Gangnam Style Meets Sex Education


In the most persuasive rhetoric to hit the web, a bunch of Asians, their love of condoms the common ground, created a parody of the viral Gangam Style video using only condoms to make the sounds of the beat.

This video, here…

…has one message: “Cap your soldier” if you don’t want an STD.

I’m projecting that 10th grade health curriculums, countrywide, will be revised to include this dick-saving remedy.

Sporting lines such as “All it takes is 10 seconds and one shot of your banana and then oh my god it’s over,” and the clever, “If you really care about your dick not falling off then you must wear the rubber glove of love,” this video entertains and informs, which is always a great combination of factors when seeking to spread a message.

So, everybody knows sex without a condom feels pretty fucking great – like a million times greater than sex with one- a veracity very few are willing to claim, though most undeniably know.

This polemic must be met with conditions before it is lauded as advice in poor-taste.

Statements like these are the kind of stuff that spreads HIV and other sexual transmitted diseases, so before you go around railing eastern european prostitutes barrier-free, there are a few precautions that must be taken.

  • First rule: Condoms and hired sex go together like PB&J; always wear one when engaging yourself.
  • Second rule: Only throw condom usage out the window once you are sure and certain that your partner is STD free.
  • Third rule: Drunk sex is infinitely better without the rubber glove of love.

Holding steadfast to these rules will maximize safety and pleasure in sex, which, ultimately, is the number one goal of every sexual encounter.

CC SpreePix – Berlin


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