All About Tiger Eye Healing Properties


Want to know about the tiger eye healing properties? You need to read this post until the end. Gemstones are known for their mystique healing and auspicious health benefits. Tiger’s eye got its name from its similarity with the eyes of a tiger. This beautiful crystal has yellow-golden bands in it. This stone can help the wearers with issues like fear, anxiety, and depression. Besides, it can restore balance and harmony in life. Furthermore, if you are facing trouble in decision-making, or initiating an action, then this stone is highly recommended to you. In this post, you can learn more about tiger eye healing properties. 

About The Stone

Tiger eye stone belongs to the Chalcedony mineral class family. This brilliant stone has a similar look to the Tiger’s eye, and this is the reason behind its nomenclature. Just like its name, it provides strength and inner confidence to the wearers. 

Tiger eye stone healing power

Origin Of The Stone

The Tiger eye embraces the power and agility of the wild and can evoke your inner strength and willpower. Besides, it also protects you from the surrounding evil-energies. Extractors may not find this amazing stone everywhere, but it can be harvested only from a few countries. Besides, there should be the presence of some important physical conditions such as dryness, heat, and barren space. It is made with the alteration of the crocidolite. It sources its golden color scheme from iron oxide.

Types Of Tiger Eye Stone

There are two types of Tiger’s eye stones as described below: 

1: Golden Tiger Eye

This powerful stone can support you in times of dilemma and help you to get out of a tricky situation. If you are stuck in a situation where you have to make an important decision for life, but your heart is putting you into a dilemma, then tiger eyes can show you the right way. Furthermore, it can boost your focus and let you pay attention to the small details. When keeping all the important factors in your mind, you can make a well-informed decision. 

2: Red Tiger Eye

Feeling low and needing to boost your morale? Wearing this stone in several forms can be helpful. If you are feeling devastated, it can boost your energy level. Besides, it can also help you to deal with negative feelings.

Common Properties Of The Tiger Eye Stone

Before discussing the Tiger eye healing property, let’s check the common properties of this auspicious stone: 

  • The stones mainly come in several colors. 
  • The Chakra related to this stone is Solar Plexus Chakra. 
  • Sun and Earth are the governing planets of this stone. 
  • It shows the most auspicious results for Capricorn and Leo. However, depending on the Tiger’s eye healing properties, anyone can wear this stone. 
  • The number related to this propitious stone is four. 
  • Tiger eye is mainly known for its amazing health benefits. Besides, its ability to heal wounds and bestow the wearer with positive recognition are some other advantages.  
  • The main elements of the stone are fire and Earth. 

How To Wear a Tiger Eye Stone?

To harvest the tiger eye healing properties, you need to wear it in the right way. It is most powerful when worn within the lower chakras. The golden striped stone is the birthstone for Gemini and Capricorn. You can wear it on a bracelet. It can keep the energy to the lower Chakra, where it gives the max power. 

Healing Properties Of Tiger Eye Stone

Now that you are mindful of the common properties of the stone, let’s discuss Tiger eye healing properties in detail: 

1: Career

If you are having trouble finding the right job for you or if you believe that you are not doing what you deserve, then here is an auspicious stone for you it can provide you the right to change your career, and you can work with the utmost satisfaction in your job for the more if your promotion is barred, due to any reason, Tiger Eye will remove this hurdle for you. 

2: Improved Health

Improved health is also one of the most important tiger eye healing properties. When you wear it, the stone can offer several benefits, such as health reforms. Also, if you are dealing with health issues for a long time and seeking an effective cure, it can be a powerful solution for you. People facing health issues now and then should wear this stone. 

3: Boost Your Circle 

When you wear this auspicious stone using the right method, then it can help you to build a network of helpful people. When you are surrounded by positive people, your confidence level can increase automatically. Besides, if your important work is hurdled, you can start it after wearing the Tiger eye. 

4: Task Completion

Sometimes, you start a new venture, but your work gets blocked in the middle. Tiger eye stone can help. Using this beneficial stone, you can get a task accomplished, which is obstructed in the mid-way. 

5: Gain Knowledge 

The will to enhance your knowledge and awareness can be attained by wearing the Tiger eye. It can trigger your psychic abilities. You can be more knowledgeable and expand the range of your understanding. 

6: Popularity

If you think you are not ordinary and have the potential to become popular, then you may rely on this stone to get what you deserve. Tiger eye is very effective when a person wants to do something or get popular in the public domain. It really doesn’t mean that you can accomplish everything without leaving your couch. You have to get out of the closet and make well-thought-out efforts, and the stone will give you positive results for your endeavors. 

7: Well Being

For people who are facing hard times and you want to overcome the adversities of their life, the stone offers the right help to them. You may wear this stone with mystic healing to attract good fortune to your home; it can help you to get the job done. 

8: Relationships

Fire and Earth are both the important elements of a relationship that governs the Tiger’s eye stone. So, if you have a messed-up relationship or you want to bring harmony to your relationship, the tiger eye healing properties can help. Besides, it can help you to make your love bond stronger with your partner. 

9: Ailments

If you are dealing with long-term physical or mental ailments, then you should wear the stone to attract healing energy. The chakra benefits are very powerful when it comes to the healing of chronic pain or disease. Besides, you can cherish good health and lead a stress-free life. Diseases can stop the growth in your life. They can hamper the physical and mental abilities needed to achieve your goals. It is one of the simplest solutions for all your health miseries. 

Other Ways To Use Tiger Eye 

Aside from wearing tiger eye, you can try other ways of using them to harness its benefits, such as the following:

1.Place It Under Your Pillow 

Having a hectic schedule can cause burnout and lack of sleep, causing poor productivity, negative health effects, and unhappiness. A tiger eye crystal can help improve your sleep and overall health by placing it under your bed or travel pillow like this one.      

This healing crystal is known to release strong frequencies that have soothing effects to promote a good night’s sleep. Moreover, many people believe that the tiger eye helps reduce the noise in the mind, calming it for a restful sleep.  

2.Use It As A Home Décor 

Tiger Eye can help protect your home because of its immense power. You can place it around the windows and near the front door. This stone can help protect your children by placing it in their room.  

Moreover, the best Tiger eye stone colors for home decoration are fuchsia and turquoise, creating a beautiful, exotic feel. This crystal glows in any space and helps showcase your signature furniture pieces.  

Spread positive energy inside your home with Tiger eye. You can buy Tiger eye bracelets and figurines online or at brick-and-mortar healing crystals stores.

Final Words 

Reading the full post can help you explore the auspicious tiger eye healing properties. Besides, wearing this stone can streamline the shortcomings of different walks of life. To find more interesting blog topics, visit our blog section.