The Art Of Sauna Application For Android Devices

The Art Of Sauna
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The Art of Sauna is a renowned name in offering the best class sauna and spa services to its valued clients. To make its services handy and widespread, the company also has its application for Android devices. If you are having physical stress or tension, and need a relaxing sauna or spa session, then you can reach out to the Art of Sauna. It can help you to get relaxed. In this post, you can find the procedure to download the APK on your device with the utmost ease. Let’s start!

What Is Sauna?

Before learning more about the application, let’s understand the sauna service in the first place. A sauna, often also termed as sudatory, is a small room where you can experience wet heat sessions. It can be an establishment with one or more similar facilities such as a sauna, spa, and various others.

The heat and the steam can make you sweat. There is a specific type of sauna that uses Infrared therapy. However, it is a controversial fact, and Finnish sauna organizations don’t consider infrared as a sauna. Tampere, an exotic city in Finland, has been officially declared the “Sauna Capital of the World.”

About The Art Of Sauna Application

Art of Sauna application can help you to plan and schedule your service appointments. It is a handy application that you can use to view schedules, book appointments, and view ongoing promotions. Besides, you can also get the location and contact information of your nearby store. Above all, you can also get access to the social media pages to be updated on the latest news and trends and make your experience better. When you download the application on your device, you can reduce your time and effort in booking an appointment with the utmost convenience. 

Latest Updated Version OF The Application: What’s Special?  

The latest version of the application that rolled out on 28 Sept 2020 has many new and improved features. The new update has several bug fixes and performance improvements. Furthermore, it is more user friendly as compared to the older version of the application. The most notable additions of the update of the Art of Sauna application are stated in the below-given list: 

  • You can see the negative balance in your account. 
  • When editing the address info, you can save the country selected on your profile. 

How To Download The APK On Your Devices?

If you want to download the application, then perform the below-given procedure with full care and attention: 

  • In the first place, you need to click on the download link of the APK
  • Now, wait until the APK files get downloaded to your device.
  • Before you proceed further, you need to enable installation from a third-party source. 
  • To enable the Unknown Source setting, select Settings from the Homescreen and then hit More.
  • Now go to Security and click on Device Administration. 
  • Here, you will need to checkmark the box for “Unknown Sources”.
  • The previous step will help you to install the application from other sources apart from the Play Store. 

Note: You have to make sure that the downloading from unknown sources are allowed to download the Art of Sauna APK file from other than the Play Store. You can adjust the settings on the basis of your device. For some devices, you can simply go to the Settings >> Security and mark the checkbox for Unknown Sources. 

Services You Can Book Using The Art Of Sauna Application

Once you download the application on your device, you can book your customized services with absolute ease. 

Spa Treatments 

If you are craving a relaxing spa session, simply book it from the application and get it done by a professional. The spa services from the Art of Sauna can give you the desired rest and pamper. Besides, if you are having any kind of physical stress, it can revitalize your body and give you the perfect treatment. To render the services, there are experienced professionals with a great hand of expertise in their job. 

What Do Spa Services Include? 

When booking a spa service, you can get it custom-tailored by using the intelligible options on the application. You can get the below-given options from the Art of Sauna: 

  • Before the treatment starts, you can have two hours of the sauna/steam room admission.
  • To ensure the max security of your belongings, you will get a safe locker room. 
  • You need to wear a medicated mask and AOS soft plush robe before getting started with the spa treatment. 
  • You may choose between a hot towel cleanse or shower once the treatment is finished. 
  • The shower is compulsory before getting started with the service. 

Different Relaxing Saunas

In the sauna offerings, you can experience the heat with a fusion of the varied aromatherapy and minerals. The therapy can rejuvenate your mind and body and let you experience an extravagant pleasure. In the first place, you can warm in the lower temperature saunas. After that, experience the adaptation of your body before proceeding any further. Now you proceed further to enjoy eight different rooms with their different offerings. When enjoying the sauna, stay hydrated, and take time to cool yourself. Take a tour of the different sauna rooms from the art of sauna: 


Hammam offers deep and slow body heating at a lower temperature. The Turkish Hammam room is made of white marble walls and a floor. It has a ravishing marble table and stone kurnas. The classic, old design can help you to live the authentic feeling of the Turkish grandeur. 


Derived from the lush green foothills of Himalaya, the million-year-old salt bricks can give you authentic joy and relieve your body stress. 


Unlike the traditional sauna, Russian Sauna uses high temperatures for instant body heating. It offers a combined effect of the heat and steam to get the desired results. 


The dry aroma offers herbal scent therapy with up to 20% humidity. It can help you to experience the primitive sauna culture as the original forms of the sauna work in the same manner. 

Final Words

Hope you liked this virtual tour in the world of joy, luxury, and healing. To get a real experience, you need to book your appointment using the Art of Sauna application. You can get more from us by visiting our blog section. Stay connected!