What Channel is AMC on Spectrum?


Cable TV offers a wonderful collection of television networks and top-tier channels that satisfy your entertainment cravings 24/7 without breaking your bank. Now, there are many cable companies in America, but the one, which has the largest library and most credible repute, is Spectrum. This provider has been around for generations and has a subscriber footprint of 102.7 million – the second largest in the States. With Spectrum cable by your side, you can not only watch local programming from the likes of NBC, CBS, and FOX but also get a chance to savor multinational networks, such as AMC. What is AMC? What sort of programming does it air? Can you get AMC in all Spectrum packages? And, what channel is AMC on Spectrum? These are all valid questions, which may be running through your mind right now. Don’t worry, because this post will answer every single one of them for you. So, stay tuned and read on.

What is AMC? 

AMC stands for “American Movie Classics.” Just as the name suggests, this cable television network started as a premium channel, which only showcased un-cut, un-colorized and commercial-free classic movies, specifically those made before the 1950s, in the afternoons and early evenings. It was only in 1990 that AMC began running on a 24-hour basic cable schedule, focusing on films released by Columbia Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, or Universal Studios. From 2002 onwards, due to a major rebranding shift, AMC expanded its repertoire to include all sorts of movies from all kinds of eras, and not just the classics. It also debuted its first-ever original drama series, Mad Men, and since then, the channel has garnered some of the highest viewership ratings in the whole television industry. for More details visit here.

Even today, AMC truly lives up to its slogan, “Something More” by connecting you with the most original form of storytelling. Once you get the AMC Time Warner Spectrum channel, you’ll not be able to unhook yourself from the engaging plots and unexpected story twists. 

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What Programming does AMC Offer? 

AMC offers a mix of movies, TV series, and specialized programming. The channel has licensing agreements with multiple movie studios, from Warner Bros. to Touchstone Pictures. You can watch enhanced telecasts from its ever-rotating movie library, which won’t fail to fulfill your entertainment appetite. As regards TV series, AMC runs a handful of original, acquired, and unscripted shows, which range from black-and-white programs to contemporary series. One of the features, which truly makes AMC unique, is its dedicated programming for special occasions. “FearFest” is a horror-movie marathon, which the channel schedules every October. Similarly, “Best Christmas Ever” is another assortment of holiday-themed movies, which spreads joy and laughter in December. Here’s a quick programming overview of AMC on Spectrum channel lineup:

Current Shows 

  • The Walking Dead (Premiered 2010)
  • Fear the Walking Dead (Premiered 2015)
  • Better Call Saul (Premiered 2015)
  • The Terror (Premiered 2018)
  • Dispatches from Elsewhere (Premiered 2020)
  • Eli Roth’s History of Horror (Premiered 2018)
  • Friday Night In with The Morgans (Premiered 2020)
  • Talking Dead (Premiered 2011)
  • Ride with Norman Reedus (Premiered 2016)
  • Talking Saul (Premiered 2016)
  • A Discovery of Witches (Premiered 2019)
  • Two and a Half Men (Premiered 2019)
  • The Three Stooges (Premiered 1998)
  • Killing Eve (Premiered 2019)
  • Creepshow (Premiered 2020)

Upcoming Shows 

  • The Walking Dead: World Beyond
  • This is Going to Hurt
  • Soulmates
  • Pantheon
  • 61st Street
  • La Fortuna
  • The Salisbury Poisonings
  • Gangs of London

Make sure to stay up-to-date on all the latest and new shows from the mega-gothic network by checking out the AMC schedule online.

Which Spectrum TV Packages Include AMC? 

If you have chosen Charter Spectrum™ as your cable provider, then get ready to watch the most extensive programming from AMC on your TV sets. Is AMC available across all Spectrum TV packages? The answer is… a big YES. Whether you get the entry-level Spectrum Select package, which comes with 125+ channels and FREE HD, go for the mid-level Spectrum Silver package, which delivers 175+ channels and On-Demand, or pick the highest-tier Spectrum Gold package, which offers 200+ local and premium networks, you can find AMC included in all three TV lineups. Besides getting AMC channel Spectrum on cable, you can also stream The Walking Dead and other series on the AMC channel app, designed for smartphones and other portable devices. The app requires a high-speed network to work efficiently, and frankly, there’s no better option than Spectrum internet. 

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Coming back to the TV categories, the following table will reaffirm AMC’s universal availability.

Spectrum TV Packages Channel Count AMC Availability
Select 125+ ?
Silver 175+ ?
Gold 200+ ?

So, subscribe to any of the aforementioned plans from Spectrum TV today and start watching AMC right away!

What Channel is AMC on Spectrum Cable? 

Now that you have an idea about the kind of programming that AMC offers and the availability of AMC across Spectrum TV packages, the next step is finding the exact channel number of AMC on your chosen lineup. Knowing a channel number comes handy when you have to catch an airing program just in time. You may not want to miss Daryl Dixon in action or forego Morgan’s final return in the new season. So, buckle up and use the following table to your advantage. Scan it, locate your state/city and see for yourself what channel is AMC HD on Spectrum TV in your area. In case you can’t find your state/city, visit here, enter your zip code or address in the search bar, and you’ll get the localized channel information.

AMC on Spectrum Channel Numbers 

State City AMC Channel #
Alabama Birmingham 29/1138
Arizona Yuma 30
California San Diego 43
Colorado Grand Junction 35/535
Connecticut Winsted 45/705
Florida Tampa Bay Area: Polk County 64
Georgia Athens 51/742
Hawaii Hilo 34
Idaho Coeur d’Alene 72
Illinois Belleville 31/862
Indiana Indianapolis Area 27
Kentucky Louisville 26
Louisiana Hammond 58/862
Maine Augusta 51
Maryland Crisfield 46/772
Massachusetts Worcester 66/705
Michigan Midland 42/813
Minnesota Duluth 57/862
Missouri St. Louis Metro Area 31/862
Mississippi Picayune 58/862
Montana Helena 54/554
Nebraska Lincoln 50
Nevada Reno & Sparks 58/792
New Hampshire Keene 25
New Jersey New Jersey 72
New York Albany 29
North Carolina Charlotte 27
Ohio Columbus, Delaware & Canaan 54
Oregon Medford 43/769
Pennsylvania City of Erie 42
South Carolina Myrtle Beach 38
Tennessee Clarksville 58/862
Texas Austin 63
Vermont Barre 45/747
Virginia Suffolk 60/772
Washington Yakima 26/769
West Virginia Clarksburg 32/758
Wisconsin Milwaukee 59
Wyoming Cheyenne 23/523

Channel availability and number may vary from area to area.

Wrapping Up

AMC has an arsenal of blockbuster movies and original shows, which are just waiting for you to explore. From classic silent films of the golden era to the gore-tastic zombie apocalypse series, this multinational cable network has a lot in store for you. So, what are you waiting for?