Paying for Sex in the Philippines: One Man Tells All


A Note from the Editorial Team: When we first received this post we faced a quandary: While we do not in any way shape or form wish to promote or glorify sex tourism we do strive to provide a platform for those willing to express an opinion. It was on this basis that we decided to publish the following article. Please note that the opinions express by the contributing author do not necessarily reflect those of the site or it’s staff

The Philippines is an island nation in South East Asia. With 7,107 islands and beautiful scenery, it has all the hallmarks of a tropical paradise. The Philippines is also a Catholic country colonised by the Spanish who brought their religion with them. You’d think that a Catholic country would be inhibited, repressed and boring. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth.

After 15 hours sitting in a plane, I walked into the humid city of Manila, capital city of the Philippines. It was 9:30pm. The city roared around me like only Asian metropolises  can. In the distance, motorcycle engines revved and distant dance music throbbed. I caught a cab and found my friends in a bar. We drank, talked and laughed. Around midnight, we left.

The next morning, we began the journey to the islands. We zoomed past towering coconut trees, green rice fields and rickety motorcycles on the highway. After a few hours, we climbed onto a wooden boat to cross to the island. Bright blue water reflected the bright blue sky above.

That night, I got my first taste of Filipino nightlife. Put simply, it was absolutely outrageous. If you have ever envied rockstars for their raving female fans, you will LOVE the Philippines.

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“In the Philippines, you’re a rockstar without being a rockstar.”

What do I mean by that? You’ll have more opportunities to get laid than time to make it happen. For example, take the bars near where I’m currently living. I walk in. Instantly, I’m approached by gorgeous Filipino girls. They smile. They chat. They flirt.

Of course, they’re doing it to make money. These girls are prostitutes. For as little as 2000 pesos ($50 USD), you can take one of these gorgeous girls home for a whole night. You can even grab two girls. Or three. I even heard of one guy taking 10 girls. In the Philippines, you’re only limited by your imagination.

One thing that blew me away when I first arrived was how normal the whole deal was. You walk into the bar, you buy a drink and various girls approach. Some are outgoing and flirty while others are shy and refuse to speak. Some of the girls are forced to talk to you by their ‘mamasan’ (female pimp) while some will chase you around the bar.

While all this craziness is going on beside you, numerous girls strut their stuff on the podium. It’s like any strip club back home, only the girls don’t get naked.

When you find a girl you like, you give half the arranged amount (1000 pesos) to the mamasan. You grab the girl’s hand and leave. You’ll give the other half to the girl in the morning.

It’s up to you what to do now. You can go straight back to your hotel and get it on. You can hit up another bar for another girl. You can go dancing at the disco.

“The main thing to understand is that you now have a girlfriend for the night. That’s what it feels like – it doesn’t feel like you have paid for sex.”

It feels like you have a Filipina girlfriend. It’s hard to explain. Visit the Philippines and experience it yourself.

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To those who scoff at prostitutes and refuse to go near them, please stop. It’s not just the prostitutes – it’s practically all Filipina girls. These girls are poor. Not “can’t buy a bus ticket poor”, but “can’t find food for dinner” poor.

Because of this, if you’re a foreign guy, you hold a winning lottery ticket. You are a walking dollar sign and you’re a ticket out of poverty and desolation. This means that you attract attention. In the Philippines, you’re the prize.

Besides, you have a lot to offer these girls, even if you don’t wind up marrying them. At the very least, you’ll be adding excitement to their lives.

You can meet girls anywhere here. On the internet. In cafes. At the mall. In bars. Some of them are bar-girls, but most of them are normal girls. So long as you’re not a complete retard, you can date whoever you want. If you wanted to sleep with 3 different girls a day for an entire year, you could do it in the Philippines.

Debauchery-aside, it is refreshing to live among people who are more relaxed about sex in the Western world. All too often, we let movies, music and society condition us to think and act in certain ways when it comes to sex and relationships.

I think that to some extent, we have forgotten who we are as sexual beings. Like animals, we all just want to “do it like they do on the discovery channel”…


About the Author: Anonymous Guest Poster

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  1. This article is disgusting. I’m all for openness about sex, but
    this article is not okay with me.

    Because of this article I will not be following this blog anymore. To
    have this article on your blog was a very poor choice.

    • The writer of this article is a coward for writing an article that poses judgement on a culture and country without putting his full name. You have that nerve. It overlooks the fact that the Philippines is a country with 98% literacy rate, who imports professionals all over the world that the country takes pride in. Mr. writer whoever the hell you are, you need to open your eyes and know more people before we take your credibility with your write ups. Maybe you went on a cheap holiday thats how you landed on a slum, as you would in any other country if you didnt have the money. Any country deals with problems of prostitution. Unfortunately some countries problems about prostitution are more pronounced than others. But in other countries where people just have casual sex at weekends out from being drunk is no different situation. You just showed your ignorance by writing this article.

      • youre a two dollar whore whos pissed you didnt get to ride some bone! anytime you want to get down and ride my bone, look me up cunt at hussys del pillar ermita. b o n n e r apit !open dat mouth and gag on it bitch

      • Myself & my philipino wife live here in Davao City Philippines,I suppose years ago before I settlled down with my lovley wife I was I real (chick boy) somtimes having 3 girlfriends at once,let me tell u that might seem like Great Fun to some guys but believe me its very stressfull constantly being on ur toes &looking over ur shoulder & remembering that with one slip of the tongue & it’s goodnight the fox for u.But all this was a 4 years ago befofe I met & married my sweet lovley Jeona,I don’t ever give a what society would deem beautiful women a 2nd look.So basically im saying try to give the guy a bit of a break,we can all change & I like to think each of us has some good qualities inside though some seem to be Deep Deep Down but there’f there,Bye for Now,Tc All!

      • Maria,

        You don’t seem to grasp the magnitude of what this author is saying.

        ALL Filipinas will have sex for money. It doesn’t matter whether they are bargirls, virgins, store clerks, business owners, accountants, married or even rich and famous.

        Furthermore, many of that same set will have sex without money with any half-decent looking white guy that comes along. Some hope for marriage. Some just want the sex.

        I have been to the Philippines dozens of times. I have looked into the eyes of a virgin Filipina working two counters away in a store. I hand the guard a slip of paper as I leave with my number on it on the inside and her name (from nametag) on the outside. That evening we were having sex.

        I have turned on the tv in my hotel room, noticed a pretty dancer or briefcase opener, made a phone call, “I was watching ___ on tv. I would like one of the girls. I will send you a picture, she is number ___” A few days later, she is in my hotel room naked.

        But it is not just low time entertainers. One fellow said [A lister] is available for $xx,000. I thought that was a little steep, so I said no. A few years later, she and her weekend boyfriend were sitting behind me on a plane. He is twice her age and I am sure he paid more than when I was offered.

        My same friend called me up one day and said, “____ is available for $x,000”. I heard her name before, but didn’t really know who she was, so I asked what time and which channel her show was on. I called him up a few hours later and said, ok, I will take her.

        There was one incredible looking Filipina actress/model, one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. For an undisclosed sum, we were having sex on a regular basis.

        I could continue to write stories about my Filipina sexmates for pages. I have been to many parts of the world and I can definitely say, no women are as easy or as eager to jump into bed as Filipinas.

        I don’t personally like bargirls. I do like actresses, models, and college students and graduates. Fortunately for me, almost all local-born Filipina celebrities are or have been available for a price. (the foreign born ones are far less likely, but not zero) Have you ever been in a taxi on EDSA looked up a 10 meter high billboard and see the person you were paying to have sex with? I have.

      • Whats wrong with prostitution? How about we not visit the Philippines and let those girls starve to death. If women would pay more attention to their man, they wouldn’t go pay for sex.

        • Same in other countries, including your country, Joe. Your women too had their own price. They roam around the street, stay in bars, hotels, casino and can get laid for the right price. Also, they like strong rigid Filipino dick. But for sure, not all Filipina are raring to be laid by you to taste your weak and uncircumcised dick where Caucasian people are famous for, aside from known to seldom take a bath.

      • Philippines is like what this guy said , most guys are poor too so many single mums their , it’s about time the government pulls Philippines out of such poverty for we are all the same and poverty can make us all like that it’s not fair , Philippine people are great workers and renown for that also have the very best looks so that’s why guys like this get so excited , I already try to help Philippine nurses work abroad because I pity that country but have to be careful with people as like in any country they will take everything u got

      • Sorry you do not like the truth, but this guy told the truth, My wife is from Philippines and will tell you it is true what he said, No not all women there are like that but enough to happen just like he says. FACTS ARE FACTS.

      • And yet another feminist, sexually frustrated western or eastern European woman who is too proud to admit that she lacks sex in her life so she becomes jealous that men around the world who have had enough of her type of woman and want a real feminine female to be with are going to the Places like The Philippines because they completely lost interest and appetite women likes herself..

      • And yet another feminist, sexually frustrated western or eastern European woman who is too proud to admit that she lacks sex in her life so she becomes jealous that men around the world who have had enough of her type of woman and want a real feminine female to be with are going to the Places like The Philippines because they completely lost interest and appetite women likes herself.

      • They love Western countries where sex is controlled by women and the courts at one level or another. Men are miserable pack mules providing for them and their children, who may or may not belong to the man, while they’re likely banging someone else behind his back. This is why more and more men are opting out of marrying Westernized cunts or having children with them. It’s just a bad, one sided deal. Ultimately the whore is better because at a very basic level at least she’s appreciative.

    • Haha… Shandra Benito you must be another old ugly jealous…
      By a vibrator and be happy, ok?
      While these girls make money with sex, you need to pay for it… lol

  2. Shandra I’m sorry you feel that way. It was never our attention to offend, but we feel very strongly about providing a platform for all our readers, no matter what they are into.

    As we very clearly state in the disclaimer, we neither condone or support this practice. The intention of running this is to show our readers (those who are interested) how other people think and act. We leave YOU to form your own opinions, just as everyone should.

    I think it’s equally as much of a disservice to those girls involved NOT to mention or highlight that this DOES happen in the world. Now that the issue is out there and you know what is happening, perhaps now you will take action depending on how you feel.

    Again, apologies that you were offended by what the author has to say, but I hope you see why we choose to run such articles.

    • While I can see why you have put this on the site, I can also see why people – in response to the article – would voluntarily desert their perspicacity and critical faculties, and decide not to read the blog again. The simple reason is that the article will likely provoke a sickened gut reaction in the majority of people that goes beyond reasoned thought.

      Put simply: your guest contributor is a fucking scumbag. It’s his late-in-the-day rationale about it being “refreshing to live among people who are more relaxed about sex in the Western world” that sticks in the throat the most.

      But I’ll read again, cos I love you Will.


      • Does it stick deep throat? 😉

        Jokes aside, I find men like this an obvious turn off and am just glad I have the sense and high-class decency not to go for–or attract–them.

        As a fun little side note, my local Filipino boyfriend and I were vacationing at a tourist spot when he overheard some girls/escorts speaking about their jobs and basically sharing stories. They said that the foreigners didn’t pay well and always want to bargain down, and that they were so boring in bed! Go figure. Scumbags like this aren’t going to be A-Class partners.. sexual or otherwise. 😉

      • Your never stop prostitution u live in a false world , I bet u paid for it in your life , go Philippines see the poverty try to help loose all u have , this is the way of the world , if a government keep its people in such poverty we all end up selling ourself and sex is enjoyable anyway , this is what happen if government not look after its business and economy and people’s chances to get a normal life , no point in telling guy off all guys love Philippine girl as they are beautiful and all guy mostly will want one if given a chance so best thing is not to get angry at guy and then walk away , why don’t u train a Philippine into a nurse and help her or him work in Australia if u are that good or send them money each month , you criticise them walk away leaving them outside and poor ,all people here make out Philippines is ok , it’s not ! Poverty is hell all poor country girls are like this better to understand and help in a study for one ,

    • That was a disturbing post Will. I don’t think I’d like to hang out and have a beer with this guy, but it was illuminating. For the ones that wrote and were upset about the whole female prostitution thing, I hear ya, however, there is also male prostitution and always has been. It is not just females being exploited sexually. Just look at some of the graffiti in Pompei….
      I almost find it more disturbing that one of your readers would leave you because they did not like or agree with a guest post. Really???? Hope they don’t read the NYT or whatever and not like an article. Pretty soon they won’t have anything left to read. Also, the name of this blog/website is:…not: So, I don’t like the guy and what he wrote but I’ll continue following and reading you Will. Keep it going Buddy!

    • Dear will,

      Thank you for your response. I may have been a bit hasty in forming judgment and commenting. I appreciate your willingness to serve as a platform for all ideas, and definitely your desire to show what happens in the world even if it’s a sad reality that’s difficult to face.

      However my background in social work and work in domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking made this brazen misogyny and willingness, even pleasure in taking advantage of the vulnerable, and encouraging others to do so too just about all I could bear .

      I regret commenting so hastily because I do not hold you accountable for this one man’s voice. But in your desire to let all voices be heard I do hope that you will have a quest post from someone who can educate about the reality of sex workers and human trafficking victims worldwide, and it wouldn’t hurt if it were a woman too.

      I extend my apologies to you will because I do love that your blog talks about what most are too embarrassed or ashamed to and it is a pleasure to follow.

      Thanks again.

  3. I found this blog entry through a friend’s social share.. while I agree with some of the points of the author, I must make it clear that not ALL Filipinas are like this. It’s sad that the author decided to generalize us like that.

    Kudos to the owner of this blog for deciding to put this post up. It’s informative and an eye-opener.

    • So glad there are lots of smart Filipinas posting comments here and proving this dumba** wrong. Yes, prostitution exists in the Philippines and anywhere in the world. But for you to say that all Filipinas are desperate and sexually open? Stupidity at its finest. He lost all credibility right there.

      • females are biologically more sex craved than men (generally speaking). it doesn’t matter which race or ethnicity you belong. some hide it more than others but it is true. We are all animals who just happened to have knowledge of engineering and have benefited from applying that. We have built a society and the society built the system and ethics to make sense of things that did not used to matter. “Ethics paved way for a meaningless act such as sex to what they call now as “making love” but in actuality, it has nothing to do with it. maybe so, that we are the only species that enjoy such acts but it doesn’t mean love? maybe that is what also differs us from all other mammals but it doesn’t mean we are above them, the truth is we are still part of the food chain. by the way i am filipino also.

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      • Did u really manage to get lots of what’sapp text who wana work in the industry, I’m here from Miami, do let me know if you received. Chao

    • I sent 5 to other country 1 paid back with threats of solisitor others say sue me and run away but before got their promise to show bank statements if any hardship , -all people same you sound a good one so am I , I’ll pay a nurse study send them Australia or New Zealand or Canada or Denmark I like to help but the change in the person one in the country they wanted and the church they go when in Philippines soon stops once in other country , only u and a few are good also I’m uk so many bad too here it’s all same

  4. I think it’s funny that, considering how proud this person is of what he does, he would choose to remain anonymous. Ridiculous, if you ask me. At least be a man and show your disgusting face, smart ass.

  5. Most of the author’s point probably hold true though what stood out is the generalization that ALL Filipinas are the like the ones he met or read about. Even how he expressed his opinion about us and our sexual beings. He didn’t meet everyone and hasn’t been to all 7,107 islands. Maybe an editorial review would’ve caught that. Oh well, freedom of expression but, not everyone can write really. Most people go to school for that.

    • Mina,
      You are right on it. The dumb bell generalized so much that it was laughable. It is difficult to tolerate such ignorant people…

    • I have been to the Philippines, many times, You are so right in what you say,I find the people of the Philippines, to be very nice in all respects. karl

  6. Interesting read. This article caught my eye via my facebook feed and hey, I don’t mind a little controversy!

    I agree with Bev. Having lived in the Philippines for over 2 years now, and a Cebuana/Pinay myself, I find this article over-generalizes big time.

    We call the woman who are into foreigners “social climbers”… not everyone is like that. Having a Filipino girlfriend (not even talking whore), is kind of a bit like buying a girlfriend in a way, because of how they squeeze you for money and I always joke that you’re just buying a doll and they get an ATM. Marriage = cha-ching. While that might be mean and judgmental, its my honest (overgeneralized) view and I don’t necessarily like it or the social climbing ‘culture’. I’ve had such mixed reaction growing up I actually hated being Filipino and my culture.. So much struggle with my identity too. My mom for example married an American.. Hence why I grew up entirely in the states. And I feel she does use him as a comfort for her lack of financial independence, + always providing money to the relatives and spending $10,000+ on the ancestral house they’ll probably never live in. The whole cultural idea that the elder must provide for the entire family is also bullshit to me. But hey, it’s what you gotta do when people can’t afford to live on their own. The family unit becomes very important. And becomes your debt… ?

    Definitely not into sex tourism either but appreciate the information. I’m always fascinated by things like sex massage shops or escorts.. It’s just something that gives me too much mixed reaction.

    • I have a Filipina girlfriend who is not like this guys appraisal or any of the commentors.
      She is awesome, smart, and there is none of the stereotypes I read about. It is like I am reading about a different world. Of course I do not go in the bars though. I have not lost anything in those places I need to go find. I am grateful to God to have such a wonderful woman in my life. I look back through my life and see that I am so lucky because I do not see where I have earned such an awesome woman. All I can do is keep trying to be a better man.
      I look back too and see where I may have been much like the author, it is not unusual for a man to be on the shallow side. He is one of millions and probably not a bad sort.
      While you can say he is part of the problem, the problem was there long before he came along and spent his money and had his laughs. He has written a fairly honest article that comes from being where he went. Why pick on him?

    • This comment was about 4years ago.
      Hey did you realize why you grow up in America and fucking have that nerve to talk back against your roots is awful and I feel sorry for your mother for taking care of you. Can you not generalize that all Filipinos are like your mother, she may be like that bc she grew up poor.
      You should be thankful bc she raised you. Your mother gave you a life. What a shame to name you a Filipino.

    • Thank you all for your opinions and thought on this.. I have been on quite the roller coaster ride for several months. I have experienced everything first hand including a beautiful pinay girl who absolutely adores me, who also, was not truthful about her work. She has since quit and I respect and accept everything. Time will tell as I have already booked to return… All the ups, downs, and difficulty, will be worth it. As, like anyone else… People want to be happy, safe, loved and provided for. And I can say, 100 percent, that many girls love the lifestyle and the money it brings but many also, they are providing for themselves and their family, are not proud of what they do, and hate it….. I dont judge across the board but what’s in the heart and mind of the individual, hoping what I see is a true reflection of what’s inside. Peace.

    • Almost just like every other woman except their rates for what men actually want are set by the market, not laws, regulations and courts. In the open market that “bermuda triangle” is priced much more appropriately.

  7. I think it was a good decision to publish this article. Whatever you think of the author’s morality, it is a fascinating insight into his perspective. I suggest TSL should now take the debate forward by commissioning an article from someone who thinks it’s wrong for travellers to pay for sex.

  8. I think pretty much everyone can agree that the dude who wrote the post comes off sounding like a DB.

    But, the fact remains, stuff like this happens in the world with regularity. While it might be uncomfortable or upsetting to read, it’s an important issue that’s out there. Not everything about travel, nor sex is all rainbows and unicorns, so good on the boys for having the guts to discuss the dark underbelly of it all.

  9. Brave my friend, brave. I don’t know any site who would have the cojones to post this. I am going to get flak for my comments now.. Will P. – why do you make me say these things?

    Prostitution is a fact. Many feminists abhor it, want it abolished like a crushed cigarette under a shoe. But, it existed thousands of years before you and I walked the earth and it will after. It can’t be ignored, so how to deal with it?

    The main reason why I personally don’t support it’s current form is not necessarily because sex is a transaction. Men will buy sex. They always will. It’s the stigma that it’s not treated as a normal job. The other is de- criminalization. And even when it is de-criminalized it is still fraught with problems. Netherlands is one of the #1 countries dealing with human trafficking. The government in 2009 had to shut down several brothels due to increased criminal activity.

    I cannot support an industry that has zero consistent regulations (every country either has some regulations or none) where people ( women, homosexual workers) are open to rape, assault, drugging or coercion.

    Those are downright shitty working conditions. Every industry has it’s issues. I think of nurses. Nurses are trained, have standards and regulations to follow, but a high percentage of them are alcoholics. Imagine one of them giving you an IV drip.

    Prostitution is not treated like an industry or regulated properly — it’s taboo, dirty, bad and always ends up one way – imbalanced power dynamics.

    Sex in itself is never a bad thing, but this fella misses the point. It all feels consensual, and it tastes like it, but you really have paid for sex. Deny it to yourself all you want. And if you didn’t, she wouldn’t be there otherwise.

    It’s a transaction, you are paying for a product – a result. You are not adding excitement to their lives, mate. Trust. They are doing something that will pay better than 150 pesos a day (I know, I was in the Philippines all of December).

    He acknowledges that foreign men are the prize – a walking dollar sign, yet deludes himself into thinking sex is freedom there and everyone are animals and we should give into those instincts.

    The thing with freedom is choice. If they could get paid better doing something else and still have sex with him, they might. But, they can’t. So, he holds all the cards. He commands her body, and she gives it not because the job is great and she really enjoys her work or even him – because she has to.

    She pretends to. She fakes it. And sometimes men who are alienated, couldn’t get laid back home to save their life, awkward, or plain dumb – tell themselves whatever they want to believe to excuse away the power dynamic. Bottom line: it’s not equal.

    And until prostitution is brought out into the light and made legit, better regulated, less taboo, even better paid – we’ll have to endure 70 year old men, wholeheartedly believing that this smoking hot 20 year old really really wants him.

    Not bloody likely.

    See, only REAL rockstars can get 20 year olds. And they generally don’t have to pay them. Just sayin’.

    • “See, only REAL rockstars can get 20 year olds. And they generally don’t have to pay them. Just sayin’.” ????

      This line really shows your totally naive and stupid perception of this whole issue!
      You really believe they don’t ??
      And as this shows how little you understand about what the original post is really telling, I believe the rest of your writing is totally worthless.

    • You actually make an intelligent point unlike the americunt I spoke to earlier on here. I will address your points this way: first, you point out the fact that the woman is faking it! She doesnt really want sex with the man! She is just doing it out of necessity! Thast not always true. I’ve been to the Phillipines many times and I have had girls seek me out after paying for thier services before. I am not a rockstar in bed but I do try to please. Truth is, I took the time to make her cum and she wanted to have the experience again. I didnt mind paying her for it either! I am an older man in my 40’s who was married for almost 20 years to an Americunt…I learned to please a woman sexually and I use my skills on these young hot filipinas and thais. You can get mad at me all you want but some of the girls actually enjoy sex. Now, even if they didnt, so what? they enjoy the money dont they? If they had a choice to have sex with me and men like me or work in an office or what have you, they still choose to have sex right? Now, compare these women to western women? They dont have tattos all over their obdies like western women. They arent 50 pounds overweight. And most importantly, they are not feminist!

    • Yes true it’s a sad world , is it right a women goes for the easy way instead of a nurse study offer of 4 year to 5 and sent to other country will say I don’t want to study no more they want easy way , u got to remember u might take the study , but most rather bend over and get easy money also people most love sex as most girls cheat same as guys , but again your a good one so it’s hard to understand bad ,

  10. Brave man Will P. for posting an article like this. Although I don’t agree with what the guest posters’ conclusion. A lot of Filipinas are not like this maybe just the kind of people he had attracted. Poverty drove girls to this kind of job and base in my observation, a lot of them don’t like it. And some of them are even forced to do this. This is a sad reality not only in the Philippines but in most countries in the whole world.

  11. I read the comments before I read the article, so I went in expecting it to be far worse than it is. Does the guy sound a little douchey? I guess, but I just don’t see what all of the wailing and gnashing of teeth is about.

    Is he a bit too cavalier about the whole thing? Sure. Is he the first guy to pay for sex? Hell no.

    “Oh dear, how dare he have sex with somebody for money! What a scumbag!”

    I’m not an advocate of sex tourism by any means, but I don’t see why people are calling for the guy’s head. The article is well written and not particularly graphic. Perfectly ok to publish IMO. Hell, I’d have published it on my site had he approached me.

  12. “To those who scoff at prostitutes and refuse to go near them, please stop. It’s not just the prostitutes – it’s practically all Filipina girls. These girls are poor. Not “can’t buy a bus ticket poor”, but “can’t find food for dinner” poor.”

    I see. I can therefore also conclude that all American women are prostitutes, based on the poor, drug-infested, prostituting women I saw in San Francisco.

  13. Anonymous (ha)

    As for revealing myself, I don’t see how that would benefit anyone. Given the automatic negative response, most people would rather be emotional about it than talk rationally about it.

    Without revealing too much, I can say that I’m not one of the old dudes you see cruising around these places. I’m just another young traveler, with a curiosity for the world. Oh, and, for the record, I’ve never had any trouble attracting gorgeous girls, whether in the Philippines, or in a Western country.

    I definitely agree that I came across too cavalier and relaxed about the whole thing.

    Now, for the juice.

    Of course, not all Filipinas are like this. I didn’t intend to generalize. However, it’s probably fair to say that the majority of them are. The Filipinas who have the affluence to post online about it represent a TINY minority of the 100 million people in the Philippines.

    I generalized. A lot. Sorry about that.

    But once we get passed the generalization, I think that this is a very interesting issue.

    For example, think about the economics of prostitution. If you could flip a switch and eliminate prostitution in an instant, would you do it?

    If so, you’d be responsible for an economic disaster and MILLIONS of deaths. Many of these girls send money home to their families. If you take away prostitution (or refuse to engage), you’re not necessarily improving their lives. In fact, you’re making it harder for their father, mother, grandmother, grandfather, brothers, sisters, etc, to survive. So if you eliminate prostitution, who’s going to support their family – YOU?

    Prostitution is responsible for a HUGE transfer of wealth from the west to the eat.

    In the local tourist town where I am, I’d estimate at least $100,000 USD worth of prostituion goes through the town every month. Add on to that all the money spent on hotels, tourist activities, food, by people who come for the girls.

    You’re looking at maybe $500,000 USD monthly, and that’s just the local town.

    A large amount of that money will then be sent home to the provinces (by the girls), spent in the local stores, and otherwise invested in the Philippines.

    (of course, my numbers are far from scientific, but I hope you get my point. there is A LOT of money)

    When you look at it this way, you could almost argue that it’s better to engage in prostitution than not engage in it.

    I mean, all the people who take the moral highground and belittle the people that do it, how are they solving the issue? What value are they creating for the world?

    Except for a little bit of noise in the blogosphere, I think these people are doing very little.

    Please note that I am not saying that this makes prostitution moral or ethical, or that I’m some saint (I’m not) but that prostitution is much more of a grey area than most people seem to think.

    Suppose I were to take the moral high ground and refuse to pay for sex in the Philippines. Who would that help? It certainly wouldn’t help the girls who need to send money to their families. And it wouldn’t help me either, unless I was trying to absolve my guilt or fix my conscience.

    What I’m trying to say is that it’s not as simple as simply abstaining.

    Of course, there are legitimate issues facing the sex trade industry, such as drug use, trafficking, etc. These are workplace issues, and they do not automatically mean prostitution is wrong.

    It’s easy to make assumptions about these girls. Hell, that’s what I did in the article. I wrote that a few months ago, and naturally, I’ve modified my understanding in a few ways.

    In some cases, the deal is a complete transaction. You pay for the sex and the girl spreads her legs. But it also works the other way too. Many of the girls will only go with guys they like. That’s right – they’ll only go with guys they’re attracted to. Therefore, for some girls, you do need to be cool.

    Also, some of the girls seem to hate their jobs. They do it because they have to, or because they’re forced too. But you know what? Some do it because they LOVE it. Think about it. Every night, they get to party, have sex, and drink. This isn’t an assumption. This was confirmed with conversations with a number of girls.

    One girl didn’t need to work. Her step-father had enough money, but she hated asking him for money, or being dependent upon him. So she worked as a prostitute. This was also one of the girls who was selective about who she went with. I’m a pretty good judge of character, and this wasn’t some cooked-up story to make me believe something that wasn’t true.

    It’s also quite funny if you go to these bars alone. If you go alone, the implication is that you’ve got no friends, and are therefore not cool. Surprisingly, the girls tend to avoid you. This is almost identical to going to a dance club in a Western city. If you go by yourself, you’re going to look like a loser. If you go with a big group of friends, you’ll be considered popular and hence attract more attention.

    I find it fascinating that a concept like social proof even applies with prostitutes. That suggests to me that it is not as simple as a transaction. Of course, it is a transaction, but in many cases, it’s a lot more than a transaction.

    These girls are people, like all of us, and they want the same things, to be loved and understood. If you’re decent-looking, cool and kind, you’ll find that you naturally attract these girls, just like you would in the west.

    Anyway, this is getting pretty damn long.

    The reason I replied is because most people have an automatic response to these things. If you have never experienced a culture like this, it will be impossible to understand. If you have ever been travelling for a long time, you’ll remember the blank stares you get when you try to explain your adventures back home. People listen for the first two minutes, then they lose interest. They can’t understand what you’ve been doing.

    The point of my reply is that prostitution is a grey issue (like nearly everything in life). Simply abstaining from it and taking the moral or ethical highground solves very few problems. Conversely, engaging in prostitution actually contributes value to their lives (if only monetary).

    There is also a wide range of guys that these girls have sex with. Sure, there’s the typical bad boy who doesn’t give a shit about the girls. Then there’s really, really, nice guys who go to great lengths to ensure the girl is comfortable, happy, etc, etc.

    I don’t think many people will “get it”, but meh. If you open your eyes, most people are pretty uptight about sex. That’s why I think this blog is so popular. People tend to avoid sex, that’s why this blog is a breath of fresh air (which I’m sure you’ll all agree on).

    If you ask me, the solution the prostitution isn’t in abstaining from it. Maybe it will always exist. Or maybe, prostitution is simply a side-effect of a developing economy. If that is the case, then you’ll find prostitution slowly disappears as the worldwide standard of living rises.

    On another note, a FANTASTIC book on the origins of sex and how unnatural we’ve made it is SEX AT DAWN. Read that book. It will change your life.

    • I’m sure it’s easier to pay someone to have sex, because it eliminates the bothersome part of flirting and building up to it.. whereas, with prostitutes – it’s cut and dry. Guessing that’s maybe why you partake?

      However… I’m slightly confused. If you’re so damn good looking – don’t see why you gotta pay for it. I’ve been with plenty of hot guys who didn’t have to pay me.

      Some people are highly sexual – so sure, bet ‘some’ do enjoy the sexual play.

      However, I call bullshit.

      Your economics may be sound, but the fact is morally you are still supporting an industry that is lawless. Have you considered how some of these women are actually treated in the workplace? Not how YOU treat them. But, by their bosses. Their friends. Their families. Other johns.

      Again, prostitution will always exist, but as it stands you are currently supporting an industry that has zero regulations, zero workplace standards, zero fair treatment.

      When it comes to soft drugs – I fully support legalization. Why? There have been substantial studies done that marijuana has no massive (there is always some damage with these things) on people. I know lawyers, doctors, engineers and rastas who smoke weed. Can hold jobs. Have children. Be responsible. All good.

      However, time and again, look at the sociological impact of the current state of prostitution – many studies have been conducted. Women have been raped, murdered, dismembered and gotten no justice. Paid poorly and treated on a scale of mildly bad to full blown abuse. This is not restricted to one country, but several – internationally.

      Instead of paying some random chick to blow you – maybe you should be helping them lobby for better working conditions or contribute to pushing prostitution into legalization – with comprehensive standards, because clearly you are a user of this service.

      I’m not saying you should feel shame because you buy sex from these women, you should be ashamed of supporting something that also hurts them (sometimes kills them). That is not cool. If you really ‘loved’ them as you claim, don’t feed the current machine, change it. So, in my estimation, loving women really isn’t your priority, but fucking them and fucking them over, seems to be.

      That’s like supporting the wrong sports team, and why would you do that?

      • Get off your high horse. FYI most women, in fact by far and away the vast majority of women who are brutalized, murdered and maimed suffer such fate at the hands of their steady boyfriends or husbands. Have you never heard the saying that there is a special place in hell for men who murder their wives. It’s a saying because it happens so often in this world. Conversly you never hear…….. “their is a special place in hell for johns who murder their prostitutes.” The reason being, is that it happens so rarely that it doesn’t merit memorializing with an axiom. The kid who wrote this article doesn’t fit the mold of one of those potential abusers or murders so cut him some slack. In his case, just by his attitude, he represents the majority of young guys who engage in a transaction that is mutually consented to by both parties and in which both parties get exactly what they want. Why you want to regulate that? Why you want to get yourself in the middle of that? You want to hold hostile opinions about the many ways man is a fallen species, how about railing against war and organized religions. Now those are a couple of institutions that do real harm in this world. Or how about getting involved in finding effective ways to help us stop the environmental destruction we are currently visiting upon the planet. You do something about that and you do something that saves all be we sinners or saints, prostitute or john, You get what I’m saying?

      • yes,I support your opinion about paying for sex its not a bad idea,to be frank me,interested in that kind of person who is also interested in sex,but nothing too much is not here,still waiting for a good sex.

      • For all those who criticise the notion that paying Filipinas for intimate company is degrading, I offer the following challenge.

        As others have said, they can earn more in one or tow nights than the average factory worker earns in a month. And let’s consider the conditions under which these factory girls have to work? Unhealthy, sweaty, long hours in dangerous workplaces, mistreated by Chinese bosses, leaving no money for education, health or any quality life. So when you all buion buy your favourite fashion clothes, do you consider saying ‘No I won’t buy these, I will buy more expensive items made only in UK, USA, etc., because I know the workers are well paid and well treated”?

        And if you were a beautiful, fit, young Filipina, with two kids at home after a boyfriend had refused to use a condom (or you were unable to use one because no one had told you about them in this Catholic dominated place) and forced himself upon you….. if he is a drunk layabout who threatens to abuse you if you don’t serve his dinner when he clicks his fingers …. would you suffer in the fields or the factory or would you leave the kids with grandma and go to the city to earn large sums of money, partying with relatively nice, if old and fat westerners who always use condoms and spoil you rotten?

        And if yo did that only to find the guys stopped paying you, how would you feel?

        I’d be interested in the answers please ladies…

    • Thats a sick place!!!!!! Whores nothing but whores on that Island and if I ever AND I MEAN EVER find out my fiancé has been back I’ll kill him and the whore!!!! I swear it sounds just like something he had wrote! Brought back recent bad feelings cause any man that would go pay for sex in another country had a damn problem!!

      • we pay for sex with you you dumb slut everyday by listening to your crap.why not get it for 10 bucks instead of the hundredes we pay you?also i like the idea that the women fight for our attention and come up to us.what guy dont love that.whores you call them?i fucked 400 american whores in my life.on the cheap i might at 53 i can go fuck 18 year olds and noone will say anything to me.why would we want you then?young women that make men feel like men again?ya we hate that,they clean your house and dont bitch.ya we hate that works and you women hate it dont ya?you think we have a problem?no we have a solution to all you bitchy,fat ,lazy american gonna want to date you over some 100 pound 5 foot tall little sexy doll?get some reality.

      • I couldn’t agree more. Is that the way you want the world to be directed for the future? Pay for sex and trash all the education and other skills, talents and positives that can come out of a human being? Demoralizing and ruining Philippine culture that was more void of this prostitution until foreigners came to ruin and trash the Phils by taking advantage of poverty by paying for sex. I say lock them up and cut off their penises.

      • I mean – I agree with everything our blogger has to say …. those who dispute his analysis and criticise him just don’t know what they are talking about

  14. Is he still here? Because I want to punch him in the face.

    I know this really does happen, but for him to so casually brag about his paid sexual exploits is plain irresponsible, and for me, just really pathetic. What, no one else wants to have sex with him so he actually has to travel to a poor country to get laid? Maybe he even feels good about himself because he’s only just helping these poor girls — oh, sorry, girlfriends. I guess he thinks that’s perfectly acceptable — he’s not the first guy to have ever paid for sex, right? — because he even has the gall to promote sex tourism here. (“Visit the Philippines and experience it yourself.” Maybe that line will catch on.)

    One comment here said this was a “fascinating insight into his perspective.” I don’t see what’s so fascinating about an account of a scumbag whose only goal seems to be to encourage this whole cycle of exploitation because, hey, why not, when it can score even the most repulsive guys one-night stands — and even a girlfriend or two, or three — and trick them into thinking they’re rockstars. I don’t think this guy really says anything new here. No insight (what, “we all just want to ‘do it like they do on the discovery channel'”?), not even the slightest sign of remorse. I don’t even learn anything about any of the girls he slept with. Filipinas are all just poor, period. We’re lucky because this guy is here to save us all, one night at a time.

    To anyone who’s reading this: The Philippines is making an effort to draw in more tourists, but if you only want to come here for cheap sex, then please, just stay where you are.

    • Sadly also, most western girls have trouble understanding is that so many western guys have lost interest in western female attractions, partly because they have lost the direction or confidence to know how to engage them. Philippines girls are simply more beautiful, more gentle, more fun and quite frankly more skilled in the physical relations department. Again, a gross exaggeration maybe, but so many guys in the west have to bend over backwards to please girls.

  15. Will, I also believe that everybody’s opinion and point of view should be allowed in TSL. Even if its a seemingly “scumbag” opinion, still leaves room for thought, discussion and growth.

    That being said, I totally agree with Nomadic Chick on her point of view and opinions. Not much to add myself…. Except:

    When I was in Guatemala I happen to meet and befriend a Pimp. Yes, a man that handled roughly 8 girls which worked trough him, in an underground prostitution network. Now, I have never had anything against prostitution, but then again I didn’t know much about human traffic/exploiting at that time.
    I gave him the benefit of the doubt and spoke with him deeper about the subject. I even met some of the girls working with him (as friends, one of them I still keep in touch over email).
    I know its not the same than other parts of the world, but speaking with this Guatemalan girls, I realized they were doing it by choice. Yes, it wasn’t the job of their dreams, but they enjoyed it more than flipping burgers or selling stuff on the phone. That gig gave them a very decent income, so they could support their family (most of them were single moms) and stay in school. It was a temporary job, while they got their life together.
    A couple of them rated themselves as Premium, charged more, and got to choose customers.

    To me, it was a sweet deal for both parts. Still a business transaction, but convenient for both sites.

    Now, I’m in North America, and also got in touch with a girl that handles a small group of girls. I met two of them, and I had the same impression I got in Guatemala from them. I was talking to them as a friend, not a customer or business associate, and I feel they were honest about it. One of them even worked as model, but had this other job as a complement, and she said usually met interesting and generous people.

    So, it might be my very personal point of view, but the whole prostitution doesn’t seem like an issue to me. You might even call me just another douche, but I really don’t consider me to be one.

    I’m just a regular man.

    Cheers, and keep the polemic going!

  16. I knew a woman who worked as a high-end prostitute in Honolulu. Got to know her while walking to my job every night in Waikiki. She loved her work. Made a TON of money working for herself. She always choose her customers (often older Japanese business men). She owned a Hummer & a Benz. Lived in a penthouse apartment. She was able to improve her living conditions with her work (that’s why most people work), and seemed perfectly happy.

    There is a ton of prostitution in the US. I think the factor that makes these stories so sensational for many people is race/ethnicity. Bars that cater to rich men and young wanna-be models & actresses in Miami, NYC, Vegas, and LA don’t attract much attention. But when the same type of thing happens in another country, it’s shocking?

  17. I don’t get why people are up in arms about this article. This site is called TravelSexLife after all.

    The article was written to portray one individual’s take on what he encountered in Manila. Some of us might not like the implied tone behind the article but it is his take. Why go to the extent of bashing him and this site for posting the article. Get a grip people.

  18. The author’s comment is better than the original article – Prostitution Saves Lives – HAHA!

    I’ve met lots of whores in Latin America – some desperately poor with kids, some living luxuriously and independent. Regardless which there are more of, 100% of non-prostitute women would condemn the business anyway.

    Why? It spoils their game. Yes, sometimes women have sex just because they want it. But in the long run, especially with a recurring partner, it always ends up with the woman trying to get something out of the man – marriage, a house, child support, etc. It involves seduction and long-term manipulation. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for settling down and monogamy. But the way human sexuality is designed, it’s in the woman’s reproductive interest to convince the man not to have sex with other women (and possibly having kids, spreading his resources thin), in favor of committing to and supporting only her and her kids. Those women who seduced their men into committing and supporting them had children (males included) who survived at a higher rate, so we’ve evolved this way.

    What’s the point? Non-prostitute women abhor prostitutes and their male clients because it throws their whole scheme upside down. Prostitutes made the economic decision – whether by necessity or choice – that they weren’t going to try to get a guy to stick around and provide for a family. Instead, they unveiled the veiled economic transaction, or got down to brass tax. It exposes the transaction that all non-prostitute women are working for. And non-prostitutes need that transaction to work.

    However insulting to non-prostitute women that may be, I actually side with them. I don’t believe in the whore-with-a-heart-of-gold. They’re damaged goods, precisely because they’ve boiled romance down to economics. Marry a non-whore.

    • Just want to put my 2 cents in. Don’t really care about any judgments. Blast away.

      Been to SE Asia a number of times and feel l have some idea of the situation there. It’s simple economics.

      Most are poor but they do have other options, at least in developing countries like Thailand. What I experienced were women who enjoyed their lives and the fun they had. And women who didn’t. I found women who were kind and sweet and those who were, in a word, whores.

      Of course most want a better life. Who doesn’t? And many, if not most of the women I came across could make more in a night of fun, booze, partying and sex than in a month sweating in a rice paddy in the hot sun or a week behind a restaurant counter….

      I could go on but I want to switch gears because men always get the bad rap. When it comes to prostitution it literally takes two to tango. Society places all the blame on the men and portrays all the women as poor and put upon by men.

      I totally agree with Expat’s post. In the most basic way, all women prostitute themselves. Life boils down to economics and politics. Women have what men want and men have what women want. On one end of the spectrum is money for sex. On the other end of the spectrum is, surprise… money for sex. It’s just a matter of how much money for how much sex and the higher up the spectrum the more other issues are involved.

      Now, chew on this… men have basic needs in life, including food, oxygen, shelter, etc. One of those is also sex. So what if a man doesn’t want to deal with the politics and economics of the high end of the spectrum. What if he wants the most basic of transactions.. money for sex. (What if a woman feels the same way?) Is it wrong? Look at both ends of the spectrum and tell me. What if a man is unable, physically or emotionally to attract a “mate” if there is not money involved. Is it wrong for him to find and pay someone for providing physical gratification?

      If you say it’s wrong then you’re saying it’s wrong for a man to try to fulfill one of his most basic needs. Put another way, if a man is starving would you not feed him? But when a man needs some physical contact women actually have the audacity to charge him for it. Who then is exploiting whom?

      Now I find abuse of women and children and trafficking of women and children utterly abhorrent and this discussion only applies to those women who are of the age of consent and truly act on their own accord with their own free will.

      Some may find my argument simplistic. Some may find me abhorrent — although you don’t know me nor do you know what I have or have not done. Those who are so quick to judge are stuck in your puritanical values and have no understanding of the world outside of your sheltered little corner.

      But consider this… some years ago women’s advocate groups descended on Bangkok and other Thai cities to show the women there was another way to live that didn’t involve the sex trade. It didn’t work. Most of the women made too much money and had too much fun with only a fraction of the social stigma assigned to them that they would find in the west. The “rescue” groups switched gears and now teach the importance of the use of contraceptives and safe sex. These girls made a choice of an “easy” life of good money and good times over a tedious 9-5 job.

      Just sayin… the world ain’t as cut and dried as most of you would like it to be. There is more than one side to every story. Morality is relative and prostitution has been here since the first cave woman realized she had a marketable commodity between her thighs, through ancient Greece and Rome where prostitutes were glorified… and it will be around until the end of time.

  19. As if prostitution, the oldest business in history, could ever be eliminated.

    If you legally prohibit it, like some feminist dreamers want, it just goes underground and all gets worse for both parties involved – no security, safety, health checks etc.

    I don’t like the hypocrisy of some of the female readers here. There’s tons of older, ugly western women going to places like the Caribbean and northern Africa to get “romanced” by young, good looking local guys. And they pay them, of course. Not always upfront but in the form of substantial “gifts” and “assistance” to the poor guys’ families. It’s the same thing so please stop whining.

    I see no problem when two adults decide to trade sex for cash.

  20. So I’m from the Philippines and not really offended with this post. I guess other people will appreciate it more if instead of focusing on the prostitution and justifying it by thinking you’re saving their lives, could’ve focus more on the Filipinas being more sexually open and the easy to hook up part because it’s kind of true that a white guy can feel like a rockstar in the Philippines (although only true to a specific economic standing, which in a 3rd world country, can be the majority). I guess the title/article was meant to shock. Guess you succeeded. Imagine the traffic that could’ve lead to your blog if you’ve revealed yourself. Lol.

  21. The notion of ‘choice’ is something that has been brought up a lot here. As a few of the commenters mention, some of these women choose to be prostitutes, and as one commenter mentions it is a better ‘choice’ than flipping burgers. This is an interesting idea- that for these women, their choices are between flipping burgers and having sex with men. To me that is not a choice, that is a poorly constructed society that offers very little choice. If these women had the choice between, for example, becoming doctors or lawyers or workers in the sex trade, then perhaps there would be less prostitution on offer in places like the Phillippines. But as it stands, globally, women are in general less educated, more affected by poverty, and more likely to be the subject of abuse. I’m not saying that there aren’t some well-educated women who use prostitution to make a lot of money and don’t mind doing it, but let’s face it, those women do not make up the majority.

    Using your status and power as a person from a rich country to do whatever you like with women from poorer countries cannot be dressed up under the guise of choice. There are many different decisions we can make with what to do with our money as travelers, but using it to degrade and exploit people? Really? Is that all you’ve learnt from your travels? That you can act like a king or a ‘rockstar’ because your money enables you to buy whatever you want, be it a couple of beers at a bar or a woman. If Filipino women really love sex as much as you say, perhaps all the men who visit could just have sex with them for free and you can save that $500,000 USD that you estimated and channel it back into helping the community. Perhaps if you’d traveled a bit more you might have realized that you can benefit people more if you group together money and put it into projects that affect an entire town, instead of just lining one person’s pocket with 50 dollars, for the rather unequal work value of having to suck your dick for a night.

    Mac – you may not be aware of this since you are clearly a complete idiot, but prostitution is already illegal in almost every country in the world. Most feminists want to LEGALISE it as a way to improve conditions for those in the sex trade.

    Expat chronicles – I’m not really sure where to get started on your rather terrifying analysis of women coming under only two categories – the ‘whore’ and the ‘non-whore’ who is intent on ruining your life with her views on whores. I would, however, like to remind you that we are not living in the 1950s anymore. Most women in England do actually have jobs now and are quite capable of supporting themselves.

  22. It’s actually not that easy to meet girls in The Philippines. I am a 35 year old Dutch guy and i lived 1 year in Manila and 7 months in Davao and Cebu. Most Philippina girls or pinay are not into Western guys, unless you are a Brad Pitt or George Clooney lookalike, you will not find many girls willing to talk to you because most pinay are actually only into local guys.

    You can find some Pinay girls in bars working as freelancers or hookers but these girls have kids and are older and therefore are not interesting anymore for local guys, they only see one option to make money or to find a husband and that is to go working in bars or clubs where they can find Western guys.

    In the malls you will not easily find a girl (normal girl) unless you are tall and young and a George Clooney (minus the grey hair) clone. then you will of course be attractive but if you look like that you don’t need to go to The Philippines to get laid because you will have no problem finding loads of interested girls in your own country.

    Bottomline it is not easier to find girls in The Philippines then compared to Europe Australia or the USA it is bullshit

  23. I have paid for sex in the UK for many years. I can not see any issue with paying for sex provided that it takes place between consenting adults and both parties to the transaction treat one another with respect. Most sex workers in the West choose to enter the profession of prostitution (they are not forced). The industry should be decriminalised.

  24. I don’t find this post revolting or disgusting. This is the ugly truth.
    I am a Filipino but I’m no idiot to the truth. I know it is hard for these girls to survive with empty and false promises from the government, pro-female institutions that can’t get far out from their buildings premises and to corrupt officials who enjoys these form of debauchery.

    Criminals are considered gods back home. You be careful of your words and they’ll let you off. Step on the line your dead.

    Foreigner or not you can’t go bragging or they’ll harass and shoot you (locals)
    I’m not dissing my own people here. I’m telling what it’s like to live in that country. It is a very progressive country with many decent jobs that can be offered to the masses, but its the people who have a problem. They can’t work together. Some would like to be serve in a silver platter. Others just eat you like a dog.

    They say it’s hard to live by, but its actually the opposite they want to live hard.

  25. Well all I have to say is that you don’t have to travel for 15 hours to the Philippines for sex. If you are a pig you can have plenty of sex here in the USA and anywhere else in the world. Prostitution is the oldest profession known to men, it continues to be very popular world wide among unscrupulous men and women. My point is if you like that lifestyle there are plenty of prostitutes in your local area safe your money and your time if you like to travel for fun is great but you don’t need to go so far just to get laid. Frank

  26. You idiot! I can only ask you how it must feel to take advantage of a girl /s that were born into a third world countries and are aware that they long for LOVE and someone to provide for them, yet are forced to give themselves away to so called men wanting to inflate thier egos only to pay to live. Imagine your daughter facing the same fate! And men thinking of her as making them feel like a rockstar. Is it humane to prey on those less fortunate????

  27. I think this article is disgusting and also degrading the Filipina women. For the life of me, I cannot understand what anyone gets out of writing and posting such disgusting garbage as this on the internet. It is just such garbage as this article that causes some of the Filipino people to have a less than favorable opinion of foreign men.

  28. I am a proud Filipina. It is true prostitution exist in the Philippines but to generalize all Filipinas are foul. I am with a western guy and it’s not money that I am after of him, in fact I help paying our bills. I care and love him. It hurts that some people judged Filipinas the wrong way.

  29. A lot of the bitches in this blog are repressed sexually and all have a sense of entitlement,its like they trully believe that women are worth a shit.I am
    always fascinated when a woman thinks they are trully on par with a man.
    For one no straight man would go to a dump like the Smellippines for the beautiful scenery and the piss smelling streets,if it wasnt for the tight ass and pussy to be had nobody would go to this piece of shit third world cesspool.Wake up idiots.

    • i go to phil because the people are lovely so is the place,yes i have wife there i am nearly as poor in my country as she is in hers, i save for long periods to see here, yes i am a lot older yes i could just go there like a lot of wankers just for sex. but i dont because not all westeners are the same as you.i know it goes on there i dont put the people down for it but on other hand i dont use there services either, but those people make it really hard for someone like me who goes there to see his wife..and if you think phil is cess pool maybe its people like you thats making it like that………

      • Big schlong your illiterate, vulgar comments show you to be the very definition of an egotistical, moron. You have no sense of grace, respect , civility or decency. What a loser!

  30. So many views on this and most of them if not all are completely retarded,

    Nomadic Chick’s views were pretty good BUT justifying smoking weed is fine but prostitution isnt based on what you wrote is just pure lol’s given the fact the end user doesnt get hurt too much doesnt mean they arent supporting an industry where murder and even human trafficing exist’s. how do you think the weed ends up in the end users hands?? Kids being recruited younger than 10 to work in gangs in growing weed and killing people and even being killed to supply the drugs to the end user doesnt seem like a smart choice to say weed is harmless etc so bit of a silly argument. ALthough i think alot of your views and points are definitely correct to the piunt that they actually exist in the industry.

    Alot of you women are also making a huge amount of assumptions which just aren’t true and everyone has completely ignored the fact that alot of the time the exploiter is actually the prostitute themselves that milk aged men for there lifes savings essentially robbing the inherritence of these mens famil. Its insane if you actually research the area at all just how wrong all of are viewing the whole area.

    most people jump to the conclusion that 99% of the prositues have no choice and are sweet and innocent and hate the jobs and are just abused endlessly for little money, when infact that represent’s a small portion of prostitutes and actually the majority do it because they want a higher standard of living and its mostly them exploiting alot of the men.

    I cba to write in huge detail or to argue every point or to even take away some of the comments you said because alot of the points made already are true but its very very biased and not the compete picture.

    also as to sex tourism in general there are a huge amount that are not just old men and are simply a younger generation for a multitude of reasons. Alot of reasons a few have given is because all they want to do is have sex plain and simple, they dont want to go chat up a girl and get rejected all night till they find a girl thats interested then spend the next few days talking and getting to know them just to get in bed with them and then never contact them again. They pay a prostitute just because each both parties know what they are getting out of it from the offset, there is no hidden agenda also they said that normally sex with a prostitute is often alot better than just a one night stand because most girls are reasonably shy in bed and its harder to get adventureous with someone you hardly know.

    Im not saying this makes it ok or not im just trying to open peoples mind up to the fact that people dont just pay for sex because they are old or un-attractive and cant get layed normally.

    My main point of the comment wasn’t to say whether prostitution is right or wrong or to disprove any of the comments above, it was to open peoples mind to a broader picture and to see that its not a simple topic or a definative right or wrong and that the exploitation isnt just innocent girls that have no choice. Basically its not black or white and its actually a huge grey area with exploitation from both sides of the industry along side with mutual benefits and advantages from both side of the industry and that its not just a dark and gloomy place with seedy old men.

    I know my post seems very to be making very pro’ arguments about prostition but iuts only because all the comments have been heavily anti and heavily biased, alot of above comments are true in describing a portion of the industry but not the full picture 😉

    • “Alot of you women are also making a huge amount of assumptions which just aren’t true and everyone has completely ignored the fact that alot of the time the exploiter is actually the prostitute themselves.” This is hardly EVER true. Watch the documentary Half the Sky and you’ll be surprised by YOUR absurd assumptions. You idiot.

  31. also if i wasn’t a grammatical retard and lazy half of what i just wrote would have made sense lol.

    also Big Schlong
    excellent and very intelligent debating skills well played, are you even old enough to be reading a websites content based around sex?

  32. “Decades from now, people will look back and wonder how societies could have acquiesced in a sex slave trade in the twenty-first century that is… bigger than the transatlantic slave trade was in the nineteenth. They will be perplexed that we shrugged as a lack of investment in maternal health caused half a million women to perish in childbirth each year.”
    ? Sheryl WuDunn, Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide

  33. This article is absolutely disgusting. It demeans and degrades the Filipino women and their families. Such article is even degrading the western males (certainly not all western males are like this sicko). Merely using the Filipino females (young girls as the writer of this sickening article calls them) for your own sexual satisfaction and pleasure is certainly not their ticket out of poverty. Instead, it is a ticket that helps keep them in poverty, desolation and shame.
    I am an American male, married to a wonderful Filipino woman. Six-years ago, I visited the Philippines for the very first time. And I, too, experienced lots of attention from certain young, Filipino females. I do not know their ages. Anyhow, Asian females normally look much younger than their actual age. My Filipino wife is nearly 40, and there are people who assume she is a teenager. But during all my time visiting in the Philippines, I have never sought sex from any flirtatious female. Of course, I didn’t (and I never) go there looking for sex. My personal opinion of this article is this: only a sick, perverted, disgusting, and pathetic individual, (as obviously the writer of this article surely is), would mistreat poverty-stricken and vulnerable females with such contempt, and then boast about it in written form just so he can exploit them to the world by means of the internet. Such articles as this should be banned from being publicized.
    Just a side note: Prostitution is practiced all over the world. I think one of the reasons these perverts go to Countries like the Philippines looking for sex, is because they don’t have the money to afford the high-priced call girls practicing in the western world. It’s interesting that no such articles get written about the calls girls in the western world. Ever wonder why? Could it be because if they know such articles would land them in jail and, they would face a lawsuit? Probably!

    • well said mate i live in england and feel same as you do about things in phil but do belive in freedom of speech even if they are a bit like sadoes..but yes whole heartedly agree with you..steve

      • Steve:
        Certainly freedom of speech is important. Yes, indeed! And I clarify myself here and now. However, I do think that such disgusting articles should not be published.

  34. re the last comment no hes wrong allways will be just a sado thats all.dont condesend to him..i will tell you what difference is between girls in thailand and phil is,they have nothing compared to people in the west. but allways have a simle and people in the west have everthing and most dont give a shit well thats there problem but dont put down people because of sex thats a load of bollocks.just like the guy that wrote it.he really needs to get a life.but probabley never will poor sod…

  35. I just shook my head at some of the women’s comments on here – like many women, they simply disprove of male sexuality and do not wish to know anything about it.

    Bravo to the author for telling it like it is. Asia is a wonderful place…

    I’ll say something *really* naughty now – sex and relationships in the West also have an unspoken economic element.


  36. I’m an Aussie and been in the philippines for the last 5 years. I’ve lived in Cebu, Manila, Iloilo, Bacolod, and traveled through the provinces staying in nipa huts. Yes this article contains many generalizations but there is quite a bit of truth to it. Most young sexy girls in the city are prostitutes in one way or another. They may not be standing on the street corner sucking dick for 100 pesos, but they will spread their legs for 1000 pesos. Girls that have pinoy boyfriends, go to school or church, have jobs, children, etc are still poor and will gladly spread their legs to any foreigner for 1000 pesos.

    Notice I didn’t say “all.” Of course not 100% of filipinas are prostitutes, but the fact is most are, and they are still nice people, just poor.

  37. I’m a Filipina and I don’t find this article “disgusting”. But I felt insulted with some comments above that says, any Filipinas are willing to spread their legs for just 2000 pesos. Hey, your currency might be greater compared to our Peso but the value of it here is hardly felt. The only reason why tourist look like a walking dollar is the fact that most of you are willing to pay just to have sex. 🙂

    Sex in exchange of money is now really getting more common here in the Philippines. Prostitution, if you do not know, is the oldest form of profession in the history of humans and its been present in almost all society. So why would you feel embarrassed about it when you’re not the first in history to do it? Me, I’m not ashamed to see these rampant prostitution around me. You know, some people probably just need to earn a living. And who am I to judge? Man needs casual sex, woman can provide it but needs something in return. So the opportunity of sex in exchange of ‘something’, is born.

    I’m not saying that everyone here in Philippines is willing to do it. There are still a lot of conservative girls here by the way. Or should I say, conservative but most of them hides the fact that under those “good girl” impressions, they are no longer virgins because they already give it to their boyfriends as a birthday present. I’m sure Filipinos are also aware of that. Several decade ago, virginity is considered a gift that a girl can gave to her husband on their wedding night. Nowadays, it’s merely a birthday present that is sometimes even offered in advance. That’s how the current generation view sex. So times are really changing and if you are a narrow-minded Filipino, are you embarrassed about that too?

    Back to prostitution. Those girls that you find in the bars, night clubs, and cafes. Most of them for sure are Prostitutes by Profession, meaning to say it is their work. You can’t judge “All Filipinas” based on these sex workers, just as you do not call your mom or sister a prostitute just because you saw prostitutes in your community. Sure you can get those girls for only 2,000 pesos that would be their average rates plus the risk of getting a STD in your part.

    I’ve heard that there are ordinary girls out there who secretly resort to prostitution because they badly in need of money. Most of this girls are self supporting college students. I bet you can find one in every colleges out here in Philippines, especially when the examination period is near and they needed to find a way to pay their tuition fees. But these girls are very discreet, most of them acquires their client from the internet (nice use of technology huh?) and their rates are above the average. Sometimes double because of the fact that they’re clean and most client prefers those “working students” instead of picking those professional prostitutes from the sidewalks. Some rates even reached 10,000 – 20,000 pesos depend on the appearance of the girl. Some are even willing to do it for free, but in exchange you have to take them as your wife and give them a good future. Online dating? Filipinas searching for a foreign husband? Well, whatever you call it, it still sound prostitution to me but just on a different angle. Sex in exchange of ‘something’.


  38. I can’t believe I just read all that. That settles it, only high end escorts with no pimps for me. Shit I just wanted to find one of those opium dens with perrty girls that serve all night, but I guess that only in the movies.

  39. Most women are prostitutes all over the world. Women generally choose man who is richer than they are and expect financial benefits from relationship. This same principal applies no matter where you go.

    • I aggree with your comment.

      Sex tourism is common now. If you are not getting it locally, then you are going to go abroad for it when, you are on holiday. The only people who disagree with it are those who are getting it easily on a regular basis.

  40. I read the comment .. and I am one of the women working at the bar .. Maybe we’re doing that wrong with selling ourself…
    but also what we do not blame .. because i have my own r reason why we have done it. and I am pained the comment … but its okey…
    thats all. tnx

  41. This article only speaks the truth! My husband of 26 years just confessed to me that 8 months ago while in Manila he was approached by one of these sluts and asked “would you like some company” and the asshole said “yes”. They went back to his hotel (across the street from a strip mall where he went to purchase an item and then got propositioned) She put the condom on him and he did an in/out 2x and pulled out and broke down in tears and gave her the $50 and she left. He ripped off the condom and cried like a baby. Since this happened he has lost 60 lbs b/c of stress (me thinking work related) and lose in appetite. My heart is broken in a million peices. He wants to go for counselling to figure out why in heaven’s name he would even do this to me. I don’t know what to do, I am so confused!

  42. Hi all, i just won’t to say that there are many reason why a man pays for sex. Yes i have paid for sex, for me it was the experience of paying for it also a deferent nationality that you may not have experienced. I’m currently signal and i have the opportunity to be in a relationship but i choose not to right now, dose that make me a bad person for paying for sex. The way i see it is in the pass i would spend a lot of time chatting up a women taking her out just to have sex i’m 50 now i would rather pay for sex than wast a women’s time if i only want sex, also i have hurt and been hurt in the pass when your not ready for commitment you can leave someone deeply hurt as it gets harder to tell a women of my age group you just want sex. until i meet the right women i will pay for sex. The down side for me is it like to feel that it is a mutual attraction which can be hard when paying for it. Sourly women take advantage of men knowing most men would love sex with a young beautiful girl, no deferent to a women falling for a man that will give here secretary.. There are many marriages bast on finance and not love.. I would never knowingly have sex with anyone i believe is being force i see it as a service and thy see me as a punter…

  43. WELL WELL All the doo gooders

    I have never been there but am looking forward to it as i will be one meeting ladies, having fun, offering respect and giving them some reward that they will very much appreciate.

    They like it or not do it by choice of course to make ends meet but thats the way it is and the predicament they find themselves.

    This is a site offering a forum for comments of this nature so maybe those that take offence need to join a knitting site or something similar.

    I am certainly not advocating asking unreasonable things of these ladies but if i offer her a night of comfort, a meal a good shag and something that will enable her to eat for a few more nights i wont be losing sleep over that and neither should you!

  44. This article is a accurate reflection of the night life in the Philippines. At no point did the author give judgement. There is nothing wrong with prostitution… is a service like anything else.
    These woman are not forced to be prostitutes…….it is there choice. For the men who are paying for the service does not make them any less a person than you or I.
    With wars, people being shot up, bombs going off……. It pays to put the sex business into perspective…….it’s not causing the world harm.
    The only reason it’s getting people’s backs up is that it does not fall into line with THEIR values……however there are plenty of people who’s it does.

    Stop the judgment……….

  45. When I was a young man I went to the Philippines on leave. I was in the USN and Olongapo City was the recreational area. I was amazed mainly because it was just like the article that is posted. I got out of the service and went back to my life in the USA. I got married and divorced seven years later. I got married again and just a year or two later that was it for me. Thirty-five years later I went back to the PI to go diving at Boracay. It was better than I remembered it to be when I was a kid. I did not partake in the women but I did partake in the warmth of the Filipino’s natural tendency to be a happy group of individuals. I would buy two dollars worth of Pandesol every morning and have it passed out to the workers at the resort I was staying. I was treated like a king. I came back home to my same life complete with a girlfriend that was looking to see what I could do to keep her entertained and it occurred to me how I have settled to be a meal ticket for so long I thought it was normal. I asked my girlfriend to vacate and gave her anything she wanted including the dishes, never to see her again. I gave her the dishes because she never had cooked a meal and could not recognize the vacuum cleaner if it was in front of her. I did all. I worked, payed the bills, provided a nice home, had her college aged daughter in the house being a disrespectful slob, I cooked all the meals and did the dishes afterwards. After she was given the heave ho, I needed to purchase more dishes. I went to the Macys in town and picked out a new set. I was waited on by a forty-two year old Filipina. She brought the dishes to my Jeep for loading and thought my Jeep was beautiful. I spoke with her after that and took her out off roading,and before I knew it we were seeing eachother regularly. One year later we married and I am treated with dignity and respect, heck I barely knew how to let anybody do anything for me anymore. I love her. It took me thirty-two years to get married again and now I am as happy as I can be. When I was a kid and on leave, I thought to myself, I should keep one of these beauties and make her mine for all time, but I did not. As it turns out my first instinct was correct and I wasted a significant portion of my life dealing with the spoiled and entitled women that have been in my life. I was told long ago, Never change a test answer, and now I know why………..

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  48. I read all the views abt people over here …and I would like to ask them why they are so against the man who wrote this blog…He has spoken the real hard truth abt phil sex workers bar girls and bla bla bla….Apart from what he experienced there is another set of a group ….who are not sex workers bt lure foreigners into their net on the pretext of wanting to have a long distance relationship with them …and as soon as they find out that the man really loves her she will start asking for money for any kind of excuses…The man pays as a courtesy thinking maybe she is having a problem and he extends his helping hand to her…Once she finds the money flowing easy she starts off asking frequently..well some men are clever now so either they dont give or they do give and lose their money….I had met a filipina around 6 yrs back from now …we met on net that time she was a sales lady in a mall she said she doesnt beleive in net dating and wanted to meet me personally .That time I didnt had my passport made becoz never in my dreams i thought i will be loving a filipina or going out of my country I was happy with my life …well I called her payed lot of money for her ticket visa and everything ..The first time we met the same day she told me to hve love making with her …we did know each other bt as it was my first time to meet a foreigner girl i was very nervous ..well we had lot of love making with each other once i got comfortable with her …she stayed with me for 10 days and went back then she demanded me that she wante to do nursing so if i could help ….I think it will come as a shock to all the filipinas or filipinos who will be reading this story of mine …I spent millions to get her nursing completed ..she visited me several times to India on my expenses spent her days here like a queen…she completed her nursing in the meantime and got the RN exam done and passed also at first attempt as she was intelligent ..I was also happy that my money was not wasted and i helped a woman i loved to achieve her goals in life….I wanted to marry her so i called her again..she came and we even got married as per hindu rites …bt she didnt report the marriage to the embassy …I didnt know what her intentions were ..well during marriage as a culture I gave lot of gold ornaments to her of my mom which she had kept for her daughter in law…well once she flew back she kept talking to me for few days bt suddenly she one day told me that she doesnt feel love anymore and want to quit…I was totally shocked ….I lost millions to keep her happy bt still i dont know wht she wanted more…well I got tired and i also quit this relationship finally..I still feel so much pain inside me wht to do wht is gone is gone and i know i cant do anything abt it …so there are these kind of woman too who use and abuse and then will dump u…this is also called another kind of prostitution…I agree I am a emotional person I have helped lot of people in my life ….I pray to God that to save another person being the target of her lust for money ….thank u God for saving my life ….

  49. THIS IS FOR JENN NELSON……MADAME ….have u heard the song ” she loves me like Jesus does” by Eric Church …Plss spend 3 min listening to the song on You tube …I think u would get the answer….if you love ur husband then learn to forgive him also …he did a mistake unintentionally becoz he is was into it all his life and he lost his weight also as wht u told here …see how much he is guilty abt it ….such men of character are rare to find on this earth….forgive him and embrace him…he is going under trauma my friend ….we all human beings are not perfect we do make mistakes …forgiveness is the only solution to bring ur family back to happiness Amen

    • This is in response to your comment Alok Kumar, I just watched the video and it brought me to tears. I thank you for your comments. It is going to be difficult to trust again after being betrayed by my husband. I take adultery very seriously and we just finished 3 months of marriage counselling and going to our catholic priest as well for counselling, yet I am still undecided as to whether I will stay in this marriage or not. God Bless You!

  50. Can I simply just say what a comfort to discover a person that really understands what they’re discussing on the web. You definitely realize how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people ought to read this and understand this side of the story. I was surprised that you are not more popular because you most certainly possess the gift.

  51. Thank you for posting this item. I have a brother with a brain injury since 2000. He now has the ability or a 14 old boy. I have try many ways of providing a social platform so he can conform with the community. I am his Guardian and feel that I can not provided a safe and healthy life if I die. He has no other person to care for him. So I find this article very appealing in helping out with problem. I feel that if my brother is left in the care of the Goverment his life would be miserable. I will go to the Philopine and see if there is any women willing to marry my brother and care for him.

    • Marry your brother to a filipina and he would be taken cared for. Just make sure his pension is OK! I know of a veteran who did just that. The girl was a bit over 30 years old. He now has a very comfortable life. The cost of living in this country is very low!

  52. Este tio es un putero como yo.
    Enhorabuena por este articulo.
    Que hipócrita que es la Sociedad, solo explica una realidad para el turista que le guste este palo.
    Tailandia es un Paraíso Sexual, y las Filipinas, seguro que en 1 año estoy en Angeles, para comprobarlo.
    Y al que no le gusten los Paraísos Sexuales, que no vaya, y se vaya de cultureo a ver Iglesias, Conventos, ect, ect, que en España tenemos muchos, aunque de puticlub tenemos miles, pero que miles, y llevo 60 años escuchando a los hipócritas, que no les va la prostitución, pero sus hijas abortan ahora en España y antes en Londres y Amterdam.
    ¡Hipócritas! ¡hipócritas!
    Seguir yendo a misa a ver a los pederastras y os confesáis con ellos, claro que todos no lo son, pues claro en Filipinas imagino que todas no son putas, como tampoco lo son en Tailandia, ni en España.
    Simplemente hace un comentario, para el turista sexual, como yo, y que es real como la vida misma, y al que no le guste que no vaya y que se joda, tanto cuento.

  53. I live here and everything he says is true. There is much more than that here though. Whatever you are looking for you will find here. Look for nice honest people and you will find that too.

  54. I have been to both the Philippines and Thailand and met women then had sex and later gave them money.

    It is not like you would imagine as it is in the west. I would never visit a prostitute in Oz.

    I guess you go out and meet a girl at a disco or bar. Spend a night together as you would in the west. I then offer the girl money so she can go shopping or pay telephone credit etc.. There is a big disparity in wealth and I would feel bad dragging a girl around round and having her pay her way when I earn more in an hour than she does in a day.

    I’m not sure of the problem and I always give the girl I’m with money and get her to meet me for dinner etc… Later. It is not really about the sex and I’m not an overly sexual person so often it dosen’t happen and the girl will prompt it. I do however like a companion whilst on holidays and someone to help me with such things as shopping and tours.

    I get joy out of seeing my date happy and I hope she gets joy out of looking after me and helping me enjoy my holiday.

    My date can leave at anytime she like as there is no fixed arrangement etc…

    If this makes me a bad person then so be it. I’m not going to change as the result will be a lonely holiday. I work so much I just don’t get the opportunity to meet a partner. I don’t feel so bad about the girls i have met and the companion I’m with also don’t seem too bothered.

    I have actually become really good friends with some of the girls and visit if I’m in the area.

  55. I stopped Apologizing & making excuses for Being a “MAN” along time ago,, We’re NOT all Pigs & Dogs & Beasts with “only one thing on our Mind”, We’re allot more Scatterbrained than That, ,, Although easily distracted by Most things Pretty and almost All things Sexy,,, Reduced to the Lowest Terms ,,, “Life Directs us to Seek Food, Shelter, Safety, and OH YES ! SEX,,, But Not Necessarily in THAT order,,, For LOVE or MONEY , its what we Do Best,,, Hell its ALL we Do,,, & it’s made Humanity the Dominate Species on the Planet,,but NOT without some Issues,,, Living in the Phils for about Three Years Now ,, Its either Wishful thinking or Thinkful wishing that has me wondering sometimes , if Just beyond the Shimmering-Semitransparent Illusion of Convention & Civility in this Most Catholic of Third world Cultures , if there REALLY IS that Legendary ‘Fantasy-Realm’ of Naughty Secrets ,,Who’s Kidding Who? ,,, Men Want Sex with Pretty Girls ,, it’s a FACT of LIFE ,, and any woman Philipina or other who has a problem with that should just take it up with God or just get herself a Lesbian Life-Partner & Get Over Herself,,, I find it just a little Ironic that a GAY man in the Philippines can Expect and Get More Respect from the Local Women-Folk than just a Regular Guy who Likes Girls,, Go figure!,,, The Way I see it,, “The World’s Oldest Profession” is Probably NOT prostitution,,, but a MAN just looking for something to Eat Who doesn’t Mind sharing his Dinner with a Hungry Girl as long as She’s willing to Pitch in with some Desert ,, In This Local Economy I have Seen with My own Eyes,,, Local Women washing clothes by hand while Squatting over a Bucket & Pulling on a “Bumba’ (Pump-Handle) “ALL DAY” for 200 Pesos,,,, “A Days Wage!” or if she Gets a Clue and has the Sense to be Discreet,, Just 30 minutes worth of “Naughty-Money” with a MAN enjoying the Sex More than She does ,,so as to continue Eating for another Day or Two,, While the “MEN-Folk” for all the “Advantages” of Being a Man, go Fishing for 14 to 20 Hours at a time , Often as not Ending up with NOTHING! ,, SEX, FOR LOVE or MONEY is the Naughty-Secret that Everybody Knows about while Faking IGNORANCE in EVERY Culture ,, and Whether for Love or Money ,, the Bible may Say “The Best things in Life are Free” ,, in Reality, SEX Very Seldom Ever IS,,, & THAT’S the “OTHER” Secret,,, Now, for all I know , the “DipStick” who wrote the Article may Actually Be On to Something,, but if it’s any Consolation ‘Ladies’ I’m NOT going to Test his Hypothesis by Going to the Nearest Mall and Propositioning the First Pretty Girl I see,, Ha! But I’d Probably at least ‘Think’ about it,, I’ll tell You what Turns me on Most about Philippine Girls, Among the Prettiest in the World (but that’s just My opinion) , And it isn’t the Sex,, (Though I’ve often wished), and ‘That’s’ they way that Even the Prettiest Girls Don;t seem to Mind when she Catches me “LOOKING” , You See, Getting Caught looking at a Pretty Girl in the States can Earn a MAN some “Spit in the Eye” or a kick in the Groin for even the most nonchalant of Complementary Gazes!!,,,, So Girls ! Weather your Receptive to the offer of a little Naughty-Money or “Going for Broke” You Have My respects & Compliments Either-Way,, And if there Actually IS a Secret to way to your Heart or a Privileged Visit to Your Southern Hinterlands , Then with All Due Respect, Next time You Catch me Looking , Please feel Free to Smile as Gracefully as you always do, and if you happen to have the time ,,, for Heaven’s Sake Please ! TELL ME WHAT IT IS!!! & I Promise I’ll Never Tell another Living Soul ,, 😉

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  57. Designer Lagerfield said: ” “I admire porn. And I personally only like high-class escorts. I don’t like sleeping with people I really love. I don’t want to sleep with them because sex cannot last, but affection can last forever. I think this is healthy. And for the way the rich live, this is possible. But the other world, I think they need porn. I also think it’s much more difficult to perform in porn than to fake some emotion on the face as an actor. I admire porn actors.”

    Now wear his clothes and see reality women 🙂

    • you ought to see the look on my face when i walk the streets of manila my zipper open and when i walk through the malls my zipper wide open , girls yelling hey joe ! i was transform into a rock-star and my trouser snake was a rock-hard -star too ! now the looks on there face when i got em on my launching pad , ah my casting couch is not words to decipher , priceless! i’ve been real busy beaver getting all there beaver, leave it to weaver !

  58. “To those who scoff at prostitutes and refuse to go near them, please stop. It’s not just the prostitutes – it’s practically all Filipina girls. These girls are poor. Not “can’t buy a bus ticket poor”, but “can’t find food for dinner” poor.”


    Practically all Filipina girls? Way to make a generalization. This article is terrible. It glamorises prostitution despite acknowledging that many of these young women aren’t in the sex industry by choice, they’re in it because they literally have no other way to survive. What an asshole. Nothing against sex and nothing against sex workers who are in the industry consensually, but what a stupid generalisation to make, that all Filipina girls are prostitutes, that all Filipina girls are simply commodities to be bought and sold for a selfish tourist’s personal pleasure. This makes me so angry.

    Douchebag wasn’t even brave enough to publish his name along with this frustrating article.

    • Philipinose are evil

      I asked for water and the Evil Asians said I had to pay 3 dollars for the cup.

      We Torontonians are sick of users .

      When they come with nothing we need to make them pay and get the hell out.

      Philipinose are characterless kis asses with no morals and erode d my citys infilstructure anter kissing white loosers asses who like slavery and has resulted in a invasion philipinose take over wich had resulted in busineses going out of business because of sub standard work and rood big nose bitches refugeese

      I hate Philippinose acting like they are “JUST LIKE US” double standard users.

      GO TRUMP BAN CHISESE TOO. fuking job thieves home wreckers FAKE NANNIES

  59. This loser, whomever he is, must be one ugly or repugnant personality which leads him to have to buy sex. He cannot have a normal sexual relationship but feed the immoral teachings to women to earn income as prostitutes.
    Prostitution degrades a country and lifestyle the same ways that drugs, boozing and crimes do. I have ample to offer a righteous Filippa but if she ever had prostituted, I certainly would rather find another with brains.
    Shame on this web site for publishing this ugly sins of the author and encouraging prostitution in the Phils. Stay where you are if you seek to degrade the Phils.

    • no problema, but alot of zipper mouths in philippines , in fact you sound just like the one i filled up in L.A. cafe ermita masarap swallow it again ! boner petit !

  60. I lived in the Philippines (2013) for one year, and I agree with the guy who wrote this. Sure, it’s not ALL Filipina women, But it is such a high percentage of women that he is correct, that you can find a woman almost anywhere (mall, market, beach, bar, country club, even walking down the street) who is interested in you as a westerner for your money so will have sex with you. I have never had so much attention in my life! And these women aren’t bar & street prostitues, just women who want your attention & money (yes, willing to prostitues themselves) in hope you, the westerner, will want them as a girlfriend and lead to marriage and security. And, these young women will go after any guy – fat, ugly, old and married. They are shameless. Then the very open side of prostitution by the street prostitues and in bars is very out there and open in the PO. That’s why the PI ranks 2nd or 3rd behind Thailand in the sex trade. It is true, YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR to these young women and can live quite a sexual life of debauchery. And, I saw personally soooo many married western men who took full advantage of their rockstar status. Women, if your men are traveling to the PI for business, I can bet Ya that most will take advantage of having sexwhile there.

  61. they all ride bone and call me joe! i leave my zipper down as i walk down mabini street bonner patit !!!! gets em everytime walang para? hindi, they cocksukers all of em men too!

  62. Filipina girls are cool. LIke, Thai girls are stuck up…….but Filipinas? could be doing a piss and turn around and shove that dirty dick right into the Filipina’s mouth and she’ll gobble it down.
    No way would a Thai do that, but a Filipina ? No problems !

  63. I’m a Filipino. Dont get me wrong for not defending my countrymen but I somewhat agree with the author. Not that all pinays are whores or prostitutes but a great majority would give their soul for a better life. Uplift their family to a better standard of living by marrying or hooking up with a rich guy and not necessarily a foreigner. She might not be very obvious that she wants you but the twingkle in her eye when you arrive with a BMW says otherwise. Sex would not be far behind. They dont ask for funds but the end result would still be that a few ten thousand pesos would be extracted from your wallet. I’m not talking about the out and out poor, as there are a lot of them. I’m talking about college students, office workers and even married housewives who would join you for a night of fun for a possible future business assistance.

    A single high school teacher, 27 years of age, who wanted an online connection and contacts to korea so she could start a tutorial business. I believe she now has that after hooking up with a married guy. A 28 year old single call center agent wanted a franchise outlet to add to her income for her family. She too hooked up with a married guy and now has a pizza outlet. An 18 year old state university student is staying at a condo unit as a scholar of a single businessman from the south. He returns to manila once a month for business and pleasure. I know these because I personally know these ladies.

    It all economics! The guy who has the money, a pinoy notwithstanding, is a rock star!

  64. I’m a filipino. I’ll state for a fact that there are truly a lot, and my I emphasis a lot, of filipinas who would use sex to get a better life for her and her family. I’m not just looking at the poor but rather even those coming from educated upper middle income families. They would not ask you for money. They would be insulted if you mention anything which would connect them to any get rich scheme. But in the long run, her goal is for the betterment of her lot and her family. A foreigner, would seem like a dollar sign but a filipino with a peso sign is good enough.

    I think these is not just in the Philippines but is world wide. It’s just that there are a lot more poor people in developing countries as compared to first world countries.

  65. I was just contemplating a visit to the Philippines next year when I stumbled across this article and all the angry posts which followed it. Why all the fuss? Forget the author’s own experiences for a moment and concentrate on the poverty points. There are many parts of the world where women are forced by economic circumstances to accept prostitution as an answer to the problem of finding the price of a meal, and some men are greedy enough for selfish sex to pay them for sex if they have the money. I think this tells you more about the nature of the world than just the Phillippines and many of us find it shameful.that we can allow this situation to continue.

  66. I was just contemplating a visit to the Philippines next year when I stumbled across this article and all the angry posts which followed it. Why all the fuss? Forget the author’s own experiences for a moment and concentrate on the poverty points. There are many parts of the world where women are forced by economic circumstances to accept prostitution as an answer to the problem of finding the price of a meal, and some men are greedy enough for loveless sex to pay them for sex if they have the money. I think this tells you more about the nature of the world than just the Phillippines and many of us find it shameful.that we can allow this situation to continue.

  67. i lived in the filipines for 4 yrs working for the PNP. the marasons control the girls their parents sell the their daughter to them for a great price so they can feed and take care of their other children and say that she must have ran away

  68. I have lived…married…annulled…have a daughter…over 28 years in the Philipines…..the strangest culture on earth.It is the foreigners that are vulnerable and taken advantage of and need protection
    From all the female population ..

  69. What you sick men with only your own sexual gratification can’t grasp is that these girls are bought from their families at 6, 7 maybe 8 years old and thrown into these industries to make their pimps money. You fund this industry. You fund pedos. You fund a little girl to be raped over and over again. You fund her to grow up with no education and only knowing she has to get a bloke and spread her legs for as long as she can before she is too old because you filths in your 40s and 50s like them young. And I’m sure she truly loves your old fat ass. You are just one of 365 other men she has to service every year .

  70. The reason people are upset is for the reason I haven’t yet seen addressed; this guy is sleeping with children. He’s calling them “girls” because they are. Fascinating that pedophiles always claim they go there for the “sexual freedom” when in fact, it just means they’re free to have sex with kids. These “girls” as he calls them aren’t clamoring to sleep with him, they’re being forced to have sex with dirtballs in order to avoid getting beaten. Someone has decided they need to perform this “service” for gross guys from other countries that apparently can’t handle having sex with other adults. To call someone “fat” or “ugly” because they object to that just shows what rat-dicks some of your posters are.

  71. growing up here in the states my family was basically Asian , African , Native American and French decent … having grown up in a basically diverse background I noticed my family had a lot of rich African/Asian/ Native American cultural practices which were the driving force to sense of family and strict codes of honor … Family were the ones i grew up with and also became families of people who share the same belief systems and were taken to heart as our own. An interesting fact is that the traditions were kept in tact and somewhat interchangeable here with those Filipinos that were close friends although there was a closeness with them I was always forewarned by them never to change as embraced in friendship. Finding that my family was from the Philippines eventually I noticed several strange occurrences in talking with and dealing with females from there they had a strange concept of morality for some sex was used as currency and loyalty and truth was a concept that didn’t exist for them although they forever wanted your loyalty, honor and morality to be intact which somewhat boggled my mind . It went back to and old word my moms family used repeatedly which was an eye servant – which meant someone who does as expected only while being watched. I observed many scheduling sex with men for money in secret and many of them bragged and posted this activity of having sex with bosses friends and strangers for money . Seeing this first hand there is something definitely wrong and it isn’t isolated to only them it’s a world problem , although it is a big one when women leave there families and go abroad to become prostitutes and whores for men who can afford to pay them and then thrown away when age has gotten to them and only restarts the crazy cycle as their children especially young girls idolize them and their pursuit for quick money and further destroys a culture and family. For me my mom’s family was wealthy and became ruined by theft of their fortune and interestingly enough my message I was given was make my way be honorable and upstanding and money will go and come and all one has left is their face , their honor and their word and honesty all things that i have uncovered lately has been overlooked by most in the hurry for a fast buck . Although it is thought great by some to thrive off another’s suffering it is indeed sick and threatens all eventually when the ideas of morality have taken a back seat for the sake of a good time and a quick lay … I hope those who enjoyed the plight of the ones in need remembered protection because that type of behavior will indeed come back to haunt you I’m not saying this to preach although I’m stating a fact HIV/AIDS and STI’S are growing every day so be careful and warned…………

  72. The services of finding your date have come to your doorstep.
    Always open your ears to that which is being communicated to you.

    Then your expectations are dashed on the rocks when you meet the
    misrepresented or worse.

  73. I really appreciated the OP. I have been thinking about going to the Philippines to enjoy some of those sexy women. What he said is very encouraging. I’m not a rich guy but I could afford many adventures with those women.

    I have enjoyed several prostitutes in the U.S. and they are OK, but it’s usually impersonal. They don’t want to hold hands, kiss, hug, and do all those other fun things. It’s just sex and oftentimes it’s quite expensive. I want ladies that are like girlfriends and I adore Asian women.

    It’s sad that it is so hard for guys to get sex with American women. They make it so difficult for us guys to get sex .American women just haven’t figured out if they actually like sex or not.

    I have known guys that go to the Philippines that say the girls are taught by their mothers to enjoy sex and to give their men as much as they want. That’s a huge cultural difference and that’s why American men are going out of their way to meet foreign women. American women just aren’t satisfying our basic needs.

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    Pheromones on humans?
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  75. this article is the vision was have and find a young men in hollidays 4years ago
    canot complain about his opinion because is he was see and do. yes Im not agree with all..something wrong of course not all womans are same,etc..
    I live in indonesia and I can undestant what he mean .
    all people like money ,in asia if you are tourist you have “points” with some womans..or is more easyest to friendly because some womans and mens open mind and like tourist.
    Is no dificultto undestand if you want this.

  76. Awesome! Sounds like a place I can finally have the girl of my dreams. In the states it’s just not going to happen.

  77. A man and wifehad 7 children, 2 died from malnutrition there youngest is sick, neither parent has an education and rummage through the trash dump for plastics and metals to sell for scrap.. the parents ask there oldest daughter to get a job at a bar selling herself… is this wrong? Is the man who hires her a pig? This girl has watched two siblings die and another is about to… is there another option for them? I’m sure there is but with no education can they find it or figure it out?
    In the USA a young man 23 years old gets married to the woman he loves.. 5 years and 2 children later he finds out she’s been cheating on him… he’s always at work and she is lonely she says… the divorce costs him 50 percent and both children.. he and his friends go to the philippines, the pearl of the orient, where he learns how the women treat there husbands and family.. (being mostly Catholic they will almost never tell there husband no, as they see it as there duty as a wife).. in the evening at a bar several beautiful young women are smiling at him and after talking to one particular one for a while finds out for 3500 pesos she will spend the evening with him and show him the sights tomarrow… is it wrong of him to want for a single night a woman that will pamper him and do as he wants while doting on him?
    Or I could say there is a woman who just likes to fuck and her husband works on a ship and will be away for 14 more months and to keep from getting caught she decides to work at a bar where foriegners frequent and can make extra money in the process.. would this be better or worse?
    Or I could say irregardless of why she is working there or on the street or anywhere, who’s business is it but hers to decide?
    Don’t you think it’s a bit arrogant to pass judgement on anyone other then yourself?
    The standard American, I don’t like it so you should not be allowed, or my way is better so you should do it this way.
    ( for the record I’m American and everywhere I go in the world the number 1 thing people say they dislike about Americans is the way they push there beliefs… so stop )
    Also, I will ask this, is a Dowry or an arranged marriage prostitution? How about a drink number? ( that’s how many drinks the guy has to buy befor she will sleep with him) how about requiring a diamond and gold and public show of affection? Some might say all women require something for spreading her legs.. and that prostitutes are the only ones honest about it… there are so many arguments here, pro and con, but here is the thing… none of you saying men are pigs and prostitutes are worthless whores know true destitute..and I would bet good money if given the choice of finding your meals out of a trash dump for a week or getting on your knees once for a random man which you would chose ..
    As well I’d like to mention something else, it’s nothing new in any country for a women to want a wealthy man or a better station ( or has no women ever dreamed of a prince sweeping them off there feet) yes that means you want to sleep with somone for there money… and power.. and status..
    The philippines is a great place to visit, awsome beaches waterfalls jungles islands fishing shopping and the people are so friendly it’s great… I love it there and will retire there.. and oh BTW I met my wife on line after talking for 2 years I went to meet her , 6 months later I went back to marry her, 3 years married now and yes she is a Filipina..
    YouTube the slums in manila …see what life in poverty really looks like.. true poverty, not like anything in the u.s. …
    P.s. sorry for the poor articulate, normally I write and rewrite but I’m annoyed at the arrogance of most posts here only a few had any sence at all.
    I could go on and on but the truth is until your not blind to the world and the way things you all just try and push your crap on others, it’s ridiculous.
    For any who are interested in doing something besides pushing ignorant crap, pork costs around 250 pesos per kilo when buying a full pig, chicken is cheaper but the price varies, fish are the cheapest, you could also create jobs, donate money or build houses, I personally like building aquaponic systems for squatter villages which provide fish and vegetables. I also like hiding coins all over for the kids to find ( that’s just fun)
    But what else is fun is nicaragua.. 1400 cordoba for all night
    India, as little as a dollar for a quicky
    LOL Japan…wow ( bring money)
    Haven’t been to Thailand but looking good forward to it.
    Be warned of nevada.. Reno.. I went into a brothel there and the bitch said 1400, I replied if it’s that good go fuck yourself.
    And let’s not forget the topic point, the philippines… ahh so nice and friendly a lot speak English more so in some places then others.. not tried los angeles yet but manila and cebu are great and much fun. Be safe guys and tip well.

  78. its paradise for a guy !
    American gals are not wanted like it use to be in the 50s –70s now smart cultered and well traveled American guys have learned that Asian females are way way less the headache them American females !!

  79. the guys on here should know what the typical female response is going to be when any male does not have to bendover backwards for sex, lol. i personally have not been to PI but have been to central and south america where prostitution is legal in most countries, roughly around $60 or less depending on your negotiation skills.

    i love the fact that north american men are not confined to the sexual relations inequality that infects north america like a virus. yes, american women would rather you work, and beg until you hit the grave. i call countries with legal prostitution “the equalizer” and i love to see the average north american joe with smiles they probably haven’t seen in decades because of out whole social structure.

    america is good for earning cash, but horrible to get the type of sexual life the REAL MEN want. …fuck those silly bitches in here.

    • fat bald creeps perverted pedophile meets grose prostitute spreading alphabet soup so doctors and pharmaceutical company’s can get rich with our taxes paying philipinose cheap users to destroy Toronto Canada while Priminister Triudau tell lies about how they are good for a vote OOPS I mean for our economy. PHILIPINOSE ARE BIGOTS WHO ONLY HIRE BIG NOSE BROAD FAT FACE PHILIPINOSE AAND drain your economy s and bank accounts.

      No more Somalia’s Muslims nor job stealing racist DOUBLE STANDARD philipinose

      My country’s health care system is not for sale especially when I am not a regular yet last arrivals live in emergency ward and dr specialist offices every day. I bet they love the money taxes and tax payers pay for Asian invasian users

  80. People I talk to have the wrong idea of the Philippines and the Filipino women Western world countries are great places but since I have be in Indonesia, Malaysia and lived in the Philippines for several years I prefer to live in the Philippines or an Asian country then Australia as I’m a white Australian and find Australia is turning into a bullshit country and guys that move to the Philippines say their countries at shit to . I married a Filipino who ripped me off 168,000 dollars than found out wasn’t married to her ,I now have another Filipino woman we will marry she supported me for 3 years she is 18 years younger than me and I help her out as much as I can I also help with house work etc She is a very loving lady faithful and looks after herself to keep me happy without me even asking this is the fine quilty in a woman that Australian women are loosing. In Asian countries women do their best to !ook good for their man and been 58 it is so nice to see beautiful dressed so nice and very polite that makes us that go there want to stay because we can be with a lady not a booze hag that people call a good Aussie woman.
    Even girl from napel I have met a want to be notice by frogine men people sayvthey are gold diggers because they don’t have money but the want nice things in life that western women take for granted. Also I know ofvAussiebwomen want the big car big house spending money than goes out and has an affair with another guy than say her husband is shit never home he is working his but off to pay for her needs. So the poor Filipino working in the bar for a living is not a prostuite the Aussie woman I just discribed is the prostuite.
    I love the place and will retire there next year and hopefully can bring something good to the country as the people I have met poor and rich are very good people and are what I call very good friends . and same in Indonesia .so if people go there go with an open mind and enjoy the place

  81. That’s right article, filipino girls just want to sleep for money, most of them want to have mix blood baby without marry them it’s no problem. But be careful,when the baby grown up they will looking for you to grab your money to feed this kid while this girl make relationships with another guy for some reason,money. That is reality life here. How smart girl they are to get money, but I think they are very tricky

  82. There is no more room yet you losers fat bald grouse pedophile creepy bald loosers import diseases while North America suffers the cost debt and price because you those scum bags who import these invaders kiss ass tearing down our economy stealing our jobs and lowering my city’s quality of life.

    How dare you creeps use My tax paying dollars to pay for them phiolipinose over crowding by building and city forcing Canadians in Toronto to be homeless or stifling at ages 28 to 39 forcing our lives to be damaged throwing away our dreams of starting a family.

    I cant stand Philipi ” NOSE ” they are racist Ewalks from star wars ugly, cheap, kiss asses, liars, cheap users with hidden agenda snakes in the grass.

    Go away and never come back Stop pulling Canadians down with your Philipinose Somalians Muslims economical refugees. Ps prostitution is illegal and spreads Hep A, B,C, D, HIV, HPV Go do research and don’t talk over my drinks

  83. I can only speak from my experience but PI girls are the best in every aspect. Id move there in a second if I could. The first girl I met was 3 days after I arrived in Cebu and had sex with her 2 days later. This woman had a 4yo kid so that was a deal breaker but even though she already had a kid this woman had the tightest pussy imaginable. I stretched that thing out and all it cost me was a meal.

  84. You are clearly desensitized, through justification of your own sex addiction, to the reality that the majority of these young prostitutes, often well under the age of 18, are forced into human trafficking and sex slavery. They are victims, who have no choice but to pretend you are a rockstar, while gagging at the thought of you. When/if they are arrested they are often fined and imprisoned and this is after being forced to have sex with those who arrest them. When the pimps, or traffickers, are prosecuted, they go to jail for life. It’s not the fun story you tell. Most of “you” are sex addicts with intimacy disorders. If you weren’t narcissists addicted to pornography, strip clubs, and prostitution, you might be able to maintain a relationship with a girlfriend, a wife, simply by being relational, honest, and transparent, and then you wouldn’t need to hire children, or teens, or anyone else, forced into sex slavery and you could live your live out of the shadows of shame. You tell lies, you compartmentalize, you justify, and you blame, and you objectify. You are an addict. I feel sorry for you and all the souls you’ve soiled by your ignorance and sense of entitlement. Please find a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, CSAT, and get help, so that you can have some hope for a real relationship and/or for a life where you treat all humans with dignity and respect.

  85. Great information. Philippine girls are very exotic. Their race as same as native Indonesian. But, it’s much easier to have sex in Philippine with a low cost. You’ve to try to have sex in Philippine. Prostitution is booming in the country. They are young, beautiful, and cute.

  86. Heeeyyyyyyy,wake up all you guys,the only reason why prostitution is so cheap in Asia is because you get a cheaper quality of pussy.asian pussy isn’t as nice as western pussy.lts a fact and you know it.

  87. I see all the overweight American women are trying to shame men into not speaking about this and insulting them. Funny. Falater

  88. So it seems so many women are upset that the power of the western pussy is rendered useless simply by boarding a plane. Hmm it’s painful to see the bottom fall out of your currency and your marker crash. Perhaps women should stop acting like they have the crown jewels between their legs and accept that half the planet has female genitals.

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  91. Any 3rd world country is like that. Even Las Vegas.There are bars all over the world.Where you can just walk in and walk out with a guy and a girl.

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  93. the amount of backlash this post is getting is amazing, prostitution is legal in half the countries in the world and takes place in all of them

    if you don’t like it you don’t need to partake, but you are extremely naive to think it isn’t happening all around you every day, and will continue to do so as long as people are on this planet

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  95. Beware of sexual diseases. They are widespread in the Philippines since all girls go for sex with whoever has money and will do it without a condom. Some STDs don’t even require sexual intercourse. You might pay a life price for the seeming Paradise.

  96. The guy just gave his honest opinion of his experiences and I thank him for that. I find it interesting when people rip into another person for just sharing their experiences and opinion and I certainly understand why he chose to be anonymous considering some of the haters out there. Smart move.

  97. From a lifetime of experience, I feel I should post a few tips.

    1. Ask your lady if she likes being a female, before you get married. I found out my Aussie wife didn’t, after we were married. (Very bad sign – reconsider)

    2. With Aussie ladies, do not pay for them to go back to school. When they get their degree, they will feel they are too good for you.

    3. Never marry a lady who wil not discuss sex, and will only do it in one position only, and only once a night. It is not negotiable with her. Find out before you get married, or cut and run as soon as you can.

    4. With Aussie/western ladies, learn to recognise the signs that they are control freaks.

    BTW. All the above happened to me. But it does amuse me to think that she would have to get outside her ego, and really put out for her lover. Surely, no one would put up with the same crappy sex, I had to put up with most of my life. Anyway, I just plain gave up on sex altogether. Too much damn trouble

    5. They will eventually leave you, or find a lover, but by then you are too old to want to start again.

    It is no wonder so many Aussie men have found La filippina as Keridos/wives. The difference between the two is unbelieveable. Many years ago, a beautiful mestizo babae consented to be my lady, but we didn’t get married because of parental intereference on both sides. (We both were very young) What a mistake.

  98. BTW. One only has to read the comments of Western women posting on this blog, to understand why they are sooo unattractive to most men. Many are foul mouthed, bad tempered, and totally self-centered. I have always stuck just the opposite, with Asian ladies. Also I found, even here in Aust. they liked me, even though I was too married to have an affair with any of them. I was courteous to them, interested in their life, rather a romantic, found them absolutely beautiful, and told them so. I guess the fact that I was faithful to my wife, turned them on a bit too. I will honestly admit I was often tempted.



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