10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine that is Ruling the Lifestyle Industry

10 step korean skin care

The famous 10 step Korean skin care routine that is gaining popularity was judged for being a temporary trend in the beginning. The first country to start using Korean skincare products was America. Now, after just a few months, the so-called temporary trend has created quite a stir in the lifestyle industry. Popular brands such as Sephora and Ulta have also started selling these Korean products now. So, if you are a beauty and fashion addict, you should surely try them for some fantastic results.

Amidst so much noise about the popularity of Korean skincare products, there is something that can make or break the entire routine. It is the 10 step Korean skin care that you must follow religiously if you want ideal results. It is a particular method in which you must use a set of products. As a result, they will layer up on your skin one on top of the other and work in the best way. Therefore, this routine is the signature of a Korean beauty program.

If you got worried after reading the last part, there is good news for you. While following all the ten steps are mandatory, there is enough flexibility that you get too. It means that the levels can be altered depending mainly on the season and the type of your skin.

As you read further in this article, there will be a shortlist of how you can perform the 10 step Korean skin care routine. However, the primary advice that you must follow is that self-care is essential. Therefore, you must spend at least 10-15 minutes, pampering yourself every day irrespective of your schedule.

The 10 step Korean skin care routine in details

First, we will list out the 10 step Korean skin care routine so that you can take a quick look. After that, we will step into the details.

  • Oil cleanser
  • Cream/foam cleanser
  • Toner
  • Applying essence
  • Serum/Ampoule
  • Sheet mask
  • Cream for the eyes
  • Moisturizer

The above-mentioned is the list that you must follow for the K-beauty routine. Next, we will start discussing each one in a bit more detail. So, let’s begin with further delay.

Double cleansing

One step that does not change no matter what is washing the face twice when you start the 10 step Korean skin care routine. The method is called double-cleansing, and you need a foaming cleanser and oil for this. First, you need to massage your face with the oil for a few minutes. After that, you have to clean off the oil with the foaming cleanser. Remember not to rub your skin too hard.

You might be thinking that applying or massaging your face with oil despite having oily skin is a bad idea. However, you are wrong because the first step helps to clean away all the crud. For example, your face can get rid of all the impurities such as SPF, pollutants, and sebum in this step. However, this step does not work much for sweat and dirt, which gets cleaned at the next level. Therefore, you know you cannot miss either of the two steps to complete the routine correctly.

The 10 step Korean skin care routine finds the first step vital because a good massage on the face helps in proper stimulation. As a result, the products that you have to apply next will have a better effect. Besides, the puffy look on your face due to stress goes away after you follow this step. It is because no more lymphatic glands are remaining on your neck and face.

An essential tip that you can follow during this step is refraining from using a towel to remove the cleanser. Since the towel is rough, it will make your skin harsh. Instead, use some lukewarm water to wash away the foam from your skin. Also, please try to use a cleanser that contains a low pH level for better results.


In the American books of skincare, a toner is a watery solution that is astringent. We use it on our faces to clean-off any junk that gets deposited. As a result, our skin loses moisture, and there are cracks on it that are not visible to the average eye. However, the concept of toning in the 10 step Korean skin care routine sounds quite the opposite of its counterpart. In this case, the toner forms a thin and light moisturizing layer that keeps your skin supple. The toner will also maintain a pH balance so that the next steps have proper effects on your skin.

There is a wide range of toners available in the Korean market that will help you to perform the Korean skin care steps. Some are vicious, while some are quite light and runny in texture. You can go a step ahead and incorporate ingredients such as BHA and AHA in your toner. These components help in anti-aging, removing fine lines as well as acne.

You will be happy to know that most of the Korean skincare products contain substantial biotic ingredients. You can either use your hands while applying these or utilize soft, cotton balls for the same. However, we suggest using your fingers as your skin finds a natural way of communication in that way.


The secret to Korean skincare results is to understanding that layering works better than greasy creams. Yes, instead of applying heavy creams, the Koreans like to layer up with various cosmetics. As a result, the pores of your skin get some breathing space, and there is less clogging. So, if the first layering you did was with the toner, the second will be the essence. These are much lighter than usual creams and also watery at times. Therefore, the skin absorbs it better, and the penetration happens more effectively.

It is evident that Korean skin care steps are more elaborate, but they are certainly more straightforward. Therefore, it is vital that you take out at least a little time for yourself and follow this simple regime. It does not only make your skin healthier but also relaxes your mind and body.


Do you think it is becoming too much with so many steps to follow? Well, it surely takes a lot of hard work to get that perfect porcelain skin. It means you need to shift to a very healthy lifestyle, nutritious foods, loads of hydration, and of course, a little bit of skincare. If you still feel that it is too much for you to maintain, then another outbreak is on the way.

The layer that we refer to as emulsion is viscous when compared with the rest of them. It is now that the regime starts becoming richer because we are trying to get that shine.

Just like most of the other products, the emulsion also contains a substantial amount of biotic products. However, you must know that the requirement of each skin type is different from the other. So, if your skin is naturally oily, using emulsion may make it greasier. You must be aware of your skin type because that will help you to choose skincare products correctly.


We are now at the fifth point of the Korean skin care steps, and it is becoming a little tiring for you. Keeping that in mind, you must know that you can skip this step quickly. For example, if you feel that your skin has had enough moisturizing, and feels greasy already, then you can skip this step. Otherwise, if you think that you would love some more nourishment to your already supple skin, just try this out.

For your information, the ampoule is kind of a diluted version of a serum. You can start by reading more about Korean skincare to convince yourself about following the entire regime. Also, if you want a ‘chok chok’ skin (well, that’s what Koreans refer to when they want to say shiny), then applying the serum would surely help.

Sheet mask

Sheet masks are one of the most natural skin care products at the moment. They are available in almost every store, and online too. The best part is that you will find sheet masks in a dollar store also. However, it is best no to compromise with your skincare products just because you have to pay a few cents less. You must understand that there are various qualities of sheet masks, and you should only use the best ones.

Using sheet masks as a part of your skincare regime is essential because it is incredibly de-stressing. Also, there is a serum present in the mask, so it is an added amount of moisture in this multi-layer procedure. You will be able to compare between a good and a bad sheet mask easily. The good ones stay moisturized until the time it is on your face. However, the cheaper ones dry out real soon.

Eye cream

Eye creams are not something that you will just find as a part of Korean skin care steps. It is generally useful if you can try to include it in your daily skincare regime, if possible. Did you know the surprising fact about using an eye cream? Well, if you can use it from before lines appear below your eyes, then you can look younger than ever. Also, it is ideal that you learn how to apply eye cream correctly.

Most of the people try to dab with their point fingers which is the strongest. However, that is not the ideal way in which you do the procedure. You should ideally dan the cream with your ring finger because the pressure is correct in that way. Koreans sometimes use under-eye creams as a nighttime moisturizer for their entire face too. Now you know how good it must be.


You might now think that it is crazy to apply yet another layer after all of those previous ones. Well, some people don’t go beyond the sheet mask step, but it’s better if you do. Why not complete the entire 10 step Korean skin care routine after doing so much? If you are following the most authentic Korean regime, then you must use the moisturizer at the end of it. It helps to seal down all the previous layers properly. Yes, the feeling on your skin might indeed be a little on the heavier side due to so many products. However, the result will be more than satisfactory.

Just like the American range of moisturizers for various skin types, it is the same with Korean cosmetics too. However, you must be aware of your skin type to choose the correct product. It is often irritating when you have oily skin, and on top of that, you apply a heavy moisturizer. As a result, the pores will get blocked, and there will be clogging.

Sunscreen (morning rule)

While growing up, you must have always heard that it is a must to wear sunscreen before going out to the beach. However, did you know that you must do the same while stepping out of your homes daily? Well, yes, that is the correct way of protecting your skin from the UV rays of the sun. Since we are discussing an Asian skincare regime, you must know one good part about it.

Most Asian sunscreens are better than their American counterparts because they come with a PA plan. The PA plan is much like the SPF rating, but a little on the advance side. Unlike SPF, the PA system protects your skin from both UVB and UVA rays.

Night masks

Night masks are essential for the rejuvenation process of your skin that takes place mostly when you are asleep at night. Despite all those previous layers, you should apply a night mask cream. It will help the repairing process that happens at night.

Final thoughts

The term Korean skincare is still relatively new, and not a lot of people are aware of it. However, after reading this article, you know how good this can be for soft, glowing skin.


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