Quilting Made Easy With Supreme Slider

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Want a smooth quilting experience? The supreme slider has got you covered. Quilting can be annoying when it gets stuck below the needle repeatedly and causes infuriating hindrances now and then. So that’s the solution. Think of a slick surface on which the quilt slides like butter and does not get hindered by the friction of the rough surface. The supreme slider makes it possible for you. If you do quilting professionally or do it just as a hobby, this fantastic product can change your life. If you want to learn more about the deployment of this product, read this post until the end. 

What Is Supreme Slider? An Overview 

Supreme slider is a handy product that can make your quilting easy and nuisance-free. It is made of a special polyester sheet which is very slick and offers the least resistance on the surfaces that moves over it. This is a straightforward yet effective solution for the people who are involved in regular quilting practice. Your quilt can easily slide on its surface, thanks to its slick and smooth attributes. Moreover, it can alleviate the stress on your hand to a great extent in sliding the quilt under the machine.

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Salient Features Of The Supreme Sliders

Now that you know about the product, let’s throw a gaze on its quintessential features before you proceed any further: 

1: Removable

The product’s surface can easily be fixed and removed at your convenience, which makes it a handy product for its deployment, use, and maintenance. Besides, it is not fixed to anything, so you can change it with the utmost ease. Besides, the removal of the slider sheet is easy and nuisance-free. Furthermore, it can be replaced in no time when needed. 

2: Washable

Washability is another essential feature, which makes it a must-have product in your quilting checklist. There can be instances when it accidentally gets stained, and you need to wash it out. Fret not! It is easy to remove and wash. Besides, once it is dried, you can place it back to its regular use. Washing does not affect the quality of your supreme slider. 

3: Slick And Smooth Top Side

Now comes the main feature, which is its ability to slide the quilts smoothly with the least resistance. It is crucial because putting extra effort into sliding the heavy quilts can cause pain to your hands and arms. On the other hand, you can save your time and effort when slides with ease and work with more productivity. 

4: Sticky Bottom Side

Are you missing something? Perhaps, you have missed the fact that you need to keep the bottom side of the slider stable when quilting. However, you don’t need to think over it as it already has the sticky bottom side. It doesn’t require you to adjust the slider again and again when it remains intact at its position. 

5: Can Be Trimmed Easily

The best part is that you can trim it according to the size of your machine and use it without any disturbance. Things could have been different with the sliding boards. However, when you have a supreme slider, you can trim it with a scissor based on your specific needs and use it with the utmost convenience. 

Things To Keep In Mind When Using The Quilting Slider

Now that you know the basic features of the supreme slider, below are a few crucial considerations that you should never slip from mind when quilting. Check them out:  

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1: Stick The Corners With A Tape

If you are working for these sliders for the first time, you must stick the corners with tape. You will feel the touch of the texture for a few days. Besides, you may put the same amount of effort into the starting days, which can make it slide down from the machine. However, when it is glued to the device, you can get used to it and work efficiently in the future. 

2: Wear Machingers

Machingers quilting gloves offer great support when quilting. Besides, they are comfortable and lightweight, so you can wear them for hours. They prevent the threat to stuck on your hand again and again and improve your quilting experience. 

3: Keep Your Machine Smooth

It is an important consideration to adhere to. Regular cleaning and oiling of the machine can ensure the optimal performance of the machine. Your machine must match the pace of the supreme slider quilting. Besides, it also provides the durability of your machine. 

4: Prewash The Fabric

This one is tricky and comes to you as a devastating surprise. Washing the fabric after finishing the product can make it bleed colours to the overall quilt. However, if you wash the fabric before sewing, you can save yourself from this undesired disruption. 

Benefits Of The Quilting Slider Products

The incredible product we are discussing in this post can offer multifaceted advantages as described in the below-given list:

1: Easy For Beginners

If you are a beginner, it can help you to make a good start. The hands of the professional quilters are forged to make the quilting look like a cakewalk. However, when you start it, things get changed. 

2: Save Your Time And Effort

When your quilt slides like butter, you don’t need to put extra effort into the process. All you need is to enjoy your quitting experience. Besides, when quitting is no more tiresome, you can do experiments and try out some amazing designs. 

3: Keep The Stress At Bay

Quilting can be a demanding task. It causes lots of stress on the hands and arms and can make you feel tired. However, when the sliders cut down the needed efforts to half, you can thoroughly enjoy the process and make the most out of your quitting experience. Furthermore, it can improve work efficiency, and you can yield more output. 

Final Words!

Reading this post until the end, you can get to know about the features and benefits of the Supreme slider. Besides, you can understand how to use it with the utmost safety and efficiency to derive the best quitting experience. If you want more awe-inspiring life hacks, pay a visit to our blog section.