Cutting-Edge Security System For Apartments

security system for apartments

There is a wide range of security system for apartments based on the specific needs of the renters and homeowners. Homeowners are comfortable with the long-term contracts for their security products. However, if you are a renter, you might look for contract-free security systems. In this post, we will discuss some contract-free security system setups for renters. These smart security solutions for the renters enable them to get these security systems installed with ease. The comprehensive range of the product list includes video surveillance, wireless smoke detectors, remote-controlled lights, and other features. Read this post until the end on the security system for apartments.

List Of The Best Contract-Free Security System Setup For Renters

Below is the list that contains advanced security system for apartments for the render: 

1: SimpliSafe – Best Home Security for Renters

SimpliSafe is a pioneer in the field of renter alarm systems. In reality, the company was established as a result of a problem with apartment robberies among Boston-area university students. It was 2006, and several security firms were unable to meet the needs of tenants. SimpliSafe’s solution: You can purchase a low-cost device and set it up yourself, with the option of controlled or unmonitored home protection. The siren of a system will work for free, unlike a mobile application. 

The cost of a SimpliSafe starter kit is about $200. While this is more than the bare minimum for a Frontpoint device, SimpliSafe allows you to escape an annual contract while still having a working siren. Optional skilled monitoring is also less expensive than Frontpoint, starting at $24.99 a month. SimpliSafe also produces entryway displays, an indoor wireless camera, glass break alarms, and other products at a reasonable price. The base station may also track equipment from select third parties, as described below.

SimpliCam – You can add video surveillance to your SimpliSafe device and control cameras through a mobile app with a paid plan (monthly or yearly). SimpliCam is a plug-and-play indoor camera with a battery backup. When motion is detected, it sends warnings to your phone through a motion sensor and wireless chip. For a period of 30 days, video clips are stored in cloud storage. Additionally, a privacy shutter is also included.

2: Cove – Most Affordable Home Security for Renters

We don’t want to make any assumptions, but if you’re renting a home rather than buying it outright, money might be an issue. If that’s the case, Cove is a great choice, especially if you want professional monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Since all Cove systems come with skilled monitoring and cellular backup from AT&T for only $14.99 a month, to begin with. There’s also the option to upgrade to Cove Plus for $24.99 a month if you want Alexa and Google Assistant integrations as well as remote control of your device, which we suggest. Given that certain companies charge up to $60 a month for the same functionality, Cove’s monthly contracts would undoubtedly save you money.

Since Cove doesn’t make their own cameras, the device we purchased from them included a Touch Panel, a motion sensor, a door sensor, a key ring remote, and the YI indoor camera, which came completely pre-programmed. Apart from that, environmental detectors such as smoke, CO, and temperature sensors, as well as a medical button, should have been included.

We got the indoor camera for free, and the best part is that none of Cove’s equipment costs more than $100; most parts are under $20, and the sensors are wireless, making installation a breeze. You’ll be able to peel your sensors on and off without causing damage to your walls, which is especially useful for tenants who don’t want to hardwire something.

3: Frontpoint – Best DIY Install Security

For tenants with yearly leases, Frontpoint DIY protection systems are recommended. You can even get a 12-month (or longer) deal with Frontpoint, and the equipment is renter-friendly; you can even install outdoor cameras without changing the house. Professional supervision is provided for a monthly fee of $35 to $50. However, the prices go higher than $35/month for additional video surveillance service and home automation.

To get started, the cheapest Frontpoint security package costs just $69 to get started. The Smart Hub is compatible with Z-Wave systems, so you can build a customized system with add-ons from Frontpoint and other companies.

A single Frontpoint Smart Hub will act as the control center for any size rental. It comes with a wireless keypad for arming and disarming, and additional keypads can be ordered for disarming at multiple entrances. You’ll use the mobile app to add other wireless sensors, and you can call Frontpoint for help if you need it. It normally takes an hour or less to set up.

4: Abode – Best No Contract System

SimpliSafe, the long-time pioneer in no-contract home protection for tenants, is facing stiff competition from Abode. Both companies provide low-cost starter kits as well as optional tracking. Abode has better integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, and it’s the better option if you want to automate a lot of your home’s functions. It’s also the best brand for outdoor video surveillance; Abode offers wireless weatherproof cameras, while SimpliSafe only offers an indoor camera and a doorbell camera.

The Abode iota surveillance system, which includes a built-in camera, costs $229. It’s a simple “plug and play” solution that can track up to 160 smart devices wirelessly using Z-Wave or Zigbee technologies. It can, for example, attach to smart outlets to control your lamps, coffee makers, and other plug-in appliances.

A framework designed around the Gateway is Abode’s other DIY security alternative. The Gateway Hub is available in packages that include motion sensors and other accessories. It can accommodate up to 151 devices and is Z-Wave and Zigbee compatible.

You can use Abode’s free mobile app to self-monitor any form of device. Professional monitoring is available on-demand via the app, with three-day minimum duration. We like how Abode allows you to be self-sufficient while still providing professional service. It is a cutting-edge security system for apartments.

5: Brinks – Best Home Security for Apartments

Brinks has been a pioneer in home defense for decades. They’re now known for providing high-quality wireless equipment, excellent customer support, and fast emergency dispatching. Brinks used to require long-term contracts from their clients, but they now provide some of the best home security for apartments as well. Home automation is also simple to implement. Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant will all assist you.

Professional monthly monitoring costs $29, or $39 if video surveillance is included; the top-tier package includes storage for 1000 clips. The Brinks Alarm Center leads the industry with an estimated response time of 30 seconds. Shoppers can also pick Brinks security systems with touchscreen control panels from the Brinks website. Brinks offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for all of its items.

6: Ring Alarm – Best Alexa Compatibility

Amazon created the Ring as a home security brand. While several security companies will connect with Amazon’s Alexa, Ring has a leg up on the competition when it comes to coding. The most noticeable benefit is that the voice command-style sounds natural; other companies’ phrases are indirect and can seem uncomfortable.

The majority of a Ring protection device can be used without a paid contract. After a 30-day free trial, however, access to your cameras costs $10 per month. A paid subscription also allows you to communicate with your neighbors about security warnings.

The cheapest Ring Alarm Security Kit costs $199 and is recommended for apartments up to 1000 square feet. A base station, a wireless keypad, an entry sensor, a motion detector, and a range extender are all part of the system. You can connect different smart devices to this simple setup without having to change your rental property.

Final Words! 

The list of the security system for apartments is suitable for the renters who want a contract-free security system setup. Besides, you can also get to learn about the cost and features of these prominent security system companies. Besides, it can also help you to choose one from the list on the basis of your unique security needs. 


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