Will a Personal Injury Lawyer Take My Case?


The hundreds of advertisements for personal injury law firms may have you thinking that these law firms are desperate for cases. However, reputable law institutions do not accept all cases for various reasons. They carefully examine your case and its circumstances before evaluating its feasibility and chances of success.

If the case is outside their scope of operation or the odds are not in your favor, they won’t accept it. Consult with various firms until you find the best personal injury lawyer near you to help with the legal proceedings. Read on to learn about the types of cases handled by personal injury lawyers and how they evaluate them.

What Cases Do Personal Injury Lawyers Handle?

There are various cases that personal injury practitioners can handle. It would be wise to consider an attorney’s experience in cases similar to yours before settling on a firm. The following are some of the practice areas under a personal injury lawyer’s umbrella:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

These include accidents involving cars, buses, motorcycles, bicycles, and even pedestrians. You must contact a personal injury lawyer after the accident. They’ll help capture evidence and walk you through all the legal procedures.

The ideal personal injury should start investigations immediately after you establish contact. To ensure you meet the strict deadlines of filing a lawsuit, be quick and find a professional who knows the system. Insurance companies are always looking for a way not to pay out, and you may need professional assistance.

Premises Liability

The law requires property owners to prioritize the safety of everyone on their premises. They must ensure all property occupants are safe from hazards or dangerous conditions. This law protects you from harmful materials, poisoning, faulty wiring, or swimming pool accidents. If you suffer injuries due to negligence from the property owner, you should find a lawyer and file a lawsuit.

Product Liability

Product liability regulations help protect the public from consuming harmful or defective products. There are several legal options against the manufacturer or seller if you experience complications from defective products. An experienced personal injury lawyer will help bring the negligent parties to justice and deliver fair compensation.

Medical Malpractice

You can also sue healthcare professionals for medical malpractice if your injuries result from negligent medical care. All health institutions are required to provide an acceptable standard of care. Providing substandard medical services exposes them to personal injury lawsuits, which forces them to compensate the affected patients.

Why Might a Personal Injury Attorney Decline Your Case?

After evaluating your case, the personal injury attorney may decline it because it’s invalid or unwinnable. Here are possible reasons why the personal injury attorney could decline your case:

What are the circumstances of the accident? Did the defendant do anything that resulted in the victim’s injuries and damage?

Are the injuries severe? Claims with minor injuries are less feasible when seeking compensation than those involving fatalities and massive property damage. The compensation should also be big enough to cover the lawyer’s contingency fees.

Has the statute of limitation expired? A personal injury attorney will decline your case if the legal time you can successfully pursue a civil lawsuit has passed.

Does the defendant have money? Even if you win your case, the defendant must have the financial strength to cover your expenses and damages. Your lawyer may decline your case if they notice the responsible party cannot fully compensate you.

A personal injury lawyer will take your case, provided it falls within their scope, and all the facts align to build a solid case. The information shared here will help you know the ideal lawyer to contact for your claim and if your lawsuit is valid.