankfully, vibrator for couples are available that can provide you with a fun and engaging option. If you and your man have never tried one of these before, it is worth doing what you can to find one. Let’s take a deep look at this subject to understand why it’s such an important thing to get right.

The Constant Bottom Battle

Position preferences in gay men are not just a random thing and are often deeply connected to how they experience romantic love between their partners. As a result, it’s not always easy for a bottom to top simply because they don’t feel the same kind of emotional connection as they do when bottoming.

This situation can be a concern for gay couples because it may affect how sex brings them closer together. Sexual interaction between two loving people is such an important part of staying connected that any disruption in this experience can cause romantic issues that may linger for many years.

This problem doesn’t need to be a concern if you invest in a couples’ vibrator. These unique tools can be suitable for many gay male experiences and are designed to provide you with varying intensities and speeds. Understanding why they’re a great option is perfect if you and your guy are fighting for the bottom position.

Why Vibrators are a Great Option

A vibrator for gay men is an excellent way to solve the bottom battle by giving you both what you want at the same time. Couples’ vibrators may include a double head that provides both you and him with the pleasure you want. You can hold it between you and even set different intensities.

For example, your guy may like a lower and slower experience when making love. They can set their head to provide that for them, while you get the higher-intensity option that you want. You can even turn off the vibrator and use it more like a double-sided dildo instead.

When using a vibrator for this purpose, make sure that you lubricate it carefully to make your experience more enjoyable. Ample lube on both heads will not only eliminate friction risks but can also help the experience last longer by making it smoother and less intense.

Just as importantly, the two of you can stay closer with your sexual experiences and solve your bottom battle once and for all. Naturally, you can still top each other once in a while when you’re in the mood. However, when neither of you is in that mood, you can instead use your vibrator to get what you need.

Take Care of Your Needs

If you and your guy haven’t tried out a couples’ vibrator, it might be time to consider one. There are many double-sided options that you can use to create a unique experience. You can both be the bottom at the same time but do it together in an exciting and pleasurable way.

Just as importantly, you can use your vibrator for those times when he’s away and you miss his presence. A vibrator can give you the same kind of pleasure he normally would and make it easier to be away from him. In this way, you can have a stronger relationship and feel better while he’s away.