Intercontinental One-Night-Stand: Confessions of a Solo Female Traveller


For a twenty-five year old girl who have not been anywhere outside the country, it was a real thrill for me to finally save up enough money and go on a European trip. While it would have been nice to travel with someone, I decided flying solo was just what I needed to gain the perspective I severely lacked. I expected the trip to be nothing if not exciting and liberating, but fate apparently had other plans for me. 

Forrest Gump was right after all. Life is a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get. What I got from that fateful trip was nothing short of the best sampling from the box of sinful delights that are as addictive as they are terrifyingly challenging. My chocolate was named Alexander, and by God he was the best treat any woman could sink her teeth into.

Chance Encounter

He sat a couple of tables away from me while I was trying my darnedest to enjoy the cup of coffee I ordered with a side of stinky cheese. I would go on the mat trying to argue that I said the correct French word for cream, but nonetheless, the waiter brought me cheese, which I preceded to eat because I hate it when people make a mistake ordering when in a foreign country.

I glanced up and saw his eyes boring through me like hot laser cutting through metal, which illicited an involuntary response from deep inside my body. I tried to ignore the blatant display of interest by finishing off my coffee and cheese but there was no escaping the invisible heat that enveloped my entire being. Who is this fellow anyway?

I promptly paid the paltry bill and was just about to leave when he strode towards my table and stood impassively in front of me, effectively blocking my path.

“You know, you did not have to endure the cheese,” he said in the most inviting debonair voice that caused me to lose my footing just a little bit.

“Excuse me?” I responded while attempting to steady myself.

“You looked like you were going to hurl from the smell of it.” His casual observation ticked me off slightly, but his voice really did something to my insides. A hot, delicious something.

“Well……” My brain seem to have failed me, thereby preventing any real response.

He smiled. “Would you like to come up to my hotel room? You look like you can use a drink. A proper one this time.” He added, “I promise, no cheese these time, unless you really want it?”

I noticed just the slightest hint of a British accent but I let it pass. After all, who cares about accents when you have just been invited by a virtual stranger to his room.

“I don’t see why not,” I heard myself say. Have you lost your goddamn marbles? my subconscious protested.

He smiled, returned his beautiful blue-eyed gaze, and I took his outstretched hand.

Yes. Definitely lost my marbles.

As it turned out, he was staying at the hotel that was upstairs from where the coffee shop was. As we waited for the elevator doors to open, I took the chance to have a good look at him.

The man was painfully good looking. His features where chiseled and angular. There was an almost savage quality to his beauty. I have seen many great looking men back home, but this tall drink of water was something else.

The elevator finally arrived and we went in. As soon as the doors closed, he attacked my lips as if there was no tomorrow. Before I could react, both my arms were above my head and pinned against the wall.

He took my lips, parted them with his, and explored every inch with the gusto of a hungry lover.

With all rational thought lost, I responded to the kiss as best I could. I let him explore and opened my mouth more so he can explore further. Then the kiss was halted abruptly.

“We’re here,” he said, almost as a response to the disappointed look I shot him.

The elevator door dinged and we both stepped off, his left arm still curled around the small of my lower back.

He placed the key card into the slot and gingerly opened the door to his hotel room. Unexpectedly, however, he did not signal for me to go in. He went straight inside without so much as glancing back at me.

I stood for a few moments outside the room, contemplating my next move. The door was still ajar but I cannot see or hear anything from the inside. After my initial trepidation, I took several steps forward and finally got inside.

I took a moment to appreciate the plush interior of the suite but was rudely interrupted by a pair of hands suddenly cupping my breasts from behind.

“I have been hard for almost an hour looking at you at the coffee shop,” he whispered salaciously into my ear.

With a deftness than I still could not fathom up to this day, he got me out of my cream silk blouse and skirt in about two seconds. My bra immediately followed and I was gloriously bare – save for my panties.

“Your tits are even more beautiful than I imagined them earlier,” he murmured hoarsely, as if he was in physical pain.

He turned me around so I was facing him and tugged almost violently at my nipples.

I heard him growl with approval and took the left nub in his mouth and suckled till I was moaning in sheer pleasure. He then moved on to the right nipple and gave it the same delicious treatment. Just when I thought I would come just from the expert ministrations of his mouth, he pushed me onto the bed and parted my thighs.

He took off my silk panties without tearing his lustful gaze from me.

After what seemed like an eternity, he lowered his head to my aching core and began licking my wet… you know? Not to be cheesy, but his tongue felt gloriously hot against my flesh, sending me to a swirling vortex of sensations that overpowered any rational thought.

He laved, licked, sucked, and even grazed his teeth all over me until I was writhing in pure pleasure.

Before I completely came down from the most intense orgasm of my life, he rammed into me without any warning.

I gasped loudly as I tried to recover from the sudden invasion of his member, which was significantly larger than my previous lovers.

When did he have time to undo this trousers?

Sometime later I came. I was so exhausted and confused with the unexpected encounter that I unknowingly drifted off to sleep right next to a man I hardly know.

I woke up in the dead of night, parched and just a tad hazy.

After finally recalling the day’s events, I got up from the bed and proceeded to collect my clothes that were scattered on the floor.

I left him a note.

I had a great time today. Thank you very much. It was lovely meeting you.

PS – I just realized I do not even know your name.

I wrote the note and left it on the nightstand for him.

As I left the room, I felt a powerful wave of emotions overtake me. I wasn’t the kind of girl who did the one-night stand thing.

I felt ashamed.

Two Days Later

I was running late and in desperate need of a cab to take me to the airport. This had been the best trip to Europe, and not just because of the beautiful stranger that took me to passionate heights I never even thought existed. Not to be cheesy, of course.

A cab pulled up right in front of me when a man stepped in front of me. The motherfucker is going to take my cabI thought. And then I saw it was, against all odds, him. And he was holding the door open for me. With a gentle smile, he ushered me in, and got inside himself. 

I looked at him quizzically and before I could open my mouth to speak, he asked, “So where are we going?”

I smiled at him and leaned in for a kiss. 

Next week is my second trip to Europe. This time I am not going alone. I am certain that Paris would look even more stunning with Alexander by my side the entire time.

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