The World’s Top Sex Shows (Part 2/2): Tijuana’s Donkey Shows


Located just south of San Diego lies the Mexican border town of Tijuana. Underage college kids used to come here to drink, party and buy prescription drugs over the counter. Nowadays however the town has become synonymous with violence and the war on drugs. But TJ, as it’s affectionately known, is also notorious for something far more sinister than the odd Cartel beheading: the Tijuana Donkey Show.

‘A Donkey show?’ you say ‘Who’d want to watch two donkeys have sex?’. Unfortunately the reality is far more perverse than that. A donkey show is a live performance of bestiality between a woman and a donkey who is coaxed into having sexual intercourse with her.

Women having sex with members of the horse family isn’t a new thing. Some may recall the story of Catherine the Great which stated that she was crushed to death when the harness supporting her four-legged lover snapped. However, Tijuana is the only place to have turned it into a performance art.

Much like the story of Catherine the Great, which has been proven as nothing more than a myth. Many believe donkey shows to be the stuff of urban legends. As author Jim Dawson puts it:

“No doubt there are clandestine clubs that have put these sordid floorshows on display, but if every man who claims he actually saw one is telling the truth, there must be a lot of bowlegged women hobbling around Tijuana.”

– Jim Dawson

I scoured the internet trying to find evidence of such shows existence and found no actual footage and surprisingly few people claiming to have seen a show.  This leads me to agree with Dawson’s conclusion. I do believe such shows exist though they aren’t as common as the frat boys of San Diego State would have you believe.

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Should I go?

Perhaps people go just to see the pure physics of it, perhaps people go to be grossed out, I’m sure lots of people go because its ‘what you do’ in Tijuana.

But this doesn’t explain the sexual arousal that a select few get from watching it. I suspect that most who get aroused do so because the act of having sex with a donkey is a form of extreme female degradation. After all, what girl grows up dreaming of having sex with donkeys (it’s not even a pure breed).

In 2007 I was unfortunate enough to spend one night in Tijuana. Much as expected I was offered to view a donkey show within the first 20 minutes of arriving but declined the invitation.

If you’ve read my moral qualms about attending a Ping Pong show in Bangkok you’ll probably be able to guess why. Donkey shows are a bad idea on so many levels. While some people’s concern may lie with the nonconsensual nature of sex with an animal, my main concern lies with the treatment of the women who perform in these shows. I suspect that much like the donkeys they work with, these women are likely owned, mistreated and viewed only as a commodity by their pimps.

Don’t take it from me

YouTuber CaptainFury is one of those who claims to have experienced a donkey show first hand. He recounts his experience in this clip:

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  8. As I’m married to a girl from Tijuana and as we lived on her side of the border for 3 years and as we have regular contact with her family from both sides of the border I can tell you that if anywhere a donkey does for a fact exist it’s because certain White Anglo Saxon perverts conceived of the idea to put their twisted fantasies into effect perhaps not only to put down womanhood in general but specifically Mexican womanhood and most especially girls from Tijuana who are some of the prettiest, most intelligent a damned regal on this planet regardless of what any gringo baboso has to say about it. Certain White Anglo pervs with too much money from either Daddy or White collar scams and futher filled up with Hollywood bullshit will seek somebody in Mexico depraved enough and desperate enough maybe with too many mouths to feed, possibly another victim of globalization or just somebody who would’ve been better off aborted at birth just like his rich gringo counterpart will put this “show” into effect.
    From having lived in Tijuana though for those 2 years and from many more years of just about everyone around me being Mexican I can tell you the only people that have any idea that this even supposedly exists are norteamericanos. Gringos.

  9. PS Go down to Zona Norte Tijuana. Ask around for your donkey show. Maybe they’ll find your head in a trash can. Sooner or later you’ll attract the right people.

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