Wearing a Thong: What You Need to Know


Thongs are, without a doubt, the most daring and sultry lingerie option. Despite being considered bold, they are still comfortable to wear. So, are you up for the challenge?

There is nothing better than a comfortable thong when it comes to underwear. Knowing how to choose the right pair is all that’s required. Following this guide can help you find the right match. Read on!

What Is It?

Traditionally, thongs were small triangular garments covering only the front of the body, exposing the buttocks. It runs between the buttocks and joins the triangular front portion, passing between the mid-waist band and the back.

How to Choose the Right One?

Many aspects need to be weighed when choosing the right bottom. Considerations include:

  • The Fabric

The closest thing you have to your skin is your lingerie. Thus, you must select a thong wisely based on your preferences, the weather, and the occasion. More info.. 

Cotton thongs are recommended if you intend to wear them regularly. These thongs are known for their skin-friendly properties and their breathability. In addition, fabrics of this type are ideal for hot climates. 

Thongs are also made from smooth polyamide fabric; they have a seamless and smooth finish and look great underneath body-hugging clothes. This material has a slight sheen, which makes the cloth feel velvety and makes the colours pop.

  • Its Size

In shaping its appearance, size plays an important role. Wearing the right size can make or break your appearance, whether you are wearing outerwear or innerwear. Ideally, you should try on at least three different styles or sizes to find a pair of jeans that fits well.

If you choose a smaller size, it can be uncomfortable and unpleasant as the rear string would dig too deeply into your skin. In contrast, going up a size might result in additional fabric gathering on the back and unsightly lumps. Therefore, you should always opt for a tight fit.

  • The Colour

Most women don’t care about the colour of their underwear. At times, your underwear can be very obvious. For example, wearing a neon colour underneath a black dress will show through. Wearing a pink patterned thong under a white pencil skirt would be embarrassing. 

Make sure you think about your thong choice before making a purchase. Pick a nude one for clothing that is white or light in colour. Choose a colour that complements your skin tone and keep your underwear hidden.

  • The Design

Thong is a hose that does not restrict clothing movements. Therefore, anyone can wear anything with them. Just be careful when selecting your design and style.

You can easily wear thongs under flared skirts or dresses. When worn under jeggings or fitted clothing, it will help remove your panty lines. 

A lace or metallic underwear may show through under bodycon dresses if it has lace trimmings near the waist or leg openings. Laser-cut thongs provide body-hugging clothes usually lined with silicon tape and fit like a glove without leaving visible traces behind.

The Reason

It is important to consider the reason behind the choice of underwear. Thongs provide coverage and protection between the body and your clothing without letting any visible skin show through. It is a popular style that includes form-fitting skirts, dresses, and pants because it gives women more confidence to wear them for intimate occasions.