Tenga’s Successful Male Masturbation Aids


As far as the market for masturbation tools goes, the world seems to be slowly changing. In the past, 90% of these sex toys were sold to women, but now the shelves in sex shops are full of just as many tools for masturbation for men as for women. Especially in Japan.

Koichi Matusmoto, a bored car salesman, had decided to start a sex toy business aimed at men, and seven years later, his Tenga New Adult Concept now owns the market. With over 15 million male masturbation products sold all over the world, his company is a success. Tenga has single-handedly changed the idea that only women need masturbation, shifting the marketplace mentality towards the concept that people don’t know what they actually want until it is available to them.

Matsumoto hatched his idea when he found sex shops he visited lacking quality toys for males. He explains on his website that he knew he had something revolutionary within 15 minutes of coming up with the idea. He began quickly and released his first product in 2005, selling over 1 million in the first 12 months. Tenga’s slogan – “The future of masturbation is now” – was definitely true.

This was only the beginning. Today Tenga sports a whole line of male masturbation products, from the Deep Throat Cup to the Double Hole Cup. The best selling product for Matsumoto’s incredibly successful company is the Tenga Egg, which is approaching 7 million units sold since it came out in 2008.

The success of Tenga has spawned copycat competitor companies, such as Groomin, which is quite successful in its own right. The market for these male masturbation products mostly seems to be focused in the developed world, but Tenga is having some success in other countries, such as China. This seems to be the ideal market for the male masturbation pioneers, because as everyone knows there are way more men than women in China, so men have to please themselves somehow.

Source: Global Post


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